June 14, 2024

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Why are right-wing parties winning the European Union elections?

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Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was attacked a few days ago. Before that, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot four times at close range. Now the results of the European Union elections, which were held from 6 to 7 June, are about to come, seeing which French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a shocking step and dissolved the National Assembly… It is being said that after a long time, the people of Europe are now going to take a new stretch… T

his year is the biggest election year in history. Almost half of the world’s population is casting their votes in more or less democratic elections across the world or will cast their votes. This year started with the world’s largest democracy, India, where the swearing-in ceremony has been held yesterday. After this, voting has been done in 27 countries of the European Union from 6 to 9 June. Only the results are awaited. But this time, even before the results, the supporters of Islam and the leftists in the European countries are said to be in a very tight position. That is, in 27 countries of Europe, a large number of votes are seen going against Islam and the left.

This time everyone’s eyes will be on the far right, which is expected to be the big winner this year. This is understandable in itself. Right parties are at the top in the elections in many European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands and Poland. The question is why this big change is going to happen. For this, first of all we have to understand the elections of the European Union of 27 countries. Actually, the European Union has a total of 37 crore 30 lakh registered voters in these 27 countries. And there are 720 seats for which voting started on June 6 and continued till June 9…

According to the exit poll estimates, all the right wing parties are going to win the elections and all those parties are moving ahead who had raised the flag against the increasing Islamic population and Islamic terrorism in their respective countries. Seeing this, President Emmanuel Macron took a shocking step and dissolved the National Assembly in France. It is being told that this decision was taken after seeing the big defeat of the party in the European Parliament elections because according to the exit poll, Macron’s Renaissance Party is losing to Marine Le Pen’s right wing party National Rally in the European Parliamentary elections. Marine Le Pen is getting 32 percent votes while the Renaissance Party is getting only 15 percent votes. In such a situation, the face of the new European Parliament is considered certain to change… Not only in France, but from Italy to France, Austria to Belgium, Germany to the Netherlands and beyond, far-right parties are expecting significant gains. A Dutch exit poll has already shown Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, a supporter of Nupur Sharma, gaining an edge over the prophet statement…

Actually, if we analyze why all this is happening, then many things have come to the fore. You will remember that in June-July 2023, President Macron seemed helpless when some mullah was burning cars. Some were burning buses. Some were burning houses. Some were burning libraries. Some were looting banks. Some were looting and vandalizing shops, offices and shopping centers. Seeing such a condition of France, people were remembering Syria. Jihadism seemed to be in place of democracy in France. Then Macron did not call it jihad but blamed social media for it, but then French opposition leader Marine La Pen called it open jihad and blamed religious mullahs for it. At the same time, France’s neighboring country Poland also said that Macron is lying that social media is responsible for the violence. Macron should clearly say that only Islam is responsible for this violence… After this, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki showed a mirror while taking a dig at the riots in France… He shared a video, in which burning France is visible on one side and in the middle of the video, a peaceful and calm Poland was visible.

Actually, Poland is one of those countries in Europe, which does not have a single illegal Muslim refugee. Then an old TV interview of its leader Dominic went viral in which he says that Poland has given place to zero Muslim refugees to come to the country. On this, the anchor asks whether you are proud of this, to which he says that we have given shelter to 20 lakh Ukrainians who are living and working here peacefully. Our country is safe due to the absence of illegal Muslims. There has been no riot and no terrorist attack. That is, Poland did not allow a single refugee to enter, while countries like France, Germany, Sweden have given a lot of shelter to them. The crying refugees were welcomed. As a result, after the France riots, the question arose whether the European countries have made a huge mistake by accepting huge numbers of Muslim refugees?

After this, the fire of violence in France has also reached Belgium, 100 mullahs were arrested on charges of spreading violence in the capital Brussels, when the fire started spreading in other countries, then the leader of Britain’s party Britain First, Paul Golding, while sharing a video of the violence in France, wrote, ‘Rioters fired rocket grenades at a police station in France, if this is not a civil war then we know what it is… that is, some leaders are hinting while some are coming out openly, Netherlands MP Geert Wilders is openly saying that if you import jihad then do not be surprised if you become a caliphate, Geert shared many videos related to the riots, while tweeting a video in which shops are being looted, he wrote, ‘Multi-cultural looting’ In a tweet, he wrote, ‘Islamic governments and mullahs are angry at the burning of the Quran in Sweden, but people who believe in their ‘violent ideology’ are burning France and they are completely silent, and at the end of this tweet he wrote hypocrite…

That is, Wilders has clearly called all 56 religious countries hypocrites and the reason for writing this is that when the Quran was burnt in Sweden, Turkey and Saudi Arabia strongly objected, many Muslim countries called back their ambassadors, even the Swedish Embassy was attacked in Iraq, UAE was angry, Qatar and Iran were also threatening, but when their religious brothers set France on fire, not even one of them said that it was wrong because about 60 lakh religious people were looting France’s population of about 7 crore.

Not only France, the situation in Sweden is also similar. Sweden went ahead of any European country and opened its doors to refugees coming from Islamic countries. Not only shelter but without caring about the consequences, they even gave these people free houses, free food, free schools, health facilities and allowances. At that time, the right wing parties were protesting and saying that the taxpayers and their children here have received religious extremism, violence and sexual crimes. These refugees riot over trivial matters. Murders are taking place in Sweden and curfews are being imposed repeatedly. Although the Swedish government had understood that it had committed a big mistake, it was not ready to accept it publicly nor was there anyone to listen because among the 720 MPs of the European Union, most of the MPs were leftists or had religious mindset. Everyone knows that all the countries of the European Union cooperate with each other, but religious refugees have formed their own union within the European Union, which is affecting the politics, faith, culture and opinion of Europe, i.e. organizations of different countries like Muslim Council of Britain MCB Union of Islamic Organizations of France or Italy’s UCOII have started speaking in one voice, for example, if the incident is from Italy, all the organizations from France to Italy will come out on the streets in its support, i.e. there will be protests in 27 countries together, if this happens, then the protest will make headlines in the newspapers. When the headlines of newspapers or media will be made, then along with the Arabs, people will also raise their heads and give Azaan in their support. Muslim organizations of all European countries have joined 56 Muslim countries, and the mullahs in the remaining secular countries will also speak the same language, then the issue will automatically become international. Governments will bow down and they will get their way

Italian journalist Lorenzo Vidino even said that while dealing with the media and governments, those mullahs often display a liberal mask, publicly supporting integration and democracy. But in their mosques, they support a completely different rhetoric, yet adopt the ideology of the organization from which they trace their origin. That is, in front of the media, liberals support jihad in the mosque.

Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni understood all these things and Italy made a draft law to ban namaz outside mosques and Prime Minister Meloni has clearly said that there is no similarity between the values ​​of our civilization and Islamic values.

Apart from this, after Norway and Sweden, incidents of burning of the heavenly book started coming to light in Denmark. The places chosen by the burners of the heavenly book were surprising. The book burners set the book on fire in front of the Egyptian and Turkish embassies. When the incident caused outrage among Muslims around the world, Denmark and Sweden condemned it and said that the incident was reprehensible but they could not stop it under the rules protecting freedom of expression.

That is, the people of Europe were constantly standing up against the increasing Muslim refugee population. But at this time, when thousands of people thronged the streets of cities from London to Berlin due to pro-Palestine protests, their concern increased and they started going to their respective right wing parties. If the election results come as expected and the right wing comes in majority, then for the first time new laws can come in the European Union, in which religious refugees can be deported, free ration and many other things can be banned, which can also ban everything from burqa hijab to the construction of new mosques. If the results come in favor of the right wing parties, then it is considered certain that the religious mullahs will be removed from Europe…

BY- RAJEEV CHOUDHARY https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeev-choudhary/

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