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Is this a fight for the rights of Hindus and Muslims in India?

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Rajeev Choudhary Author, blogger And Youtubers

The two-day conference of Jamiat concluded in Deoband. Maulana Madani took a sharp stance at the conference and said that those who do not like Islam should leave India. He also said that there can be compromise on everything but there can be no compromise on ideology. We will not compromise our views and policies. No matter what laws are made, we are not going to abandon our Shariah. ’If you don’t like our food, wear, don’t stay with us, go somewhere else’ i.e. leave India.

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Madani’s speech seemed as if Maulana Madani studied Islam but did not read the history of India! Those who read history probably read the Arabs and expressed their right to India. The question becomes whose is India? By the way, from a constitutional point of view, India belongs to everyone. But if we take the basis of the 1947 partition as evidence, what is the basis of the right? According to the 1941 census, the population of undivided India was close to 310 million. This included present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh. During that time, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh had 294 million Hindus, 43 million Muslims and other religions.

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Suppose, at that time, about 10 per cent of the country was Muslim and the remaining 90 per cent consisted of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians, Jews. Although no census of any kind was taken in 1947 it is quite difficult to get exact figures, the entire report is based on newspapers, old articles and data which in many ways is speculative, but accurate. If you look at the basis of partition, in Qaida, whatever Muslims have today in this country is not their share. These mosques, madrasas and Waqf Board land are all illegal. Because the basis of division was religion and sect. It was worship and prayer. There was Azan and Aarti.

This is also made clear by a statement by Jinnah who bluntly stated at the 1940 Muslim League conference in Lahore that he wanted two separate nations because of “the religions, ideologies, customs and Literatures are quite different. One nation in the majority and the other in the minority, tying such two nations together will increase discontent and ultimately destroy the structure of such a state.

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Many Hindu parties, including the Congress, were not happy with the split. The Muslim League then observed Direct Action Day in August 1946 to increase the pressure for partition and staged severe riots in Calcutta in which about 5000 people were killed and many injured. In such an atmosphere, all the leaders came under pressure to accept partition so as not to bring the country into a state of full-scale war.

Eventually the partition was agreed to. This was the partition of India. of its population and land. of Hindus and Muslims. To give Muslims a separate country based on religion. Even though the Muslim population was around 10 per cent at that time and accordingly they should have got only ten per cent of the area of ​​India but they were given seventeen and a half per cent of the immovable property. India’s share was 82.5 per cent. This included currency, coins, postal and revenue stamps, gold reserves and RBI assets. As for movable property, here too the division was done in the ratio of 80-20. While India got 80 per cent of the movable assets, Pakistan got 20 per cent. These property items included government tables, chairs, stationery, even lightbulbs, inkpots and blotting paper. You may even be surprised to know that the books available in government libraries were divided between the two countries. Railway and road vehicle assets were divided according to the railways and roads of the two countries.

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Accordingly, the right of all Muslims of India to their share of land was given to Pakistan. If we understand it in simple terms, what happened was that two brothers in a family were divided, all the household goods and land were divided. then younger brother’s son who was a supporter of partition. He also gives his share of land or goods to his father, but he remains with his elder brother for some reason. And when he grows up, he will ask Tao for his share again or force Tao to leave his house. claimed the property of the uncle. Then justice says that his real share is with his father and not with his brother.

This is what is happening in India today. Pakistan was given 17.5 per cent of the Muslim population in the then undivided India. In other words, each Muslim was given a share of land. Besides, property, money and vehicles were distributed. But according to India’s 1951 census, seventy-two million Muslims left India for Pakistan immediately after partition. The rest of us sat there. Not only have they sat down but now they are openly threatening Hindus to leave India. They are saying that India is theirs. On what basis do they have it now?

The basic question is: was a caliph or prophet of Islam born here? Is their mosque in Mecca-Madinah here? is the birthplace of a Prophet early Imam or Caliph. Muslims wanted Sharia they asked for Pakistan. We wanted a constitution, we wanted to stay in our homeland. In the homeland with which we have been related for four ages. Where the dignified Purushottam Sri Rama is taken by Yogi Raj Sri Krishna, Venkateshwara in the south, or Jagatguru Shankaracharya. Besides, all our great men as well as Buddha were here and Mahavira Swami Ji too.

Many sages and great sages were born here. This is his place of penance. The Vedas and Gita were written here. From the Upanishads to our entire Vedic literature and Sanatan Dharma spreads step by step from this Himalayas to the south. Now you’re telling us to go somewhere else! If there is something called shame inside those who say this, they should go to the place where their ideology came from. where their caliphs and prophets were born. Where his supposed verse landed, his authority here may be constitutional. But not religious at all. So in the next conference, Madani must reflect on how he has the right to India. He says, that his ancestors fought for freedom. Let’s assume, but he should accept the fact that in its price or avg he had taken a different country. Now his favor can no longer be above India. Take this basket of your favor and go to Pakistan or Bangladesh if possible and ask them for your share of land which was given according to the Muslim population in the partition. India belongs only to those who believe in the Constitution, justice and democracy. Not theirs, which still holds the Sharia of the seventh century. The Shariah on the basis of which India was divided into two separate countries.

by- Rajeev Choudhary Author blogger Youtubers

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