May 22, 2024

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Where is the common man’s news in the banner of breaking news?

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BY-Rajeev Choudhary Author Blogger

Punjab Police arrested BJP leader Tejendra Pal Bagga in Delhi, Haryana Police arrested Punjab Police. Here the Delhi Police has registered a case of kidnapping on the Punjab Police. After this, the news of Bagga and the police remained in the media for the whole day. So the question is, what is being proved by this news? Maybe it is that the police administration has become a mere puppet of the politicians? Second, what is a common Indian getting from these news?

Today all this will have to be thought by the Indian whose happiness and sorrow today from media to industrialist, politician to actor, religious leader in the name of religion and casteist leaders in the name of caste have been devoured.

There are many news channels in the country which are claiming to bring the news of the moment to the people. Some have the biggest news and some have the true news. But where is the news of a common Indian in this? There are decorated newsrooms, there are anchors wearing make-up and the same speaker is the same speaker every day. When the correspondent going to the epicenter of the earthquake, when farmers committing suicide and not having Aadhaar card could not reach the house of the girl who died of hunger, then think for whom is this news going?

There is talk of goodwill, harmony, equality and democracy every day, but in the lynching and helplessness of a tribal youth accused of embezzling Rs 1150 crore and showing eyes to the government and bank and stealing a little food in Kerala What similarity, what kind of harmony between a poor who sells flesh?

In the capitalist society, the wheel of profit is spinning a lot, after buying potatoes for Rs 2 a kg from the farmer, making chips and selling it for Rs 900 a kg, the eaters are planning for the farmers, with what mouth are there equality between hard work and capitalism? Unsatisfied melody going on?

Do not know how many days have passed, seeing the news of the needs of a poor citizen of the country on a news channel, only a few faces are rotated every day. There are riots in the studios in the evening, there is a rhythm somewhere, someone is saying that we will ask and it is an everyday anecdote to see someone cursing the government in prime time.

The faces are the same, the same actors, the same leaders, some have won elections, some have lost. Those who remain in the news everyday see these determined faces. Not talking about being more sad and happy, just thinking, where is the common man and his needs in this?

Regarding journalism, Advani ji had once said that he was asked to bow down, he started crawling, now time has passed, but even now, the bard is being talked about like a bard in the courts. Someone has rightly said that this is the devotional period of journalism – it seems that journalists have got a bell instead of a pen, which they keep ringing all the time and perform the aarti of their presiding deity.

Those who bring socialism are carrying the family, the Bahujans are looking for their interests, those who talk about Ramraj, on the contrary, are talking about Ram by sending Dasarathas of their party to exile or guidance congregation, who have objection or question on this matter. He is the enemy of the country or he does not understand politics.

It is a matter of grave concern that even in today’s India, a Dalit man has to take permission from the administration to take out his procession. Those who talk about social harmony by eating and eating in the homes of Dalits, some are escaping from this issue and carrying soil for the nation’s defense sacrifice. The remaining leaders are showing their sacred thread.

It is being said that discrimination was there before and it is still there. If the big leaders of this country are talking about country building, then the country is not built only by building roads and hospitals, but by building a society. All citizens will get equal rights only then the country will be formed. Even though the Constitution of India talks about the creation of a society based on equality, fraternity and justice in its preamble itself, but this is not happening. Those who should riot and beat on this matter are taking selfies with their political deities.

It is not being tolerated if so called untouchables make sacrifices for the sake of religion, but if they climb a horse for their happiness, then it is not being tolerated. He is being scolded and reminded of his status. Keep in mind that these news are so small that when people change the channel at the time of advertisement on the news channel, then it is seen running on a thin bar at the bottom. Means the common citizen of the country has become only the face of violence, riots and political rallies today.

by – rajeev choudhary

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