May 19, 2024

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Have you found your magician yet?

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The Magic of Acceptance An old saying goes as ‘the trees with the sweetest fruits get the most hit by stones thrown at them’. A simple sentence with quite a deep meaning. Usually the same happens with the most humble, down-to-earth people in our society. They are present in abundance around us. Just that sometimes they are clearly visible to naked eyes whereas sometimes you have to peep behind the mask they carry all the time. This hard mask becomes a necessity to protect themselves to be hit in the face by those stones that I earlier talked of. Carrying this mask just means that they might be pretending to be strong-headed and practical on the outside but actually, they have a soft, emotional, delicate inside instinct. In almost everything that happens with them, they are the givers without expecting much in return.

Brain Magic

They are caring and adore the most living beings around them, regardless of their size or significance. But often it is really disheartening to see that they are the ones to be the most criticized and blamed at. Even being the most deserving for all the happiness they desire, they are the most suffering ones. Gradually, some of these slip into a dark web and struggle hard to come out. Then is that the magic of acceptance comes in the scene.

The Skill of Patience - Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

Now two things may happen. Either they will accept themselves as well as their adversities for whole life, or their patience and perseverance bring out their sweetest fruit which does all the miracle. In the former case, even if they are not very happy with life, they are content because of acceptance. This is much like getting out of that dark web and settle peacefully at the edge, even if not completely away from it. In the latter case, they completely bounce out and transform. An individual or a team walks into their lives, who perform the acceptance act and the magic happens. First of all, they feel the light emerging from within, which eventually spreads out and may even reflect over the whole world, shining like the brightest huge star above our head that we fondly call as ‘Sun’.

How Patience Can Be Enhanced Through Spirituality

Either kind of acceptance is really crucial and much-needed in today’s world. We are living in a time where it’s a fast life and everyone seems to be racing like blind. Some of us even don’t mind running over others if need be. Also, that’s why the speedy increase in cases of depression, etc. Obviously, many gems go overlooked in the mad rush.  Today, put an effort to give a check whether you have one such sweet-fruits-tree around you and if you have accepted it gracefully yet. If not yet, then when? If you are the one yourself, have you found your magician(s) yet?

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