May 29, 2024

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Why doesn’t Congress declare Priyanka Gandhi as its face in UP?

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Leaders of different parties have condemned the violent incident in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. There is a competition among the leaders to go towards the spot, but the government is stopping them from going.

In this sequence, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the leader of Congress party and General Secretary of Eastern UP, has been detained in Sitapur.

Priyanka Gandhi posted the video on Twitter and said, “There are no words for the way farmers are being crushed. For many months, farmers are raising their voice that wrong is happening to them, but the government is ready to listen.” No. What happened shows that the government is doing politics of crushing and destroying the farmers.

In this video, he said, “This country belongs to farmers and it is not a fiefdom of BJP ideology. It is made and irrigated by farmers. When force has to be used, the police have lost the moral ground. I am not going out of my house to commit a crime. I am only going to meet the families of the victims. I am going to wipe the tears. What am I doing wrong?”

He further said, “If I am doing wrong then you should have an order, a warrant. You are stopping the car. stopping me. Why are you stopping? When I am calling the CO, he is hiding. If doing the right thing, why hiding?”

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has posted a video in which Priyanka Gandhi and Haryana Congress leader Deepender Hooda are seen arguing with the police.

In this, Priyanka Gandhi is saying very angrily, “Give me Aadhaar. Show me the order. Show me the warrant and if it is not there then you have no right to stop us. We are a party of four. What do you understand? If you can kill people, you can crush farmers, then you think that you will also stop us.

It is not that Priyanka Gandhi has shown such strong attitude for the first time or she has spoken so vocally against the government.

Priyanka Gandhi’s attitude

You will remember that even when Priyanka Gandhi was going to meet the family of former IPS officer SR Darapuri, videos of her arguing with the police went viral.

She did not stop there and went to SR Darapuri’s house on the scooter of a party worker. Darapuri was protesting against the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).

Be it the case of killing of tribals in Sonbhadra land dispute, be it the Hathras gang rape case or providing buses for migrant laborers during Kovid, Priyanka Gandhi has been active on every issue and she has sought to reach out to the suffering people in the state. have tried.

active steps in politics

He has a long association with two parliamentary constituencies of UP, Amethi and Rae Bareli. Apart from her father Rajiv Gandhi, she has been campaigning for mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi. But her step into active politics was considered only when she was made the General Secretary of Eastern UP.

Now the discussions are about whether he should make him the face of the party in UP. Indications of this can be taken from this statement of Congress leader Salman Khurshid. When asked whether Priyanka Gandhi can give competition to the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath, she replied, “It is the future that will tell who will win the election. Priyanka Gandhi’s face is better than her (Adityanath) face.” And that’s the truth.”

In fact, there was a meeting of the party in Lucknow regarding the election resolution letter, after which Khurshid said that Priyanka Gandhi is meeting the people and assuring a better government in Uttar Pradesh and its work in a transparent manner. After that he was asked this question on Priyanka Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader Sanjay Jha says in a conversation with the BBC, “It is my personal opinion that Priyanka Gandhi can play an important role not only in Uttar Pradesh, but in the whole country. We know that the road to Delhi passes through Lucknow, but For many years the Congress has been dependent on other parties in the state, has been weak. Whether it will change suddenly, only the future will tell.”

He further says, “As is the atmosphere and in the meantime it is seen that BJP has failed on many fronts. Democracy has been in danger. Corona, bad economy, unemployment, corruption has increased. In these circumstances, for Priyanka Gandhi There is a good chance that she should become the president of the Congress party and show a new direction not only to the Congress party but also to the country.”

But on this senior journalist Rashid Kidwai says that in the year 2012, a similar voice was raised in UP regarding Rahul Gandhi, but Rahul Gandhi was not ready for it. After that the graph of Congress kept falling very fast in UP.

Qidwai says, “What Salman Khurshid has said is the opinion of one faction. The other faction will say whether he should become the president, remain the general secretary or keep finding solutions to the problems being faced in the party.”

Sanjay Jha says, “Priyanka Gandhi has a vision. She inspires people. She has talent, ability and she is ready to fight. She speaks well. Her behavior and relationship with people is very good. Publicity also She does well. Her party should be appointed as president through elections and if this happens, I think Priyanka Gandhi will be a promising candidate. And she can prove to be a trump card for the party.”

He further says, “If Priyanka Gandhi comes forward, we will all be with her and all the members of Congress, youth, old people, G-23 will all stand with her.”

Journalist Smita Gupta has been covering the Congress party for many years. She believes that whenever an incident happens, Priyanka Gandhi raises it loudly on the entire political scene, but incidents like Hathras or Lakhimpur Kheri do not happen every day.

‘Rhetoric doesn’t run politics’

At the same time, it is being said that she is the general secretary in the party and under her leadership the party will contest the elections.

Smita Gupta says, “Neither Priyanka nor her brother Rahul has shown talent when it comes to building the party for the long term because such incidents will happen one day, there will be rhetoric. She is more effective than Rahul in delivering speeches, but That won’t work.”

Smita Gupta believes that if Rahul or Priyanka is made the face in UP, the performance of Congress will be affected. According to him, he is a recognized face and party workers will also work, but it is difficult to say whether the Congress party will win.

Priyanka Gandhi was made the General Secretary of Eastern UP in the year 2019 and now elections are going to be held in the state after a few months.

On making Priyanka Gandhi the chief minister’s face in the state or the party president, she clearly says, “She is quite unpopular among the party workers. If you go anywhere and talk to the workers and talk about elections between Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, then she is Rahul. Because she (Priyanka) is very arrogant or arrogant. Her aggression on stage, ability to respond quickly and she doesn’t show in Rahul. But in conversations with workers you will find that her image is very bad.”

Smita Gupta says, “Priyanka is not Indira Gandhi who is winning the election. Why would anyone bear her pride when she is not winning the election? Why would anyone want to join you after losing elections in 2014 and 2019? Joe Zameen Working at the level, they also expect respect.

Senior Congress leader Akhilesh Pratap Singh has a second opinion. According to him, the public takes Priyanka Gandhi seriously.

He says, “She is the only leader who has come on the road on public issues. Her voice has been made. She was detained six times. She was caught dozens of times. She was thrashed many times. Be it farmers’ case in Mirzapur. Whether it is the issue of fishermen in Allahabad, the issue of Hathras’s daughter or the issue of farmers – she stood with the public in all such matters.

According to her, “She is performing the work of the General Secretary very well. The post of General Secretary is also big, but what will be the role of someone in the organization, that decision is taken only by the High Command.”

Rashid Qidwai believes that Priyanka Gandhi now appears in the role of a troubleshooter or firefighter in the party and somehow fills the lack of Ahmed Patel.

Qidwai says, “She is the general secretary in UP, so she also looks after the political activities here. At the same time, the work of persuading the roots, as happened in the case of Punjab, Chhattisgarh or Rajasthan. All those who are dissatisfied with the Congress knock on her (Priyanka Gandhi’s) door.”

But on why Priyanka Gandhi cannot be the face of the Chief Minister of UP, Rasheed Kidwai says that for this, one has to look back a bit, that is, the time of 2004 elections. At that time Rahul Gandhi left his job in England and came into active politics. At that time, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi felt that they had made a big sacrifice by leaving their professional life in politics.

Qidwai says, “Priyanka Gandhi came into politics in the year 2019 to help Rahul Gandhi and not to replace him. Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi have only one motive that Rahul Gandhi should be the number one leader in politics and Congress party. Against this background If you see, Priyanka Gandhi will never make herself a contender.”

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