May 29, 2024

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Is the sun about to set on the British Raj forever?

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Recently, Iftar party of Church of England was going on. The question became that after all, Britain’s more than 3000 mosques are not enough that the Islamic Iftar party has to be hosted inside the Church of England? People said that the Church of England had fallen victim to Islamism. That means the British, who once ruled half the world, are now disappointed at home, the reason for their disappointment is the increasing Muslim population in Britain. Where in a crowded rally inside London, a crowd of fans of Hamas-terrorist Abu Obeida is glorifying al-Din al-Qassam-terrorist on the streets. This clearly shows that Britain has become hollow from within. It is difficult to leave the house without openly glorifying terrorists and seeing niqab and hijab. On Fridays, Muslims come out of the mosques and come to the street corners. Such is the thing about East London that names like Muhammad and Afisa are called out far more often in school registers than Melissa and Michael. According to the 2021 national census, there are 3.9 million Muslims in the UK and of these, 1.3 million live in London.

church of englend

The people of Britain realized this. In 2005, when Asif Aziz, chairman of Muslim Property, purchased the prestigious Trocadero building in the heart of London’s West End. This was a famous building in London. Then slowly started namaz in it. In the year 2020, a plan was made to convert a part of the building into a mosque, due to which the Muslim community was happy and celebrated a lot. When this happened, Britain First, a Christian group there, launched a petition against the construction of a mosque. Work stopped for a few days. But now the mosque plan is finally moving forward. Additionally, the number of people following a particular religion in Westminster has increased rapidly in recent years – from 12 percent in 2011 to about 15 percent in 2021.

Not only this, Muslims of Pakistani origin are making British girls their victims. They are called grooming gangs there. (That is, those gangs who seduce non-Muslim girls and sexually exploit them or traffic them) which act is called Love Jihad in India. There it is called grooming jihad.

This jihad echoed in the British Parliament; according to reports, it started around the year 1997 and is still going on. There is only one common thing in every case of Grooming Jihad, every accused caught was of Pakistani origin. In this also, most of the hunters are taxi drivers. They used to target girls living alone in schools, care centers and homes. They would lure people with lifts, parties and outings in expensive vehicles. Earlier the girl was taken into full confidence. They blackmail them by extracting every information about them and then push them into prostitution or sell them in other cities or countries.

Some time ago, the biggest sexual harassment scandal in British history took place in Rotherham city of South Yorkshire, England. In which English girls were targeted in an organized manner in the entire city. First the deception of friendship, then drug addiction and finally rape. Not just one or two, all this was done with about 14 hundred girls and the age of the victims was found to be up to 16 years and the irony was that Pakistanis were caught in every single case.

Andrew Norfolk, a reporter for the British newspaper The Times, first revealed these incidents in Rotherham city in 2003. There was an uproar on European TV channels; interviews of the victimized girls began to take place; people were moved as they narrated their stories. But two things tied the hands of the police, one was lack of evidence and second was political restrictions. When Pakistanis were raping, the leftists went to save them. The police started being accused of apartheid. The victim card of minority started being played. The agenda of Islamophobia was set. The Pakistanis there started coming to the rescue of the grooming jihadis.

Whereas the police-administration had received information that Pakistanis were behind these crimes. But Rotherham police and other officers did not want to take any risks. They also feared that if the action was taken, there might be tension between the two communities, the result being that in a way the Pakistanis were given freedom to do whatever they wanted.

The cases kept on increasing. On May 9, 2012, news was published in Deccan Herald that “Pakistani grooming gang jailed for raping 50 white British girls”. The case had become quite open, British people were on the streets for justice. There was pressure on the government, after which in 2013 a female officer Alexis J was given the responsibility of independent investigation of the case. She had served as the Chief Social Advisor of the Scottish Government. He told in his report that after a lot of preparation, a girl agreed to give evidence, but before reaching the police station, a message came on her mobile. This message was sent by the same people who raped her for so many days. They had openly threatened that the girl’s younger sister was with them. Needless to say, that evidence never reached the police.

For example, everything was going on in a film style. British leaders were afraid of political loss, the police were worried about their image. In this way, the perpetrators of the crime were getting full opportunity, whereas this is the first incident in modern history, where rape was carried out in a planned manner on such a large scale. As if this was a mission and British girls were the target, these cases were making headlines in British newspapers and media. On one hand, while charges were being framed against Pakistanis, on the other hand the cases were being repeated. A leftist MP gave a speech that by exaggerating this issue, some people want to shake the multicultural structure of Britain. That means, under the guise of statement about riots, it was a threat or a warning about riots.

When all this happened, an article appeared in Forbes asking “Why did British police ignore the Pakistani gangs that abused 1,400 Rotherham children?” Whereas a story of child abuse on a large scale is coming to light.

Matters began to be pressed. But on December 10, 2017, a news was again published in (The Week) that ‘Sex gangs of Pakistani origin drug and rape white girls in Britain’.

When the story of victimization, exploitation and trafficking of British girls started resonating, then suddenly on 27 November 2018, a news created a stir again. This news was published in (Indian Express) quoting Daily Mail with the title ‘Pakistanis are sexually exploiting British Sikh girls’ According to Daily Mail, Pakistani grooming gangs are involved in making young Sikh women victims of grooming jihad. found. See the irony that those organizations which call themselves Sikhs by taking the name of Khalistan and repeatedly create ruckus outside the Indian High Commission, did not even once go outside the Pakistan High Commission for these Sikh girls. Whereas during that time the (Get Out Pakistan) campaign was going on on a large scale in Britain and 20 Pakistanis were jailed for raping about 12 British girls. All of those victims were teenagers. Everyone was given drugs. Some girls were taken to a car parking lot and some were taken to a desolate area and were made victims of rape.

The rapidly increasing religiousization of London is almost complete, with hundreds of official Sharia courts running in the capital, and mosques opening. There are people like Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi who are now openly announcing the creation of Londonistan. Because Londonistan, with 423 new mosques, is being built on the ruins of evangelical churches or many of the iconic Christian churches in London have been converted into mosques. Gatestone Institute reports: Hayat United Church was purchased by the Egyptian community to be converted into a mosque. St. Peter’s Church has been converted into the Medina Mosque. The Brick Lane Mosque was built on a former Methodist church. Not only buildings change, but people also change. The number of converts to Islam has doubled, with almost half of British Muslims under the age of 25. Keith Porteous Wood, director of the National Secular Society, recently warned that the number of churchgoers in the next 20 years could be There will be more Muslims as compared to. Because since 2001, 500 London churches of all denominations have been converted into private homes. During the same period, British mosques began to proliferate. Between 2012 and 2014, the proportion of Britons identifying themselves as Anglicans fell from 21 percent to 17 percent, a decrease of 1.7 million people, while, according to a survey conducted by the prestigious Netcen Social Research Institute, Muslims The number has increased by about one million. Britain, which was once known for ruling half the world or the sun never setting under its rule, has today become the base of Sharia courts. If no drastic decision is taken now, will the sun set on Britain in the coming days?

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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