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Don’t know how many girls are asking these questions?

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BY-Rajeev Choudhary

If this is love then what is the madness, in Surat, a madman Fenil Goyani killed Grishma Vekaria by slitting her throat in front of her mother and brother. When Grishma’s uncle tried to stop, he also stabbed her in the stomach. Accused Fenil was harassing Grishma since last year and he committed this incident only in unrequited love. That is, Fenil proposed to Grishma, the girl refused, just killed her by slitting her throat.

In fact, in the 90s, when such shayari was going on the greeting card that “Chand aahne bhega phool dil thaam lenge, husn ki baat chali to sab tera naam lenge” a dialogue of a “Hindi movie Jeet” became very famous. When the hero said to the heroine going away – “Kajal you are only mine” If someone comes between us, then understand that he is dead.” At that time when I was very young. Couldn’t understand its true meaning. After a few years, I do not know this dialogue, how many people’s mobile ringtone, auto, DJ, etc. I heard it, so I always wondered why Kajal can not be of others?

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Kajal means any girl whether it is summer of Surat or Nikita Tomar of Faridabad, be it Rasila Raju, female engineer of Infosys, from Bhavika of Rajkot to Riya Gautam, who is preparing for air hostess at Mansarovar Garden in Delhi, how many girls do not know every year In unrequited love, either they are victims of acid attack or they have to lose their lives. For example, take any one girl who is not a chair, table, piece of land or purchased property. That girl has her own dreams, her own thinking, limits, limits and above all she has her own life. So will anyone capture them? Everyone has the right to immunity. Me and you too. Everyone has their own preferences, it is not necessary that what we like, everyone else also likes?

Well summer of Surat is not the first girl who has been the victim of such an accident. One or the other such incident is definitely found every other third day on some page of the newspaper. Which mostly gets buried under a cup of tea in the morning while reading the news of political upheaval.

Who would not remember the famous Nikita Tomar murder case of Faridabad, what was Nikita’s mistake, only that she had rejected Tauseef’s proposal. Bas Tauseef killed Nikita Tomar by shooting all the way. Mansarovar Park Delhi Adil’s heart fell on Riya Gautam, she proposed Riya, Riya refused, as a result, Adil killed her by stabbing her in the middle of the market. Similarly, a short time ago in Rajkot, Gujarat, a boy named Bhavesh Hirji had an affair with a girl named Bhavika. One day the girl said that the family had fixed her marriage, just Bhavesh got enraged and slept a painful death to Bhavika, who had stabbed her eighteen times.

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Similarly, Rasila Raju, who worked in Infosys, used to go to the office every day. Bhaben Saikia was the guard of the lift, he used to like Rasila’s one-sided choice which we can do to anyone. But the limit came when one day he teased Rasila. Rasila said that she will complain about it. Bus guard Bhaben Saikia strangled Rasila to death in her office.

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If we talk about such cases, then in July 2016 in Gopalganj district of Bihar, the slain lover killed his alleged girlfriend in one-sided love by slitting her throat with a sharp knife. So in the month of August, a lover living in Bhalswa Dairy area of ​​Delhi burnt the girl alive. In the month of December, in the village near Shamli, a sensational case of a lover killing his girlfriend by slitting her neck with a sickle had come to light. Karuna and Surendra had an affair in Burari, Delhi, one day Karuna told Surendra that now all this will not work, he is going to get married. Surendra killed Karuna openly by hitting her 32 times. For example, there is so much news that it will take a whole day but it will end and the same reason came out everywhere that “Kajal you are only mine”.


When you read many such cases, then you think is it a love affair? Because it is said that love cannot be expressed in words nor does it have any definition. It can only be felt. Love has no language. It is wordless without words. Love is such a penance in which a person sacrifices all his happiness for his own love. Love is a dedication in which a person becomes completely devoted to his love, love is the name of a sacrifice. Which Imroz did for writer Amrita Pritam. If people cut their necks, burn them alive, stab them, stab them, and call acid attackers as lovers, what would they call crazy, eccentric or psychopaths?

 It is not necessary that a person wants to live in bondage with one person. It can also be called lack of commitment. It is obvious that if the needs are not met by one person, then the person leaves him and goes to another to fulfill his needs. The body is mechanical, it is made spiritual. Or if a little trouble, or a difficult time comes on someone, then people leave him and go to another. It has both men and women. Because we also saw actress Kajol starrer Gupt, in which a girl heroine commits many murders to get the boy hero. However, in the case of women, such stories are rarely heard. Yes, man definitely accepts this fact as hundred percent true that if the girl smiled upon seeing him, or talked to him with a laugh, then she has become his trust.

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In such cases there is every possibility of most of the women getting entangled. Because more requests of love come to her, she wants immunity and sometimes she even accepts the duplicity of the man. Because even after so many complications, she wants to love but when it comes to occupying her existence immersed in love and faith, she feels suffocated at times. If in spite of her natural eagerness and participation in love, whenever doubt arises in the mind of a man, then she wants to shun. Which the man is unable to accept and Kajal you are only mine, in this way, keeping the dialogue in mind, it can only be called passion or eccentricity, because how and where is the love in which by hurting the front Say happiness by being put to death or do you get relief? It’s not only me, I don’t know how many girls are asking questions.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary Author Blogger

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