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That great monk who at a very young age gave something to the society which cannot be forgotten. Swami Darshananand

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BY-Vinay Arya General Secretary Arya Samaj

It is the case of June 18, 1878, there was a gathering of mythological scholars at the house of Sardar Bhagwan Singh ji in Amritsar, it was the occasion of debate and many scholars, mahatmas and saints of the country had come. There was a wave of different ideologies. But the voice of Maharishi Dayanand ji became loud. Everyone agreed with Maharishi’s views but some people with opposing views suddenly attacked him, the atmosphere which was calm till a while ago suddenly became violent. These people did not accept some of Maharishi ji’s words about social and religious reform. And instead of responding with logic, those who protested started attacking with stones and bricks.

Maharishi was Maharishi, this embodiment of greatness endured so many hardships in his lifetime to bring about social reforms. He endured these disturbances and pacified everyone with love and wisdom. But seeing all this changed the life of a 17 year old youth who attended this religious gathering. This boy was also injured by the thrown stone. But the pain was more that why did the darshan and meeting of Maharishi happen so late? Who was this young boy who, despite being injured, was looking at Swamiji with a calm mind?

Blessed were those people who had the privilege of seeing Maharishi Dayanand in person; they got the opportunity to listen, know, see and understand him closely. This 17 year old young man was also feeling something similar, who was listening to Maharishi’s lecture at the Dharma Sabha in Amritsar. There was more wound in his heart than the wound in his leg, when he got acquainted with the real picture of slave India. The progressive thinking that this inspiration gave to the youth later became an example for the society. Inspired by the philosophy and philosophical thoughts of Maharishi, this young Pandit named Kirparam went on to become a valuable personality of Arya Samaj by the name of Swami Darshananand.

स्वामी दर्शनानंद सरस्वती: पुरुषार्थ के बल पर साधारण व्यक्ति भी प्राप्त कर  सकता है विद्वता - swami darshanananda saraswati-mobile

Year 1861, Ludhiana district and town Jagraon of Punjab, that day Pt. Rampratap was happy, his wife Heera Devi had given birth to a son. Named Kripa Ram, the hope was that now the son would take his father’s business to greater heights. Grew up in a wealthy family, Kripa Ram started managing the shop at a young age. Due to the evil practice of child marriage, people got married at an early age. The family wanted that the son should take the business forward by worshiping Mother Lakshmi, but against his father, the son became a worshiper of Mother Saraswati instead of Mother Lakshmi and then one day went to Kashi from Punjab.

In Kashi, he gained proficiency in various scriptures in the school of Pandit Harinath, also known as Swami Manishyanand. As he grew up, his thoughts about religion also increased. As a result, he left the household life and became a Vedanti and then a recluse. In the year 1878, the mention of Dharma Sabha of Amritsar was going on everywhere. Kripa Ram also reached. Listened and understood 37 lectures of Maharishi Dayanand Ji. These lectures gave an extraordinary personality to an ordinary person and Kriparam now became a follower of Arya Samaj from Vedanti. After getting inspiration from Maharishi Dayanand, he started propagating Vedic religion.

But this could not last long, Maharishi ji passed away in the year 1883. The teacher’s hand lifted from the head of a disciple. But on the basis of the blessings he had received, he continued preaching religion at different places. Meanwhile, he took knowledge of philosophy from Swami Anubhavanand and because of this interest he got the name Swami Darshananand.

Origin of Arya Samaj – Arya Samaj

Now the aim was to spread the Vedas by following the paths shown by Maharishi. But in his student life he understood that knowledge of Sanskrit was necessary to return to the Vedas. But studying this language was becoming expensive, not everyone could buy expensive textbooks. Instead of worrying about himself, he got immersed in the worries of the society. Prepared a blueprint for the education of future India and established the Temirnashak Press in Kashi. To make Sanskrit and Shastra philosophy easier, they started publishing books on Mahabhasya, Ashtadhyayi and Darshan Shastra. Swami Darshanand did not hesitate in giving free books to those who were poor, at very low prices, with little to no fees.

In this sequence, Swami Darshananand ji had now made a new record in the writing and publication of small booklets. If there had been an organization like ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ in that era, this record would have been in Swamiji’s name only. It is said that he used to write a small booklet every day. Now newspapers and magazines on Vedic religion in Hindi and Urdu started being published from Temirnashak Press. Swami ji had knowledge of languages ranging from Punjabi to Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic. Swami ji wrote many articles, poems and songs in Hindi and Urdu. Temirnashak Press was near the famous Vishwanath temple of Kashi, Swami ji also started taking charge of a Sanskrit school and Arya Samaj temple. That is, according to Mann, in his life he published many small books and propagated the Vedic religion. Hundreds of debates were held with mythological scholars in which common people participated. Influenced by the victory in favor of Arya Samaj, many people started accepting the ideology of Arya Samaj.

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Swami Darshananand contributed not only in publishing letters and translating many texts but also in establishing many Gurukuls to revive the old education system. Gurukul established in Secunderabad district Bulandshahr in 1899. Established in 1903 in the name of Tapobhoomi Gurukul in Badaun. District Muzaffarnagar The most famous Gurukul is ‘Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Jwalapur’ established by Viralsi Gurukul, Swami Darshananand in 1905. College Jwalapur, established in the year 1907, has a special place among the Arya Gurukuls. These Gurukuls have been like the backbone of the body for the protection, women education and propagation of Vedic religion. The Gurukuls established by Swami Darshanand have given many scholars to the society. Apart from this, Swami Darshananand also took the path of modern education along with spirituality, yoga and Vedic meditation so much through his works that his name became an example in the field of education. If you want to see a glimpse of it then even today Swami Darshanand is opened in Haridwar. Darshanand Institute of Management and Technology. Swami Darshanand Institute of Management and Technology is a leading private educational institution providing higher education to pursue a career in the field of management and computer applications. Swami Darshanand Institute of Management and Technology is approved by the prestigious AICTE, and is affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

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Till the last moment of his life, Swamiji remained engaged in preaching religion, writing literature, establishing Gurukul and running newspapers. But due to stomach ailment, his health was no longer supporting him, it was May 11, 1913, the Arya Samaj festival was going on in Hathras, his health was not good but after thinking about his devotees, he insisted on going to the pandal. Before the last moment he said to everyone, ‘Gentlemen! Please accept my last Namaste, I had heard 37 lectures of Rishi Dayanand, worked for only 37 years, may God give you courage, may you all understand the religion.” With these words Swami Darshanand Ji left his body.

स्वामी दर्शनानंद सरस्वती: पुरुषार्थ के बल पर साधारण व्यक्ति भी प्राप्त कर  सकता है विद्वता - swami darshanananda saraswati-mobile

To understand his thoughts and the importance of his life, it is necessary to read his literature. The life of Swami Darshanananda is a source of inspiration which teaches us that the spirit of love and service is essential to attain true religion and salvation. Arya Samaj pays its full respect to Swami Darshanand Ji, a man of great personality and unique intellectual talent.

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