June 14, 2024

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What is the Uttar Pradesh Population Control Bill controversy

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Recently, the debate has started regarding the implementation of ‘two children policy’ by the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh for population control in the state. The draft recommended that those violating the ‘two children policy’ should not be allowed to participate in the local body elections. Apart from this, they should be banned from applying in government jobs and getting promotion. They did not get the benefit of any subsidy from the government. The draft prepared by the commission has been uploaded on its website and people have been asked to give their views on it by July 19. Give your suggestions also.

According to the draft, people who give birth to more than two children will be deprived of the welfare schemes of the government. His family will get ration for the share of only four members. If the government considers necessary, then those who violate the rule can also end the benefits of other government schemes. Those who give birth to more than two children will not be able to contest local, civic and panchayat elections. They will not be eligible for government jobs and will not be able to take advantage of government subsidies.

The draft states that “Uttar Pradesh has limited presence of ecological and economic resources. All citizens should have access to the basic necessities of human life, such as food, clean water, a good home, quality education, opportunities for living and electricity at home. Although people of all religions will come under its purview, but it is clear that Muslim personal law allows polygamy. For example, if a person has two wives, then according to this law, only two children from both the wives will be valid in this family. If there are two children from both the wives, then it will be considered illegal from the point of view of being a beneficiary of government facilities, and the family will be out of the purview of government facilities.

But many questions are being raised on this draft because as soon as the government asked for suggestions by presenting the draft on population control, Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke came forward and said that making Uttar Pradesh population law is in the hands of the government but when the child will be born. So who can stop it, Allah has created this world and all the souls that Allah has created are to come.

That is, instead of understanding the problem of increasing population, he threw his statement in the studio of the media by telling the spirit of Allah and the gift of Allah. But the Uttar Pradesh government minister Mohsin Raza said that if there are 8 children, then we will make punctures, we want to bring Muslims from cap to tie with this bill.

The same Yogi ji said in the press conference that keeping in mind different sections of the society, the government is working to implement this population policy 2021. He said that people would be made aware about the population. Efforts will be made to make people aware about this in schools and other places also. People will also be made aware about the family planning program through the proposed policy for 2021 to 2030.

Now the government is asking for suggestions in this, so the first suggestion can also be that in Indian society, marriage usually takes place only after a job. That is, only after getting a government job, people get married and have children, and once you get a government job and get married, no matter how many children you have, two or four, you can make a cricket team, is there any investigation or review of it? will come?

Now maybe the answer here can be that those government employees will not get promotion. But there is also a misunderstanding in this that when the people of APL ie living life above poverty line, after crushing a little corruption, they get BPL card made below poverty line, get fake corona negative report, get fake bank accounts opened. . So in such a situation it is not a big deal to make a fake affidavit, because here Rohingya Muslims who fled from Burma are also sitting with Aadhar card.

Well, the second question in this is that if the central and state employees across the country are merged, then hardly 10 percent of the people will be able to come under this purview. What will happen to the remaining 90 percent people who are associated with the private sector and the unorganized sector, that is, be it a paan shop or a rickshaw street vendor or a private job? In such a situation, it is not an easy task to control the population by adding this condition to the government job.

That is, the bill should be made more effective so that it is applicable to all, because if it is seen by adding some examples, then in August 2015, it was ordered by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad that the children of government employees would compulsorily study in government schools. Now find out around you, how many government employees’ children study in government schools? If hardly anyone comes forward, then what should be called the order of the Honorable High Court!

Second, some time ago, the use of sound amplifying devices was banned from all religious places by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad itself. Now you must know very well how much this order was followed! People themselves know how much relief they got from the five-time earfodu voice. Third, on the basis of the rule of government job, now the government is seeking suggestions on population control, the share of the Muslim community is less than five percent. But in increasing the population, it is sitting many times more than the people of other sects, if you do not believe, then take a look at the government figures of 2011.

It means to say that say Uttar Pradesh or the speed with which the population is increasing across the country and the kind of control that is being talked about over the population, it will take centuries to achieve it. If humans do not have this much time, then the Uttar Pradesh government draft is welcome. But some such provisions should also be added to it so that population control can be done with full awareness and strength.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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