May 19, 2024

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Poverty or a huge business begging in India?

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BY-Rajeev Choudhary- Author, Blogger

Connaught Place is called the heart of Delhi. Even though Connaught Place is considered to be one of the biggest commercial and trading centers of Delhi, but without any hesitation, one would also admit that a huge business of begging also takes place here. It is a Tuesday and you are passing around the Hanuman temple, suddenly a shabby body wrapped in dirty fair clothes, new bandages are tied on it, with some chillers in your hand, at once a sound came from your footsteps. But give me something, Babuji. So feel free to understand that someone is a beggar. But while giving begging, definitely think whether you are promoting drugs under the guise of charity.

We are talking about beggars, who have come to the fore as a social evil in every city of the country. Along with the problem of poverty and unemployment, beggars have become a big problem for a developing country like India. There is hardly any corner of the country left where there are no beggars.

Recently, a very shocking news was read that in the business of sex, most of the older women who cannot create the attraction of customers are mostly forced into the business of begging by mutilating their limbs. For example, as long as there is breath, you have to earn. But where does this happen to everyone, some beggars are drunk and beg for their fun. Many years ago, the Connaught Place police station arrested a drug smuggler. 103 cassettes of drugs were recovered from him. During interrogation, he told that he used to sell drugs to homeless people and beggars near Hanuman temple.

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Although here worship, recitation, aarti, Bhandare etc. are considered the pride of the temples, then here, from small children begging in torn clothes with outstretched hands, old poor poor people can also be seen. If the devotees are standing in front of the temple, then the beggars can easily be seen standing in front of those devotees with outstretched hands. Is begging written in the destinies of a child born in this community? As soon as he is born, it is decided that in future he will become only and only beggar. Ignoring the daily life of their parents and the current pace of the era does not allow them to think beyond this. Such communities consider their luck to be a divine gift and remain associated with the same profession.

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There are two old real sisters in the beggar families sitting in front of the Mohan Singh Palace, next to the Hanuman temple, their entire family is addicted to drugs. In the evening near the underground pedestrian crossing near Rivoli Cinema, her drunk son can be seen lying on the ground and begging in front of the visitors. Everyone gets to hear that do not beg him, otherwise he will go to the evening and drink alcohol or cannabis and this is also true. When drug addicts do not get enough money for drugs, they adopt wrong methods. People of this type either start stealing or they fulfill their addiction by begging.

Nowadays begging is no more just to feed. Begging has now become a business. According to statistics, there are about 60 thousand beggars in the capital. Of these, 30 percent are below 18 years of age. About 67 percent are men and 30 percent are women. But NGOs say that the number of beggars in the capital is more than one lakh. Out of which about 75 percent beggars are found begging for drugs. Many times these people do not stop from committing crime due to intoxication due to lack of begging.

 Dozens of national-international, government non-governmental organizations like Human Rights Commission, Child Labor Commission and UNICEF are not able to put any special stop in this inhuman industry. The Human Rights Commission, which is making a ruckus on everything, remains silent on the human rights violations of these children happening every day. The white-collar leaders who stand with the flag in the talk, pass their Mercedes through the same traffic signal on which these beggars beg in front of the people who come and beg. If it is Tuesday then Hanuman temple, if it is Thursday then Sai temple, if it is Friday then mosque and on Saturday there will be a huge number of people begging around Shani temple. Seeing their condition, people would also beg because of this fear so that no such calamity would come upon them. But never think that the money we are distributing to these people in the form of charity, instead of feeding them, they are fulfilling their addiction. In a healthy society, where charity establishes religion, the same donations received by them are seen gathering crowds of unemployed unemployed drug dealers.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary Author Blogger

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