June 14, 2024

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Will the pairing of Akhilesh and Jayant prove to be a game changer?

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The politics of western Uttar Pradesh seems to have changed completely due to the farmers’ movement. It is being said that the Rashtriya Lok Dal is going to benefit the most from this movement. With the coming together of RLD and Samajwadi Party, the election temperature of West Uttar Pradesh has increased further.

The English newspaper The Hindu has published an analytical report on the farmers’ movement and its impact on elections in western Uttar Pradesh.

The Hindu has written in its report, “Rashtriya Lok Dal seems to be benefiting the most due to the farmers’ movement. Election analysts believe that the RLD’s alliance with the main opposition Samajwadi Party is going to take a toll on the ruling BJP. On 23 December, RLD and Samajwadi Party have their second joint rally at Iglas in Aligarh. Observers believe that RLD President Jayant Singh used the opportunity to strengthen his party during the farmers’ movement. Western Uttar Pradesh is a Muslim and Jat dominated area.

Jayant Singh had held dozens of rallies during the pandemic and appealed to the people to vote for the BJP. Jayant Singh has run a very aggressive campaign in the elections. A huge crowd gathered in the first joint rally with Akhilesh Yadav. After seeing this crowd, it is being guessed that transfer of votes is not a problem.

Both the parties are trying to unite Jats and Muslims. Along with this, the issue of rising inflation, unemployment and corruption is also being raised. Although the seat sharing has not been confirmed yet, but it is being said that RLD can get about 40 seats. But there are some things about which it is being said that not everything is very easy. According to one estimate, 80 percent of the farmers’ protest in Ghazipur were Jats.

With whom?

According to the report of The Hindu, a section of Jats believes that Jayant Singh stood by them and should be given a chance. On the other hand, the other section is worried about the alliance with Akhilesh Yadav and is reminding of the days of his father Mulayam Singh Yadav.

But there are many Jats who say that the past can be forgotten. The first choice for them is RLD but the second choice is still BJP. There is a third section of farmers who are associated with the Bharatiya Kisan Union and they have a soft corner towards Yogi Adityanath. BJP has raised the issue of Kashi-Mathura-Aurangzeb after the repeal of agriculture laws and fighting this politics will not be so easy.

However, RLD ideologue Sompal Shastri told the newspaper that the party will face the communal agenda of the BJP firmly. Shastri says that after the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, Jats and Muslims have themselves come together and Gujjars have turned against the BJP. Yadav is already with this front. Castes are together and minorities are also together. Shastri said that it is a strong alliance.

The support of Rakesh Tikait is also considered important, but he has not yet opened his address. Tikait has said that he will first see the manifesto of all the parties to see what is in it for the farmers. Right now Tikait has asked all the parties not to use his picture.

Observers believe that Tikait does not want to do anything in a hurry and is waiting for the election dates to be announced. It is being said that there is a section in the Bharatiya Kisan Union which supports the nationalist agenda of the BJP.

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