June 14, 2024

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Do the dying pastors not take the name of Jesus?

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Recently, a video of Bajna, a tribal development block in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh went viral on social media. In the video, a female doctor was seen promoting Christianity on the pretext of Corona. In fact, due to Corona, the Madhya Pradesh government, under the Kill Corona program, had sent some doctor nurses to explain the diet plan to the people, “like what they should not eat or not”, then a doctor Sandhya Tiwari was in this rapid response team. Instead of doing her duty in Corona, this lady doctor opened her own conversion shop. That is, instead of the official prescription to kill Corona, she went out with the prescriptions of Jesus and started distributing pamphlets for the promotion of Christianity. Somebody got suspicious and made a video of this act in his mobile and made it viral.

In the meantime, a pamphlet was also recovered from Dr. Sandhya, in which it is written that the God in heaven is holy. Everyone has sinned in his eyes. Therefore each one needs to purify himself by apologizing in the holy blood of Lord Jesus, washing himself with his blood. Lord Jesus said I have done everything, now whoever believes will be saved, Amen!

Although this pamphlet and many more nonsense scripts but the main thing is that jesus telegramed that I have done everything, now whoever believes will be saved. Now the question is, will this really happen? If we look at some figures in this context, then two things Christians say a lot, one is that one who believes in Jesus will walk on water and the other who believes in Jesus will not die.

Now Jesus is not in this world, why not, maybe he does not believe in himself! If he did, he would be alive today according to the Bible. Apart from this, now there is talk of walking on running water, so what is the reason till today there have been about 263 popes in the Vatican and millions of bishops, pastors and nuns in the world but not a single one has walked on water? Leave the flowing water too, if you had filled a pan with water and stood in it, then people would have believed that yes they have faith in Jesus. But the stories of the Bible are the stories that are being memorized. And one more thing remembered from the faith in Jesus that why these 263 popes died, did they also not believe in Jesus? He is considered to be the successor of Jesus.

Well, now when it comes to faith, then all the figures are checked that why these pastor nuns and bishops do not believe in Jesus even after dying and poor people are told that you believe in Jesus?

If this superstition is removed one by one, then there is an English website, Vatican News, this is a report of this Vatican News on May 17, about Corona. This website writes that the Indian Church lost 160 priests due to Corona. Lost means that the dust did not fly away in the storm, just died due to corona virus. These figures are from 10 April to 17 May. The report expresses its concern, writing that these figures are very alarming, because we have only 30,000 Catholic priests and if four die daily, it is a matter of great concern to all of us. These included not only the clergy but also some great bishops such as Pondicherry-Cuddalore Archbishop Antony Anandarayar, Bishop Basil Bhuria of Jhabua, Joseph Pastor Nilankvil, Bishop of the Syro-Malabar Rite. It has also been told in the report that most of the priests and nuns who were doing the work of conversion in the villages were killed. Presently 26 nuns and 14 priests are undergoing treatment. So in the past, more than 100 priests of the Church of South India, who attended an annual program in Kerala’s Munnar last month, were found to be Corona positive, two priests who attended the event also died, many are still struggling.

From this report, you can understand that the story of the Bible and the belief in Jesus is only the opium of the illiterate poor people, or else a priest or a nun is a hospital for them to treat illness. But still, by publishing these pamphlets for the poor, the speech given by Pop’s 21 years first is meaningful, in which Pop said that in the first millennium of Christ, we should bring the European continent into the lap of the Church, in the second millennium the North and South continents and Established the supremacy of the Church on Africa and now in the third millennium it is the turn of the continent of Asia including India. So put your full force on the conversion of India.

Whereas with the help of this conversion, why in Europe America Africa, either the clergy are killing the poor people, or are dying and Jesus is not saving the dying priests at all. This question is also because recently a bishop of the United Methodist Church died in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. In addition, a 49-year-old priest who had become the first Catholic priest was killed by the coronavirus in Brooklyn. Bishop Philip A. Brooks, senior pastor of the New St. Paul Tabernacle Church of God, died of Kovid. The biggest deception was done by Jesus at his home in Rome or Italy, where about 100 priests and hundreds of nuns died.

Apart from this, a priest in Africa made people drink Detol to save them from Corona, due to which 59 people died. When this matter arose, two Ugandan priests came out on the streets and started telling people that Corona Vorona is nothing but the Lord is killing them. Now it is incomprehensible whether their Lord saves or kills? Because the new Christians are sucking the lollipop of heaven and hell. But it is definitely certain that in this century of 21st century knowledge and science, these people are playing the trick of superstition and conversion and lazy illiterate people with weak will power are sitting on them believing that Jesus will come to them in Jet Airways or Indigo. He will sit and take you to heaven. where is heaven? If you ask them, they become silent on this matter, because they do not have their own conscience and knowledge, then call them mentally slaves on the orders of the pope or they roam around in the street, new crypto prepared by the priests and nanos. There are Christians who consider themselves to be the children of Jesus.

BY Rajeev Choudhary

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