June 14, 2024

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Royal family princesses released from captivity

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A princess and her daughter have been released in Saudi Arabia. For the last three years, Princess Basma bin Saud and her daughter Suhod were imprisoned without charge. But is this news just that Princess Basma bin Saud has been released? Probably not, this analysis will go backwards and go forward also. Because in the first week of November of 2017, 11 princes were detained with the death of 2 princes of the Arab royal family within 24 hours. After this, when Princess Basma bin Saud raised her voice against it, she was imprisoned in the year 2019.

If you have read in the history of the Mughals, you must have read that the Mughal rulers used to kill their fathers, brothers and nephews, sons for the sake of power. Aurangzeb alone got his father imprisoned for power. He got his real brother killed and sat on the throne of India after shedding the blood of his relatives. He kept his aged father Shah Jahan as a prisoner in the Agra Fort for the last seven and a half years of his life. Now whether Basma is arrested and released or to throw Princess Latifa in jail in UAE, all these stories seem as if the Middle East is going through the 16 century of India, just today the means have changed, the desire to get power and the pattern of planning is old. It is visible or say that hundreds of Aurangzeb are still roaming in the Middle East.

Now in such a situation, the curiosity will be within the people that even after the killing of two princes in the royal family of Saudi Arabia and 11 were put in jail, there was no noise in the world. So understand the reason for that. The matter is of the seventeenth century, at that time the Islamic empire was divided into pieces. Mullahs were born from house to house, whoever gave anything by referring to the sky book would have been considered as a verse. At the same time, there was a mullah in Arabia named Sheikh Mohammed ibn al-Wahhab, who also thought of doing something new. Not only thought, but the Arabian desert started preaching that Islam has gone astray, it is necessary to show the right path.

Just like bin Laden thought, Baghdadi thought Mullah Omar or it was felt by Mullahs of five hundred and seven hundred terrorist organizations. During that time Ibn al-Wahhab felt this and started preaching. When the mullahs came to know about this, they became enraged, they felt that this man would spoil their accumulated livelihood, their business would be ruined. Then what was the fatwa issued that remove its neck, this Tohin-e-Islam is doing it.

As soon as al-Wahhab came to know about this, he too immediately became a fugitive from there. Reached another city, there was a mullah named Mohammed bin Saud, his rule was going on. He sought refuge from him. Like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has demanded from the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan. Well asylum was also found and both together established a Saudi state and occupied a large part of the Arabian Peninsula.

Now there was a twist in the story and this turning point was Turkey which was called Ottoman Empire in that period. This Ottoman Empire felt that these mullahs are moving forward, they have to be stopped, just what was it then. He sent an army of his religious mullahs and made good dung of the Saudi kingdom. Not only this, but the Hagia Sofia of Istanbul, which President Erdoan rebuilt the mosque, right in front of him, King Abdullah bin Saud of Saudi Arabia was beheaded.

Now you must be feeling that the story is not over! Because some five or six years later, another Mullah Abdullah al-Saud was bitten by the religious worm. He started telling people that this is not Islam, you guys support me, I will give you the best Islam. People may also have felt that it has some product, people got involved with it, within some time all the lost areas were taken under their control. Like again Taliban took Afghanistan. The Ottoman Empire also had to leave from there. Just like America had to leave Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now for a few years it was fine, but again the Ottoman Empire started biting the worm, they swung again with the sword and as a result, once again the period of killing started going on. And on seeing, they again laid down their weapons,

Many mullahs left for Kuwait with their families, but among them a 15-year-old boy, Abdul Aziz, was not ready to accept this humiliation. He had to get his empire at any cost.

After spending some time in Kuwait, Abdul Aziz gathered mullahs and again attacked Riyadh and conquered it. Now Riyadh became the bastion headquarters of the religious mullahs and by the year 1925, it also captured Mecca and Medina. After this Abdul Aziz united the tribes fighting among themselves. And then, on 23 September 1932, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established under a royal decree. Arabic became its national language and Sharia Law was implemented in Saudi Arabia, as the Taliban has now done in Afghanistan.

That is, in the year 1932, Saudi Arabia became a country and the family running it was named ‘House of Saud’. Today there are more than 15 thousand members in this royal family. These members belong to the founder of the first Saudi state, Mohammed bin Saud. This family has control over the power and resources of Saudi. Whether all business, all resources, oil wells or religious forces, all are in the possession of this family. This is the reason why it is counted among the richest royal family in the world.

Now think how such a big family would live in peace, everyone would think that I should become the king, the other thinks why not me. Because the highest position in Saudi Arabia is that of the king. After that comes the number of Crown Prince. The Crown Prince becomes the next king in Saudi Arabia. Because of this, the post of Crown Prince has always been the center of intrigue. Meaning knock the one who became the Crown Prince. In this phase, King Abdul Aziz made his son Saud bin Abdul Aziz as the Crown Prince. But when the second son Faisal passed this exasperation, the quarrel between the two escalated.

Even though it is said that Saud ruled from 1953 to 1964. But he could never sit comfortably on the chair. Eventually Faisal forced him to resign. Even after this, the fights continued over the chair of the Crown Prince.

In 2015, Salman bin Abdul Aziz became the King of Saudi Arabia. He made Mukreen, the last son of King Abdul Aziz, crown prince. Mukreen could last only three months in the post of Crown Prince. Suddenly Muhammad bin Nayef came in his place.

But Muhammad bin Nayef set himself on the throne, there was someone else inside the same family who had taken day and night to topple him. And that was King Salman’s son Muhammad bin Salman. That is, during this time King Salman was the sultan of just appearances. The real power was with Muhammad bin Salman. Because in 2015, Muhammad bin Salman became the Defense Minister, then within three months he became the Deputy Crown Prince, and in June 2017, Muhammad bin Salman, who is called MBS, overthrew Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef and hanged him upside down with a rope. It is the report of the New York Times that since then he could never walk without support. He was later arrested and sent to jail.

That is, Salman had cleared his way. But for some reason Salman’s two rival princes managed to escape from Saudi. What was it then, both of them were murdered abroad. The rest, who were showing ten to eleven eyes, were also thrown in jail. Princess Basma bin Saud came in the way in this thug campaign.

This is also a story of the Basma that has now become free, or say it is the story itself, the rest is told to tell how peacefully the religious families of Arabia live. In fact, she is considered to be the most educated woman in the Saudi family, first studied in Beirut and then went to London from there. If I read politics and sociology, it felt that Arab should also have democracy like democratic countries, this fight for the throne of the seventh century should stop now, women started demanding basic rights and also started opposing Sharia law of Saudi Arabia.

She was getting a lot of applause by giving such interviews inside and out. Its interviews were published in the newspapers of the world, but one day he made a mistake and that mistake was that in 2018 Basmah criticized Mohammed bin Salman in an interview. In this interview, he said that whoever does not support Mohammed bin Salman, he is sidelined.

A few months after this interview, Saudi agents came to his house in Jeddah. They arrested Basmah and her daughter. Both have since been slammed in a prison near Riyadh. During this, neither any allegation was made against him nor any case was prosecuted.

She kept crying and crying, now she and her daughter got release, that too for the treatment of the disease, the rest of these questions are also of those people of the alleged royal family, who are either rotting in jail in the war of power with Mohammed bin Salman or Waiting for your turn. Everything is happening exactly on the lines of Mughal rule. Yes, the special thing in all this is that why such a big family is not able to deal with a Mohammed bin Salman or why it is not able to spoil anything, then in the year 2018, the then President Donald Trump gave the answer to Trump. Said the king of Saudi Arabia “cannot live for two weeks without US military support”. This is also true because despite being rich, Saudi Arabia is badly dependent on America for its security. Even foreign soldiers are deployed in the security of the Saudi Royal Palace. If it moves from here at all, then this royal family will be found hanging at the squares and on that day many Basma will be roaming free from burqas and jails…

BY- Rajeev Choudhary Author Blogger

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