May 29, 2024

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Joys of Creation and Selfless Action

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Selfless actions are by themselves the bestower of happiness or contentment because one experiences happiness in doing them and one is not affected by the fruits of one’s actions. Such actions are not motivated by the desire of acquiring wealth, achieving popularity or getting power (authority). Unselfish creative work gives our mind supreme delight.

An artist paints beautiful pictures with paint and brush. A poet expresses his thoughts with pen and paper through his verses. A sculptor with his chisel and hammer carves a beautiful image on a stone. A musician produces sweet musical notes with his fingers. These are the natural creations of these artists. They seem to enjoy heavenly bliss in their activities. These expressions of theirs were not the result of an urge to make money although it is possible that fame and wealth will follow.

Exhilaration out of self creation prompts us to engage ou rselves in selfless actions. A gardener finds joy in beautifying his garden, a farmer in the production of food and a carpenter in the construction of an elegant table. It is for this reason that when we find an article in a damaged condition and we have the knowledge to repair it we will try to fix it. To restore it to its former state (beauty) we would give our time and attention unselfishly. A person with knowledge of a machine will not remain inactive if he notices a machine of a similar kind which needs repair and cannot be mended by someone else. Selfless action prompts one to act and gives satisfaction to one’s mind. Similarly a sincere politician undergoes suffering to uplift his country and people. He cannot remain indifferent. The desire to help the people of his country springs forth within him. If covetousness, pride of power or achievement of honour and prestige have not corrupted him, he devotes his entire life to the service of his country. He finds pleasure in it. The life of Mahatma Gandhi is a shining example of a devoted and a selfless worker. Gandhi ji had developed a controlled and balanced mind. He rose above such considerations as fame and glory. Official positions and greed of money could not ensnare him. He served his country and made a valuable contribution for the betterment of mankind. The happiness born out of selfless action results in the flow of natural inward delight and enjoyment.

Joy of Working Towards a Goal

The satisfaction gained out of creative activity leads one towards selfless service. Such an action is not without a purpose. An artist must have a pu rpose before he creates something. Aimless life makes life uninteresting. To aim high where a balanced mind exists, there is no place for worries. Happiness reigns supreme in the absence of agonies.

Some thinkers are of the opinion that contentment retards man’s progress. They say that a contented society is afflicted with poverty and its wants are never fulfilled. Such a society is indifferent to modern inventions and therefore it cannot progress. But here by progress is meant the excessive accumulation of wordly objects and their availability to mankind. Therefore the question again arises whether wordly objects are really the giver of everlasting happiness. Does not the desire for these pleasures lead mankind towards unrest and conflict? Does not a discontented mind consciously or unconsciously drag mankind towards a localised or even a global war? Thus the question of happiness or peace is totally lost.

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