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Why did Atal and Indira remember during the Russia Ukraine war?

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The date was May 18, 1974. There was a massive explosion in a dry well in Malka village near Loharki village, about 140 km from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Although Pakistan was about 150 km away from here, but the echo of this blast shook the whole world.

The explosion had happened that day Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was meeting people on her lawn as usual. Suddenly Indira Gandhi saw her Principal Secretary Professor Prithvi Nath Dhar coming towards her, then she stopped talking to the people and ran towards them. He asked Prithvi Nath Dhar in the midst of outraged breaths, what happened. Dhar’s reply was, all is well, madam. Lord Shri Krishna again lifted the mountain on the finger. On hearing this, Indira Gandhi’s arms blossomed. A triumphant smile appeared on Indira’s face.

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It is said that shortly after this, the song was playing at the Delhi station of All India Radio in the morning, Hum Tum Ek kamre Mein Band ho Aur Chabi Kho Jaye “Bobby” film There was a sudden announcement in the midst of this famous song, Please wait for an important broadcast. A few seconds later the announcer’s voice echoed on the radio,

Today at 8:05 am, India conducted an underground nuclear test for peaceful purposes at an undisclosed location in western India. Hearing this, a wave of happiness ran among all the Indians.

Actually this was Operation Budda Smile. Lord Buddha smiled.

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In fact, the reason for remembering Atal ji and Indira ji is that if Ukraine had nuclear bombs today, then perhaps this war would not have been so violent in the cities of Ukraine because any nuclear-armed nation then attacks very thoughtfully. When the front nation is also nuclear power.

Obviously, today is the present of Russia and Ukraine war, tomorrow it will also be the past, but this defeat will continue to be analyzed for decades and one thing will remain on top of that if Ukraine does not leave its nuclear weapons stockpile after the 1994 Budapest agreement. Had it been given, would Putin of Russia have been able to suppress Zelensky’s Ukraine so easily?

The second biggest thing is and it cannot be denied that internationally, agreements and treaties with weak countries do not matter after a time. Now look at Ukraine for example, after the 1994 Budapest agreement, Ukraine handed over its nuclear weapons on the condition that America, Europe and Russia had guaranteed its security. Now in that guaranteed hell, one of these Russia has already attacked it. Second, the rest of Europe, it is looking for a place to hide its mouth for cheap oil from Russia, and third, America is openly showing its love for Ukraine by opening its innocent heart. But if Ukraine had nuclear weapons today, could it have been ruined?

Of course, if India is powerful today, then among all its other powers, one strength is nuclear power. Because the scientists of Dr Bhabha’s era believed that India should have made nuclear weapons in the 1960s even before China. Maharaj Krishna Rasgotra, a former foreign secretary, had clearly said in many talks and seminars that US President John F. Kennedy had also offered to give India a nuclear plant and help build its own plant. But Jawaharlal Nehru refused.

But daughter Indira rectified the mistake of father Nehru and carried it forward in 1974, after completing the rest of the shortcomings, Atal ji gave a message to the world that those who look slanted towards India are no longer well.

After nearly three years of independence, Ukraine was similarly powerful until 1994, but today Russian tanks are sitting outside its capital Kyiv and the President of Ukraine is playing the harp of peace. There is no doubt that after this war, small countries seeing Ukraine’s plight will once again be involved in the nuclear arms race, North Korea, Israel, Iran or any other country, now they will definitely achieve them by remembering Ukraine.

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However, Pakistan also gained this power by licking America’s soles and in 1990-91, when the India-Pakistan army stood face to face, then Pakistan blackmailed India with nuclear weapons. Not only blackmail, it was also estimated that Pakistan would use nuclear weapons at the beginning of the war. VP The Singh government realized the fact that India did not have a quick-fire nuclear bomb to retaliate. That is, India had a nuclear bomb but reliable weapon and delivery system did not exist.

However, about two years before this, work had already started in the Rajiv Gandhi government and the top nuclear scientist R. Chidambaram, P.K. Iyengar, Anil Kakodkar along with missile expert APJ. Abdul Kalam and then DRDO Chairman V.S. Arunachalam was involved. Arrangements were made to give secret money to all of them from the fund earmarked for ‘Science and Technology’ under the Planning Commission. They also had to travel abroad on passports under other names.

After this, whoever the Prime Minister came, whether it was the government of the Congress or the coalition of the BJP, remained the Prime Minister for two months or for 13 months, that is, despite all the political instability, every Prime Minister performed this responsibility very well. The result was the Pokhran-2 test under Atal ji in 1998, after which Pakistan also conducted its test in Chagai in response. After two decades, where do these two nuclear-armed countries stand today? India is almost accepted by the world as a legitimate nuclear power country, it is involved in most multilateral arrangements, is free from all sanctions and is also a strategic ally of America. Where does Pakistan stand today, which has repeatedly threatened India with nuclear attacks. For example, India was accepted because it made bombs for its defense, while Pakistan was believed that it made bombs to attack.

The image of India is different in the world today, this was the reason that in 1974 it was said that ‘Buddha is smiling’ but then the question was echoing in the mind of the world that why Buddha was smiling, God was there more but Buddha The story behind the smile was such that during the time of Buddha, the ancient Magadha Empire had invaded its neighboring kingdom Vaishali for victory. Magadha, like a common empire, had prepared its huge army and prepared weapons for attack, while the people of Vaishali, a kind of anarchic democratic country, were engrossed in this debate whether to fight or not to fight, how and with whom to fight. .

Obviously, Magadha destroyed the militarily weak Vaishali. When this news was given to the Buddha, it is said that he got angry. Meaning then the message of Buddha was that for the sake of peace, the empire should be fully prepared for war, otherwise it may face the fate of Vaishali. Since 1962, India was like Vaishali to Magadha’s China. Now you must have understood why Buddha would smile now. Or why would they be angry at the fate of Ukraine today? Because it is necessary to be strong to protect our nation, otherwise even God gets angry if we are weak.

By- Rajeev Choudhary Author blogger

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