May 29, 2024

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Why is the government not taking the farmers’ movement seriously?

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Whenever I read the definition of democracy that democracy is the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, then strange humor arises in the mind. Has it become just a jumla now? Because there is neither public, nor for the people, nor the rule of the people anywhere in this. Whereas for any change in the strong concept of any nation, the concept of the people is important. Nearly eleven months have passed since the farmers of the country are sitting in front of the world’s largest democracy with their demands. But this was not only ignored but the farmers who were demanding their demands were also awarded with words like anti-national, terrorist, mawali and wolf from time to time.

When even this does not work, the son of the Minister of State for Home, sitting in the world’s largest democracy and its capital, crushes the farmers with his car. Because he knows that there is no rule of the people, by the people, for the people. Rather, some industrialists, some media institutions and some government investigative agencies rule, then no one will be able to spoil it.

Apart from this, some spokespersons of the government are in power and some spokespersons are involved in the media. It is being said everyday that people sitting on dharna all around Delhi are not farmers. Let’s also accept their point for a moment. So can you tell how many farmers are present in the Parliament? How many farmers were present when the three agricultural laws were introduced and passed in the upper and lower houses?

A year is about to pass, it is being said that he is a farmer of other political parties! That is, the attempt is on to cover up the real questions with fake answers. Because the power does not have the answers to the real questions. Can those in power tell which farmers the Prime Minister will consider as farmers? Do you consider the people associated with your party as farmers or the farmers of the whole country? Is he the Prime Minister of the country or only the supporters of his political party? Have we now set the criteria for expressing condolences and being sensitive in our country to be sensitive only to those incidents on which the government and some social media, the so-called nationalists of the media should express their condolences?

March 2018 Thousands of farmers and tribals barefoot with a bundle of dreams on their heads, marching 180 km from Nashik to Azad Maidan in Mumbai, were called Leftists. Then the then BJP government of the state was saying that the number of farmers who came to Azad Maidan was 10 thousand. The opposition was saying that no this number was 30 thousand. If both the government and the opposition had counted their problems instead of their numbers, they would not have had to travel 180 kilometers to rub their heart wounds with their feet.

In the meantime, innumerable numbers of farmers, people of many organizations joined the Kisan Mukti March and gathered in the capital Delhi in front of the king of the country. There was a crowd of thousands but he too was rejected as a farmer of the opposition party. After this, farmers who came from Tamil Nadu carrying the skulls of their dead bodies continued to protest in the capital of the country and even drank their urine. But no one heard his voice. But when I saw the wounds on his feet, my heart jumped, the moral definition of the word crime stuck in my throat. For the first time, I saw the hunger, the helplessness, the poverty that was pouring water from the pond in 2014, saying, “Modi ji aane wale hai.”

But today we are helpless and cannot raise such questions, because if anyone raises a question, he will have to face the curse, he will be taught the lessons of heaven and hell. He will be told that these are the forces that break the country, this is a conspiracy against the government. Otherwise the farmer is very happy here, if you do not believe then look at the photos of the farmers on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Not only this, look at the farmers’ movements of the past years in Mandsaur, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, what did the farmers get after all? If you remain calm, then assurance, if you are violent, then bullets or sticks?

June 2017: Six people, including five farmers, were killed in police firing in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur after farmers’ agitation turned violent. From the media, the excited social media almost denied it as a conspiracy of the opposition. After this, in 2015, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh had cited reasons like love affair, and impotence as the main reason for the frequent suicides of farmers. Recently, from Karnal district of Haryana, everyone saw how a big government official was directly talking about breaking the heads of farmers. It was to such an extent that the Chief Minister of Haryana State was seen provoking his supporters to attack the farmers by taking sticks. This is about a country that calls itself agrarian and the world’s largest democracy.

Can we call it democracy? Yesterday, perhaps this may have been the reason why Martina Navratilova, a former American tennis legend, was joking about calling India a democracy and Modi as a democratic leader in one of her tweets.

But on the contrary, today the people sitting in power and their supporters are taking this movement in jest. Maybe he didn’t read history. They do not know that at one time Emperor Tsar Nicholas of Russia also considered the peasant movement of Russia a joke. He even shot him in the pride of power and threw him alive in the fire. But the farmer persevered and by 1917 put an end to the autocratic, autocratic rule. Rather, eliminating the economic and social power of landlords, feudatories, capitalists, etc., established the first power of workers and peasants in the world.

Another such example is that of Nero in AD 54, who was the emperor of an empire whose borders extended from Spain to Britain in the north and Syria in the east. But the people stricken with fear of ignorance of the public set Rome on fire and by the year 64 AD, Rome was burnt to ashes.

If this is an old example, then you must have heard the French Revolution. Emperor Louis also kept his face hidden from the plight of the farmers in the state. But the peasants were furious, in the end the existence of disorderly autocratic and senseless governance system became so painful for the people that revolution took place in France and democracy was established.

Therefore, it has to be understood in time that the stomach of poverty cannot be filled with colorful nationalism, nor will hunger be quenched by the singing of national songs. Fear, hunger and dictatorship have always given rise to revolution and will continue to give rise to it. Therefore, become a public representative, not a king in time, or remove the word democratic from the front of the country.

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