June 14, 2024

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To see, one day India will have a “Hijab” prime minister?

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India is the largest democratic country in the world, a farmer, a laborer, a woman becoming the prime minister allows democracy here. in spite of that Maybe I will not be alive then, but see that one day a girl wearing a hijab will become the Prime Minister of this country, something similar has to be said of Muslim leader Owaisi. This statement of Owaisi is special in many ways and also rubbish. But the matter does not stop here, this thing goes on a little further. Where Owaisi was standing and showing this dream to the people standing in front, all the people present there were also applauding. At that time in everyone’s head, a girl wearing a hijab was taking the oath of Prime Minister by holding the Quran in the courtyard of Rashtrapati Bhavan. But not one asked this question, can women become prime ministers in Arab countries?

For this reason this statement is very special in many ways. There is hijab, niqab, burqa and secularism in this discussion. The decoction of which is being made and fed to the Muslims all over the country through election advertisement channels for several consecutive days. So first let’s talk about secularism. If seen, before 1985, the constitution was almost the same for everyone here. At the same time, a Muslim woman Shah Bano was divorced by her husband. Then she reached the court regarding this matter. There was a drag in the matter, in the end, the Supreme Court ordered to pay maintenance every month to Shah Bano’s husband. But the Maulanas opposed this decision or say they opposed secularism. As a result, under pressure from Muslim fundamentalists, the then Rajiv Gandhi government reversed this decision of the Supreme Court by enacting a law in Parliament in 1986. In a way, that shameful surrender of Rajiv Gandhi to the fanatics had put an end to secularism. After this there were two constitutions in one country. Muslims started taking most of their decisions under the guise of Shariat. Like Nikah, Halala, Talaq i.e. all those decisions in which women can be exploited. Otherwise, if the matter of punishment for cutting hands on theft had come, then they started taking refuge in the Constitution. Like today hijab is sitting in controversy with secularism.

That is, now what is the issue on secularism, where did it come from, how did it enter our constitution? Actually the idea of ​​secularism came from Europe and its source lies in the conflicts between the Church and the monarchy. That is, there was a conflict every day between the rules of the church and the rule of kings. Then there came the idea of ​​secularism. The result was ultimately the church retreating. It was only after this that the idea came that the church and the clergy should take care of the rituals and they should not interfere in the affairs of the state. For example, in the Oxford dictionary, secularism means an idea in which religion will not interfere with the functioning of society, education, etc.

Now if it is so, then Maulana should do his religious work, offer Namaz, fast and give Azaan. Do not interfere in the functioning of society and government, education etc. This is the basic definition of secularism. The Maulana should not decide what to wear or not, let the schools decide.

Now they sit with Article 25 of the Constitution which gives every citizen the right to practice and propagate the religion of his choice. This is also true according to the constitution. But it is right to do so as long as it does not harm the law and order, morality and health.

For this reason, let us now come to the statement of Owaisi ji who says that one day a girl wearing a hijab will become the Prime Minister of this country. Now can Owaisi ji tell that if a Muslim woman can become the Prime Minister by wearing a hijab, then how many Muslim women have become the President of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Afghanistan so far?

This is not just a question but a living report. In the year 2019, a World Bank report was named ‘Women, Business and the Law’, in which it was said that Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden are the countries where women have full rights. In addition, when this report came to Central Asia, it was found that in the Middle East and African countries, women have less than half the rights than men. Your surprise will increase when in these 21 countries you will see 19 such countries which are Muslim countries. Where hijab, niqab, burqa etc. are worn by beating with sticks and whips. These countries are based on where women move, women start jobs, get salaries, get married, have children, run businesses, manage assets, and get pensions. Surprisingly, during the study, most of the women remained silent on some of the questions. For example, do they have the freedom to move or travel outside the house like men? And does their law really protect them from domestic violence? This silence of women clearly shows that they do not have such freedom at all. Even the Prime Minister and the President alone cannot buy goods from the showroom.

Now the third and important question, which from Shabana Azmi to many bikini stars and Pakistan is also saying that do not take away the rights of girls, they should be given the freedom to wear their favorite clothes. If this burqa, hijab is such a good thing, then why did Shabana not wear it when she was young? Apart from this, other Muslim actresses also use it.

Apart from this, the Pakistan which is in the worst and pathetic condition in the Women, Business and the Law report. Where every year women are given all kinds of abuses for raising slogans like “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” and FIR is registered. Today Pakistani men are praising Muskaan for raising voice against Hindutva. But whenever a Pakistani girl shows such courage, a crowd of men starts abusing her.

If we now talk about the Sharia law, then the number of Muslim population in Syria is about 70 percent. In Egypt, the Muslim population is about 90 percent. Governments here have banned full face coverings in universities since 2010 and 2015. When this restriction can be imposed in Islamic countries, then India is a secular country and secularism means that religion should not enter the work of administration and education. Keep it confined to mosques only. They should not run their Islamic agenda under the guise of secularism. Because it is not a matter of hijab, it is a complete burqa, in which preparations are on to wrap Muslim girls by calling it anti-Hinduism. Where today hijab is being demanded by citing secularism, tomorrow there may be room for azaan the day after tomorrow to demand full Islamic Shariat?


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