June 14, 2024

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Is the Udaipur incident a lesson or another new name in the list?

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Someone wrote about Kanhaiyalal murder, sensational murder. Someone wrote a heartbreaking murder. After all, what a sensation, whose heart was shaken by this? The sensation no longer comes from such murders, because we are waiting for such murders. Tomorrow day after tomorrow the murder of Kanhaiyalal will become old, the news will not survive. News will also die by screaming like Kanhaiyalal, then Kanhaiyalal will have a new news in front of us.

“Hindu Under Attack in India” has been trending on Twitter for several days, Hindus are being targeted in India. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala and from Gujarat to Bengal, fundamentalists are carrying out their antics. There were several incidents of target killings in the Kashmir Valley in May. Seven people were killed in this. Cases of target killing were reported on 2nd of June. On June 2, the news of killing two Hindus came. Bengal is also not behind in the matter of atrocities on Hindus. After the elections in Bengal, the process of target killing started rapidly. The demand for President’s rule in Bengal keeps rising. Not only the mainstream media but also the so-called liberals and seculars keep calm on the lynching of Hindus, because their name is not Tabrez, Akhlaq?

The killers were among us before. Like Kamlesh Tiwari, Chandan Gupta, Nikita Tomar, Dr Narang, Ankit Saxena and Nagaraju. We are not talking about permanent solution, we are only demanding immediate arrest of the killers and strict punishment. But when the religious robbers start celebrating the culture of murder, releasing open videos, sometimes videos of threats, sometimes videos of murder and later videos of murder, then the next victim is automatically found.

The killers make videos on June 17. Talks about murder, incites others to kill. It is said that all of you should also take up arms, but the administration listens silently and when the murder takes place later, then wearing a lehenga of condolences, a dance of peace is made.

It is not a matter of which one government. It is not about any one state, it is the same everywhere. Whom to blame? Nikita’s killers in Faridabad In whose government Nikita was shot on the road, whose government was there? When Kamlesh Tiwari was first threatened with death and then murdered, whose government was it? Google it and see your old post.

After the death of Kanhaiyalal, the political celebration is ready. There will be another debate in the newsroom for two days. But will that debate give bread to Kanhaiyalal’s family? Will Kanhaiyalal survive that debate? Will that debate reach a conclusion? Will it be said someday after some debate that this is some religion and book of terror, due to which this murder is taking place? Will a permanent solution come out someday after the news studio debate? Who is responsible, religion or mentality? Today this question is because on which day will the anchors fighting the cock of the spokespersons in the news studio give the final result?

Same old excuse to hide the religious mindset every time. Now saying, Kanhaiyalal’s son had posted in support of Nupur, due to which he was beheaded. It was the same excuse by killing Kamlesh Tiwari. From Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh, from Delhi to Kerala, violence and throat slitting is being done. Every time this excuse and this excuse is not national, it is an international excuse. This is a good excuse. In this, sometimes employees of a Charlie Hebdo magazine are killed. A teacher can be strangled in a French school. In Nice, 80 people can be killed after being crushed by a truck. Up to 50 people can be redeemed at the club in Orlando.

Here too the sentiments were hurt continuously for the last one month, there was someone Tokir Raza Bachaun. Some Maulana Madani was upset, while some Owaisi was upset. Slogans were being raised “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki one punishment, sir tan se juda sar tan se juda”, after which violence was created in many states of the country. Fire was set from Bengal to Uttar Pradesh. This fire was getting systematic support for this violence. Mullahs of all countries including some Pakistan, some UAE, Oman, Indonesia were restless. Perhaps now the restlessness of all of them must have been killing their hurt feelings. The killers Mohd Riaz Akhtari and Mohd Ghos gave their feelings the bournvita of Kanhaiyalal’s blood. Perhaps now the feeling hurt by the murder of Kanhaiya Lal would have reached the top ranking of respect.

The question is also from the Rajasthan government, on June 17, Kanhaiya Lal had received threats, after which he had also sought protection from the police. But he was not given protection. Perhaps you must have thought what security to a tailor! If action had been taken on the killers on June 17, then today Kanhaiya Lal would have been sealing someone’s shirt or any paint. But the government of the state needs the votes of the Muslims, so the action was probably not taken on Mohammad Riyaz Akhtari and Mohammad Ghos.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the government is also responsible for this murder of Kanhaiya Lal. Because this government left the main rioter of Karauli riot open. In Tonk, Maulana threatened to take off the necks of Hindus, no action was taken. This killer also kept threatening genocide by making videos, but the government remained silent. The audacity of the jihadis has increased so much that they are openly killing Hindus, threatening even the Prime Minister?

The question is not limited to the murder of Kanhaiya Lal only. Think! If the incomplete video of Nupur Sharma had not been made viral in the name of fact checking, then what would have reached this thought of ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’! But the question is silent, because Kanhaiya Lal of Udaipur, who supported Nupur Sharma, was beheaded. But those who come in support of Muhammad Zubair, who spread false news to Arab countries, are declared intellectuals. Such a joke of intelligence and thinking will never be seen!

Now it is being said that the killers have been caught, the matter is over. But did the arrest of the killers become a custom to end the matter. What happened to Kamlesh’s killers? What happened to Ankit’s killers? What happened to Nikita’s killers? There is no information! After a few days, many religious organizations will all bring down an army of lawyers in their defense, because they have avenged the insult. Maybe tomorrow they should also be given the title of Ghazi like Ilmuddin, the killer of Mahasaya Rajpal, and Abdul Rashid, the killer of Swami Shraddhanand? Maybe tomorrow he too becomes a true soldier of the path of the oppressed! Because it is not very old way from today. For example, when a jihadi commits acts like murder, then there is an attempt to pretend that he was not a murderer but a faithful Muslim. At the same time, there is an emphasis on the discussion that Islam does not allow this work at all. But blind people in Islamic faith are increasing this work in the name of Islam and the defenders of the religion are appearing self-confessed by wearing a cloak of faith. The Jamiat who had been shouting insults for a month, as soon as it came to know that the faithful Jihadis had taken revenge, immediately played the second game and wrote that the Udaipur incident could not be justified. Owaisi also condemned, now the matter is over. But this game will continue, sometimes Kanhaiya Lal and sometimes Kamlesh Tiwari will continue to fall prey to their religious mentality. By tomorrow we will have some other news and Kanhaiyalal will also disappear.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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