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Indian Christian Devasahyam Saint is now pop will also do his prayer?

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A woman was pregnant, this was the seventh month of pregnancy. Suddenly the woman felt stomach ache, the family took her to a nearby nursing home. The woman was checked up and the team of doctors told that the fetus has died inside the womb. Now the woman started praying to a person named Devasahayam Pillai and after that life returned to the child. This thing is from the year 2013. No one had heard the name of Devasahayam Pillai, whom the woman prayed before today, but now suddenly 9 years after this incident, the Vatican has conferred the title of saint to Devasahayam Pillai.


About 260 years after his death, Devasahayam Pillai was declared a saint or understand it as Devasahayam Pillai died 260 years ago. Some 260 years after his death, Pillai remembered that he should perform some miracle so that people would consider him a saint, not a traitor. What was it then, he made the fetus alive in the womb of a woman and after 9 years of doing this, the Vatican remembered that let’s consider it a saint.

It is often said, you cannot find the answer to the question of faith with logic. This may be true. Faith in its place, logic in its place, but this is a scientific age, so in such a situation, you can find the answer to the agenda through logic! One can question the distribution of the title of saints by the Vatican in India!

For this, first of all it is necessary to know who was this alleged saint “Devasayam Pillai”? The name has ‘Pillai’ attached to it, so perhaps you must have had some idea, in fact, it was a Hindu from South India, but Mr. ji had become a Christian in the 18th century. Devasahayam lived in Kanyakumari Nagar, then a part of the princely state of Travancore. Devasahyam’s father was a priest in a temple. Devasahyam was also given knowledge of Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam languages ​​by the priest’s father.

It happened that when Devasahyam was 29 years old, Captain Eustachius Lanoy, a Dutch naval commander, was sent by the East India Company in 1741 to capture a port in Travancore. But Travankar’s army was a warrior, he fought fiercely, and washed away the Dutch army. Commander Lanoy and his soldiers were taken captive and imprisoned. After some time, after being pardoned and freed from punishment, that Dutch naval commander was made the general of the Travancore army. During this, Devasahyam was also occupying a royal post in the state of Travancore, so one day that Dutch commander and Devasahyam got acquainted with each other, started meeting and talking to each other. The Dutch commander threw the net and began to tell him stories and anecdotes about Christianity. Impressed by his words, Devasahayam converted to Christianity in 1745, till then his name was Neelkanthan Pillai.


Devasahayam was baptized after which his name was changed to Lazaras. Now this name was completely new to the people there. Then translated it into Tamil and Malayalam, then this word becomes ‘Devasayam’, just this name of Lazarus became popular.

Now Devasahayam started spying for the Dutch people in a way. He had a royal post in the princely state of Travancore and started misusing this position. Started sending out secret information of the state. It is not us, but if we look at a release issued by the Vatican in February 2020, it is written that, ‘His conversion did not embrace the prominent people associated with his Hindu religion, so charges like sedition and espionage were leveled against him. Removed from the royal post of administration and imprisoned. He was shot as a death sentence on 14 January 1752. As soon as all this happened, the Christians initially promoted him as a ‘martyr’. Like Jesus, his handcuffs and shackles made his picture publicized in the kingdom. Like Jesus, showed him the character of mercy.

This thing was over 250 years ago, now suddenly the Christian missionaries again remembered Devasahyam and made a story of a poor woman being alive and sent it to the Vatican to see that she is also a saint, she should also be given the title of saint. . You have Jesus hanging on the cross, so we have Lazarus in chains. Now such things are sold a lot in India.

So on May 15 of this month, a list of saints of the 2022 bench of the All World was released in the Vatican, just what was it. A name of Lazarus Devasahyam was also added.

You will remember that earlier in September 2016, Mother Teresa, who founded the Missionaries of Charity, was given the title of saint by the Vatican but she was not an Indian. The title was given but no special conversion was happening in his name. Second, many scandals of Teresa’s organization were exposed in India. So for this reason the Christian organizations of India were looking for an Indian Christian saint for decades. Then in the past, Sister Alphonso was declared a saint, but she too could not do any great work, so the organizations engaged in this work day and night got a sigh of relief and a photo of Devasahyam, who was in handcuffs, is now converting poor people in India. can become a support.

Well, this was the life introduction of the alleged saint after 260 years of death.. Now the question is that if the child of the womb can be alive by praying to Devasahyam, then will Christians stop going to the hospital now. Because by praying to them, whether it is Devasahyam or Mother Teresa, the pretense of doing miracles to heal the poor and non-Christians continues. Otherwise Mother Teresa herself had gone abroad and got her eyes and heart operated thrice. Mother Teresa, who healed Hindus with prayer, had absolutely no faith in the prayer of Lord Jesus Christ or other Christian saints, whenever she became ill, she immediately ran away for treatment abroad. The second saint, Sister Alphonso, was from Kerala. She was also suffering from many diseases for about 20 years out of the three decades of her life. But in order to speed up the process of converting poor Hindus to Christianity in Kerala and South India, he was also given the status of a saint and it was publicized that even his prayers cure patients.

Not only this, the late Pope John Paul was also declared a saint in the past. That even by their prayer, the patient becomes a horse. By the prayer of Pope John Paul, who himself was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, he even left his post due to his illness.

That is, the Christian saint, who was suffering from many diseases throughout his life, started doing miracles to cure the diseases of others after his death. Therefore, on the basis of logic and science, the only agenda can be to cure any disease by prayer. This is not just a superstition but a conspiracy. There may be a well-planned conspiracy to influence poor non-Christians and convert them.

Because if people are cured by the prayers of these so-called saints, then why do Christian institutions open hospitals, what is the need of hospitals all over the world? Hang their photos everywhere, will the patient be fine? After all, why do people run to the hospital as soon as they catch a cold? Why doesn’t he pray to Mother Teresa? Or would he know that what good would these people do to him who could not cure himself?

If the child of the womb can be alive by the prayer of some Devasahayam, then why can’t Jesus be alive whom these people have been hanging on the cross for two and a half thousand years. Even God’s prayer was right, but in India with poverty, Christian institutions are serving superstition fiercely and all the laws made on superstition are sitting silently watching the spectacle…

BY-Rajeev CHhoudhary

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