May 22, 2024

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Hyderabad: Hindu Muslim Love Marriage, Where is the Dalit leader and thinker now?

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BY- Rajeev Choudhary

B Nagaraju is no more in this world. A young man named Nagaraju was publicly put to death by his own brother-in-law with a rod and a knife. This incident happened in Hyderabad, Nagaraju’s wife Asreen Sultana kept shaking hands, crying, pleading with the people present there. But neither did anyone come to his aid, nor did Asrin Sultana’s brothers show any pity for their sister’s husband. Eventually Nagaraju lost his life and the accused fled from there leaving him covered in blood.

After this a news came to light that a Hindu youth was killed in Hyderabad for marrying an honor killing Muslim girl, his brother-in-law publicly beat him with a rod and then stabbed him to death.

The question arises from this, the corpse has not even got the fire yet and the newspapers started covering it. Is this murder done out of respect or is this murder a religious killing?

This news has been prepared by the media of this country. The media whose daily news is such that the case was filed for getting the Dalit groom off the horse. Gangster Act imposed on six in the murder of a Dalit girl. In the case of the girl, the Dalit youth was beaten up by the gangsters in front of the police. Mayawati meets Dalit family victim in Unnao murder case. A case of indecency with a Dalit woman councilor, protest rally was taken out.

That is, why the media, which brought religion and caste in every small incident, could not find the caste of Nagaraju today? The Dalit leaders going to Unnao and Hathras might not have had the money in their pocket to go to Hyderabad? There must have been some reason, these people became silent on this heart-wrenching incident like Hyderabad!

Even today Nagaraju may not be in this world. But the question definitely stands in its place. Nagaraju’s fault was only that he had made love. This was not jihad. Neither did Nagaraju hide his religion nor his caste before marriage. Everything was open. Both lived in Ghanapur village of Rangareddy district of Telangana. Due to their house being at some distance away, they used to keep on meeting. There came a time when both fell in love with each other.

When Ashrin Sultana and B Nagaraju told this to their family members, both the parties had objections to this relationship. Due to the separation of the cult, the elders of the house rejected this relationship outright. The wall of religion came in the middle. After not getting along with the family members, Ashrin and Nagaraju finally decided to unite or decide to get married. In the same year, on 31 January 2022, both of them got married at Arya Samaj Mandir in Lal Darwaza area of ​​Laxmi Nagar and after marriage Sultana changed her name to Pallavi. After this both Sharunagar started living in a rented room. To run the family, Nagaraju started working as a sales man in a car showroom.

But this thing started pricking the brothers of Asrin Sultana. The worm of religion continued to bite him. On Wednesday night, May 4, when Asrin Sultana and B Nagaraju were going on a motorcycle towards Sharunagar. As soon as the two reached the Mandal Revenue Office in Sharurnagar, Asreen’s brother stopped them and in the blink of an eye, he started attacking Nagaraju with an iron rod.

When Nagaraju got injured after being badly beaten with an iron rod, he fell. Then the attacker stabbed him. All this incident happened in public on the middle road. Asreen has also suffered some injuries in this incident, but Nagaraju’s life has come to an end.

Now the question is whether B Nagaraju was murdered just because he was a Dalit? Or was the reason for killing Nagaraju because he married without the permission of Asreen’s family? Because Telangana MLA Raja Singh has asked whether it was the family members, or some religious groups advised the family? Did any group promise them financial help? There should be a thorough investigation into this murder? Because the reason for killing Nagaraju is only because of him being a kafir and according to the religion killing a kafir is justified?

The questions don’t stop there. Today the question is also from hundreds of Dalit YouTube channels, which are appearing on YouTube with new names everyday against the alleged atrocities committed against Dalits. Those who are asking for donations in the name of upliftment of Dalits. Those people who still regret the severed thumb of Eklavya five thousand years ago. Dronacharya is still seen as an executioner in it. Why doesn’t he have any sympathy for Nagaraju Barsati Rod? Do they not see the culprit among Asrin’s brothers today? After all, what is the reason that these Dalit thinkers, who kept crying for hours every day after keeping the incident of the killing of sage Shambuk of seventeen lakh years ago in a new packet, are silent today talking about their upliftment? Do they not see criminals today or will tears be shed on this incident after thousands of years?

Not only Dalit thinkers, writers and journalists, some pseudo-Ambedkarist leaders PL. Punia, Uditraj, and Ambedkarism and self-proclaimed social workers like Dilip Mandal, who are constantly using their writings to disintegrate the society under the guise of ideological revolution, are also sitting silent on this incident.

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Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, who has mastered any incident of caste oppression, is also missing today. Do they not see the iron rod raining on Nagaraju? Even after such a big incident, in the greed of few Muslim votes, where all the Dalit leaders are standing silent on this incident? On the other hand, Owaisi, the fundamentalist Muslim leader, who has been proud of Babasaheb in the media and rallies in the greed of Dalit votes, seems to be silently supporting these killers?

Not only this, all the Mullah Maulana, who say that religion is a part of peace, are silent today? May be looking in the Hadith and Hawa Hawai book whether it is permissible or illegitimate? The demolition of a sister’s house is a criminal or a ghazi?

If according to religion this is not a criminal and according to them only a Muslim can marry a Muslim? So when will these people issue an order to rain on Arbaaz Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Shahrukh and Aamir Khan with iron rods? This question is because under the guise of this, why does the throat of an Ankit Saxena always get slit when he marries a princess. Why is it always under the guise of rain and daggers openly showering on some B Nagaraju? Because of this, why only the house of an Ashereen gets destroyed. Why does a princess have to be a widow and why is Islam imposed on Muslim girls only? Find out who has mercy on the killers? Or is this the story of the tyranny of our leaders. Because if today Nagaraju’s name was Asfaq or Momin, he would not have had to die like this. Must find where is the Dalit thinker? Where is the Dalit leader, where is the Dalit writer Jai Bhim-Jai Meem Wala where is Ambedkar’s grandson, where is Chandrashekhar Azad or where is Owaisi? Where is the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb and the pretense of secularism?

by- rajeev choudhary

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