May 29, 2024

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Balanced Heart Chakra -towards harmonious way to life

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The world is made up of immense energy and tremendous potential. To have a balanced and successful life, it is important to stay balanced. To make the most out of spiritual energy, Heart Chakra is a thing you must know-

Understanding Heart Chakra-

Located in the center of breast stone, the heart chakra is known for being the balance point of all the seven chakras. Its energy center is not located where the actual heart organ lies, rather it is located in the mid of chest area, comes at the 4th place when counted from the spine bottom area, according to traditional sciences.

What does it signify?

Its literary meaning is ‘Anahata’- which means unhurt, unbeaten. According to ancient spiritual sciences, the heart chakra is associated with unconditional love, kindness, calmness, and serenity.

The Colour Green symbolizes it, which again indicate the health, prosperity and flourishing life.

This fourth Chakra is majorly connected with the human organs- Skin, and thymus gland.

Why Heart Chakra is important-

Heart Chakra is as equally important as the smooth functioning of the life of a person is.

While directed and driven by the principles of integration and transformation, it works as the connecting bridge between the earthly desires and spiritual world.

The energy attached with Heart chakra goes around the feeling of compassion, love, and relationship. Its essence lies in unleashing the immense hidden powers surmounted with it. The unbalanced Chakras generate a feeling of dissatisfaction and spoil the overall wellbeing of a person, hence may disturb the physical, mental and spiritual health of a person.

What happens when Heart Chakra is Overactive or underactive?

Balance is the key. If heart Chakra slips into the overactive mode, it will bring the hyper feelings of – greed, anger, jealousness, grief, anger and other negative traits. This will lead to a person’s failure of execution of worldly responsibilities and relationships.

When this fourth chakra is in the underactive state, the person will feel depressed, aloof, uncared, suppressed, inferior and experience distant. S/he may continue to look emotional or moral support from another person to sustain in life.

The ailments associated with an unbalanced form of heart chakra include- skin problems, heart ailment, disturbed immune system, sleeping disorder, hypertension, etc. However, the balanced heart chakra is making people oriented to love giver rather than the seeker. They lead a more disciplined life, experience stronger relationships and gain positivity through freedom and happiness. The balance in heart chakra will fill them with a tremendous feeling of gratitude in life.

– Ms. Minakshi Sehrawat

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