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Difference between being alive or being dead

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How do we recognize between the alive people or those who have died? In general, the person who possesses his breath, i.e., as long as someone in the process of breathing, we can say that the person is alive. Likewise, when the process of breathing in and out stops, life is exhausted, then we say that this person has died. This is an important point of view. If we want to remain alive, we must give a deep thought on it.

 A popular thinker has said in the phrases of Sanskrit that ” The one who is devoid of both- the Virtue and the religion, his life is meaningless, and that person is dead. We must observe and analyze by ourselves that whether I am well-equipped with good qualities or do follow the religious way in My conduct or not? If I do not possess ten divine qualities such as patience, forgiveness, etc., and also if I do not even collect good qualities, then my life is certainly useless. When we begin to observe and analyze this way, then we will definitely become aware that whether we are alive or dead.

Another popular saying of Sanskrit language says that – “Self-interest Jeevlokay S Sminko na Jeevati Manav: | own ends and satisfy their own cause but this kind of life has no significance. Hereby, one cannot be said to be alive. While a person who leaves his selfish interest and work for the welfare of mankind, is living a worthwhile life, and only such a person can be said to be alive. The person who never devotes his body and mind for the advancement and development of the nation, such a person can never be said to be alive.

Now let’s see what the Vedas say about this topic – “Yasya Chhaamritam Yasya Death: Kasmai Devay Havisha Vakham” means the God who gives us the power of spirituality, whom the entire world worship of, and whose discipline are followed, who can compose, comprehend and destroy the entire universe, then commemorating the gratitude to Him, keeping in mind the same God, going under his shelter is equivalent to the holiest thing of this world. Which means that the person who always lives in the meditation of God, worships and meditate on him, adheres to his commands, live under his shadow; in reality such person is alive and the person who does not remain in the shadow of God, never compliance with his commands, does not worship God, this is the instruction of God that – in reality, that person is not only alive but he is dead, and his death has occurred, it should be understood.

Everyone wakes up in the morning feel often that I am alive because I can see, hear, speak, eat food, drink water, be able to perform all the actions. I am mainly breathing-in and breathing-out and possessing life, so I am alive. But they usually forget to realize whether they are actually living or dead. Just by eating and drinking, it cannot be proved that whether I am living a life with the right meaning or not.

If in my life I am able to collect some of the best qualities like- truth, justice, benevolence, simplicity, humility, kindness, etc. and able to abandon some defects or bad virtues such as falsehood, deceit, jealousy, and hatred, then I’m actually living a meaningful life. On the contrary, if I adopt only the defects but cannot be able to adopt the qualities then I am not alive, I am dead. The main goal of this life is knowledge, detachment, and spirituality in life, and then the qualities of happiness, peace, joy, excitement, kindness, charity etc. are developed. With the attainment of ‘samadhi’, the soul-the divine interaction, the destruction of all the troubles, we become the ruler of salvation. If each of our actions is not being helpful in fulfilling the purpose of our lives and we are not progressing further towards our goal, then our life is in vain, our lives are not live but are equal to that of death. In this matter, we have to decide what is our actual position?

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