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How was Sai Baba successfully tested among Hindus?

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It is a matter of faith or belief. It is a matter of worship, or hypocrisy! Which is but the controversies have once again arisen over Sai Baba, the newly alleged God who came into the spotlight last four to five decades ago. Swami Avimukeshwaranand, a disciple of Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanananda Saraswati, the Dwarka Sharada Peethadhishwar, had gone to Chhindwara. During the visit, he visited Badi Mata Temple and Shri Ram Temple at Chhoti Bazar. During the worship, he noticed a tile on the wall of the temple, which had a picture of Sai Baba. Seeing this, Avimukeshwarananda got angry and left the temple saying, “What is Sai Baba’s job in the temple of Ram-Krishna?

Swami Avimukeshwaranand

They say there is no logic in faith, logic refutes faith. The result is the people of this world in the name of faith, I don’t know when to make someone God and when to change God. God does change religion for his own benefit. It is said that Sai Baba was born in Where did it happen! Some say it is in Pathari, others say it is in Afghanistan. Though Sai Baba had once testified before a magistrate during the British rule, he had not mentioned his birthplace even then. But he died in 1918 in India. That is, about eight years before Swami Shraddhananda. Jin Swami Shraddhananda Ji sold his house, house or all his property and opened Gurukuls for girls in the country, working day and night for the salvation of Dalits. He made millions of Muslims Hindus again by forming Shuddhi Sabhas. In the end, people forgot the sacrifice of the great martyr, Mahatma, whom the Muslims even killed, and made a fakir who died eight years before him a god and put him in the temples of the country today. He also put it above Sri Rama, Shiva or Sri Krishna.

Few people knew this supposed God called Sai Baba till the sixties and seventies. Even mostly Marathis and people around Sirdi. but now in some thirty or forty years their presence has become common. And the mercury of people’s faith is suddenly boiling. If you ask an elderly person when he first heard the name of Sai Baba, he will say from the movies? In other words, making Sai God or this new God was successfully tested by the Hindi film industry. This was such a successful attempt to turn the Hindus away from the idol worshipers from their faith in their gods to their sacred devotion, which worked extremely well.

On January 7, 1977, a film “Amar Akbar Anthony” hit the screens and a song was played in the film “Shirdi wale Sai Baba Aaya Hoon Tere Dar Pe Sawali.” At the end of this song, Baba’s miracle also heals the eyes of the blind Neerupa Rai. He seems to see everything. The song was a hit and a successful test of Sai Baba.

It is said that after this song, Sai Baba posters started selling. The feet of Sai Baba’s disciples were no longer lying on the ground. Because before that, there was no picture, no statue and no discussion and after that, everywhere is Sai.

When all this happened, a Sarla Charity Trust came forward and the movie “Shirdi Ke Sai Baba” was made in the same year. From Hema Malini to Shatrughan Sinha, Manoj Kumar big film stars were served in the movie theater. Baba lit the candle with water. His ghost gave birth to a young woman. Once a devotee of Baba came from a great distance, when he started to leave, it started raining. Then then Baba said, O Allah stop the rain my children have to go home and immediately the rain stopped. Greetings to the miracle. The film director Ashok V Bhushan had an immediate impact.

People who wanted all free from the government and God started looking for Sai temples. But Sai had not yet reached the temples of the Hindus. Then in 1999 again came a song “Forgive me Om Sai Ram” this song was also a huge hit in it had added Sai with Ram and Om. The film industry happy with the success then made another film in the year 2001 “Sirdi Sai Baba” this time it took Suresh Oberoi and Rohini Hatangadi. This time also both the film and Baba again superhit. That is from there till 30 years ago where people did not know who is “Shirdi Wala Baba” but now Baba of devotees began to increase. The sexence of devotion began to surge. People felt, the new God is quickly their, having children, jobs to get rid of the stepmother enemy increased the crowd of devotees.

Then even the priests of the Hindu temples brainstormed that what you see sells. Thinking this, he too started placing Sai Baba in temples. In other words, the one God that the Mumbai film industry had launched among Hindus as Sai had successfully reached the temples.

Now Sai Baba’s franchise started opening. Sai temples began to appear everywhere. The Shirdi Trust had become wealthy. Even Mata Vaishno Devi Dham in the north and Tirupati Balaji in the south, Dwarkadhis in the west and Jagnath Dham in the east left behind. Temples quickly started installing Sai idols one after the other happy with the success of Bollywood then in the year 2012 two movies named “Shirdi Sai and Om Allah” were again taken off.

After seeing them, a section of the country cut their expenses and started running to Shirdi in lakhs. Whoever came from there would tell stories of devotion to his neighbors and relatives immersed in faith. People thought that now all their work would come from this God. Faith took over understanding and thought. He started reading books on Sai instead of Vedas and Gita. Instead of Havan, Sai awakenings began. The day of Thursday, which was used to worship Vishnu, was changed to the day of Sai. The idols of Hindu great personalities, in temples, became smaller and Sai became a huge idol.

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Devotees now began to write autobiographies of Baba. One miracle after another began to be written. Historians provide evidence of this when they write about an event in history. But here is not proof only miracle. These supposed miracles stories made Sai God. Now, somewhere, the eyes of the mythical Hindu saints began to open. Now he thought who is this Afghan Sai on this holy land of Ram Krishna, Shiva and Hanuman? Voices began to be raised In 2014, Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanananda Saraswati released a poster about Sai Baba of Shirdi. In this poster, Hanuman was running with a mace to Sai. Secondly, this poster stated that Sai was a Muslim. Then the matter escalated and the trusts associated with Sai Baba reached the Supreme Court and the wealthy Sai Trust slowly suppressed the matter. Now once again Swami Avimukeshwarananda Maharaj has heated the dead body of the grave of the issue. Let’s see what happens next, but it is true that Yogi Shri Krishna said that in this age, man will be corrupted from both the path and religion. Maybe it happened because 99 out of 100 don’t know who Sai was, what book he wrote, what he preached but still make God?

Rajeev Choudhary

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