June 14, 2024

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Such an arrow must had shot much earlier

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In my childhood, I had read that excess of everything is bad or overbearing of anything is prohibited everywhere. But the actual essence of this phrase was understood when people from the Sentinel tribe community on the northern Sentinel island of Andaman Nicobar Islands killed an American Christian preacher in their area with an arrow. Actually, the people of Sentinel do not allow any outsider to come to their island, and if an outsider violates it and enter into their personal spheres, then the people of this tribe kill him with arrows. They don’t facilitate any linguistic answer there, nor do they follow the theory of secularism. This tribe has its own tradition and culture, which they have been protecting and keeping intact with all means, at times even with the help of arrows.

Studies tell that since last around 60 thousand years, there has been no development of this tribe. Even today, these people are living primitive lives. These people rely on fish and coconut. Their language is also incomprehensible to the rest of the tribes. The island on which they live is located 50 km west of Port Blair. Their number is also not much bigger, it is considered around a hundred and a half hundred. There have been many attempts to reach this tribe since the year 1960 but all failed. These people have described their intentions with aggression while attacking. Those who do not believe this can read the news of the assassination of an American missionary.

It is said that cultures eat only cultures, civilization gets ridiculed for civilization and religion, then traditions break up the traditions, for this reason, they have to always protect them. How to protect that? I do not think we can find any better example in the recent past than that of Sentinel tribe. I do not want to go into this context that whether the Sentinel tribe did this good or bad, but just that these people do not want to mingle with other people! Rather, the context should be that how these merely a few thousands of these tribal people living in- are defending their culture and traditions.

I wish we all could defend our religion and culture like this! Everyone knows that how this propaganda of clerics has been increasing in India. For a long time, these people are creating an open conspiracy to eradicate our religion; be it attracting people for money, service, fear and what not! This has been noticed since 1506, when the Christian priest named Francis Xavier was on the banks of Goa, landed. Who, with the help of the Portuguese, started forcibly converting the Indian religion and changed the religious balance of Goa. I wish that if such an arrow had gone earlier too, Christianity and the Portuguese would not have been captured Goa.

Everyone knows religious tolerance is a great attribute which we have inherited from our Vedic texts, which we have followed since ancient times and will continue to do it. But tolerance of evil is cowardice and misery. It’s not difficult to see the loss of culture and civilization we have witnessed till today. It is said that not to interfere in the religious views and actions of any other person is itself a religiousness. As comprehensively we have exhibited this quality, no caste of the world can exhibit even the thousandth of it. B how it helped us-we get our own religion degraded and ridiculed.

As a result of our tolerance, the fleet of Europe’s Christianity flew down to the edges of India and resulted in the popularity of Vatican’s pop, but our uneasiness grew, which did not end even today. But In spite of its continuous attack on our religion, this India kept remaining a secular country and India-government- a protector of secularism. Even today, Christian pastors are wielding a great deal in expanding their Christian religion by erasing our ancient culture under the guise of this secularism. See itself, China-born- John Chau, attempts to go to America to accept the idea of Christianity and then to reach the small islands of India for the promotion of Christianity. It is being told that John, who had roamed in many parts of the world, wanted to join the island and connect the people of the tribal tribe with Christianity. For this purpose, he reached Port Blair in the second fortnight of October. Sentinel tribe did nothing wrong as at the time when John was hit by an arrow, the Bible which he had caught in his hand had an arrow at it. If they had not shot, then this tribe will have its own culture and traditions get shot.

The similar thing happened in South India when in 1606, Christian crusader- Robert De Nobili came to South India and felt it almost impossible to convert people from Hinduism, then he posed as Brahmin form Rome by wearing a dhoti. And also, get this news spread throughout South India. Later, he gradually started including Christian prayers in Satsang meetings. Today, you can clearly see the consequences of it by yourself, you will hardly any religious data to prove it.

Finally, I can surely say so again that Alas! such an arrow would have shot at that time and South India would have been saved from miseries of the Vatican’s ideas. Not only this but if such an arrow struck to the Muslim campaigner-Al Bruni, while entering into India’s land then perhaps Mahmud Ghajnavi would not have the courage to ruin Indian culture, nor the ancient great culture of India would have gone downstairs.

Yes, those who have the arrow of speech defend themselves from their words and voice. People of the tribal tribe have arrows flown from their bow, hence, they protect themselves using them.

by-rajeev choudhary

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