June 14, 2024

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TOPSHOT - Myanmar women in traditional hat occupy a street during a demonstration against the military coup in Mandalay on February 18, 2021. (Photo by STR / AFP) (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Why do communists keep silent on Myanmar ?

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Can it happen that two dead bodies are lying at one place and for one the whole world sheds tears and there is no mention of the other. Or it may be that there are two troubled people at one place and the whole world should stand to help one while no one comes forward for the other. In fact, these Odu Modu examples are being cited because the Myanmar army celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday two days ago and gunned down around 90 people to suppress the protests against last month’s coup. But neither Greta’s tweet came in opposition to this, neither Mian Khalifa nor Rihanna.

Actually two things are happening simultaneously in India, if one Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan or Junaid is killed, then comrades from all over the world ie leftists come on the streets lighting candles and shouting Hindu terror, Hindu terror, but in Myanmar these days China’s Blessedly, Myanmar’s communist army chief is firing bullets at democracy supporters but comrades are sitting in rooms and blood is bleeding on the streets but no news from anywhere has yet told whether it is Marx’s terror or Mao’s.

The world’s famous Time magazine, which prints a picture of Buddhist monk Veerathu on its cover page on the Rohingya issue, writes that the Face of Buddhist Terror ie Veerathu finds the face of Buddhist terror in it, even taking the handlens of that time magazine, the face of communist terror in it. So the distant ear is not even visible.

If you want to give an example of shamelessness in the world, then along with Pakistan, you can also give an example of leftist media. Because their network of shamelessness is the largest network in the world. When one shameless sees the other, he embraces his comrade as brother. Because in February this year in Myanmar, the army overthrew and took power. More than 500 people have been killed in anti-military protests since then, but the left-wing media is sitting on Greta Rihanna and Mian Khalifa’s tweets instead of writing two words about their communist Uncle Army Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing. . While there the blood of innocent children, students of schools and women is flowing on the streets. But look amazing, the bloody news of Myanmar did not make media headlines, nor did the Human Rights Commission get its attention, nor did the so-called intelligentsia grumble for this bloodshed.

In fact, understand their double face and their working style carefully, Kerala, which is called God’s land, has become a symbol of Marxist violence today, but it is not big news for the Communist Chief Minister there, it is big news that two nuns were dropped from the train in Jhansi. Why was questioned?

If you look carefully at a leftist, religion is the opium in his eyes, he will talk about the poor and will talk about employment, he will sit on socialism, he will give long speeches in support of democracy and will talk about minorities. He will oppose dictatorship and will sing songs of liberalism. You will not see a bigger advocate of women’s rights. That is, those who call religion the opium.. these people after drinking the ganja of socialism and communism will do such things as if power is given in their hands, then they will change geography and society in minutes.

But when ask them why there is no democracy in China, then these people start puffing cigarettes or they will change the issue by raising a glass of red wine. Or they would say read the manifesto of communism. You ask why read? They say to read Marx’s thoughts, you ask why read? They will say that the ideology of the Left is liberal, then you ask why the streets of Myanmar are red with blood, what is China doing in Hong Kong. Before this, why did Stalin slaughter 60 million people in the Soviet Union, why did Mao Zedong shed the blood of 3 crore 19 lakh 98 thousand people in China, from the Communist Party of Kampuchea to Cambodia who killed 1.5 to two million people. Why were millions killed on the streets in Ethiopia? At whose behest did 15 lakh 76 thousand murders take place in North Korea, 10 lakh in Vietnam, in countries of East Europe like Poland, Romania, Czechoslavakia, 20 lakh. Apart from this, Maoists and Naxalites are doing violence in India, so instead of regretting these killings, these shameless people say that we are fighting the battle of the proletariat, then tell them who is not fighting the battle, if you are drinking red wine then you will say that we Only giving speeches, the poor and tribals are fighting the battle.

These who consider themselves to be the saviors of the proletariat, look at their double-sided way of working. In the last one year, ISIS terrorists have killed more than 2000 people in Mozambique and even slit the throats of small innocent children. In Nigeria, Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram are killed in broad daylight, sometimes 300 and sometimes 400 girls are taken from schools to make them sex slaves of terrorists, Hindu temples are being demolished in Pakistan, terrorists openly attack Sikhs in Afghanistan Bullets fired but they never see terror in it. But as soon as some aspect or Akhlaq is killed in a mutual dispute, then they start seeing Hindu terror in it. Buddhist terror was visible in the Rohingya issue in Burma, but so far Islamic and communist terror has not been seen in the Marxist ideology that has taken 200 million people and killed more than a billion people. But the scale of fanaticism of Hindus from a board hanging outside a temple in Dasna was seen in foreign newspapers, but they did not see the terror of the bigotry of Mao’s comrades on the destruction of the Vigar Muslims by Communist China.

But see the misfortune that these are a few people and it is these people who decide, these people write the chalisa of their masters, these people who give slogans of taking power with the bullet of gun, teach the lesson of democracy by blowing ganja and dhatura of communism. These people, who decide the terror of religion in the greed of money, by selling their conscience, writing fictional stories in the name of history, continue to nurture their ideological children generation after generation and people call them progressive geniuses and intellectuals. Now any leftist who collides with you must ask him the question of his barbaric history and at the same time ask why these leftist insects who talk about democracy in India are silent on the crushing of democracy in Myanmar and the killings taking place there? Why can’t Rihanna Greta and Mian Khalifa see 500 bodies of Myanmar together now? If no one can answer, then understand that these parasites, who call religion the opium, are advancing the imperialism of communism and Islam under the guise of leftism.

Rajeev Choudhary

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