June 14, 2024

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What type of religion, we require

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In the last nearly three thousand years, little did we know that how many ‘castes’ have been made by human being for human beings or how many cultures or religious sects are made. New Gods are invented, newer methods of worship and its center are created. From heaven and hell, the methods of salvation are suggested to everybody but in the end, the question arises, does man get the foremost thing- peace? Perhaps, everyone will say ‘no’ to this! Because higher the number of sects and religions higher has become violence. Every new sect and religions have carried out violence and bloodshed to prove their superiority.

In fact, people who established new religions in the past three thousand years did not allow humans to understand religion and peace. Ideologies were created and in the name of religion, people were tormented in the furnace of hate for their intended goal. How many people can answer that the basic foundation of each religion is kindness and compassion, or hatred and violence?

What is the real element of religion? What is the last point of religion? What do we do? Where’s the route? In fact, when two things meet- religion is introduced.

One is culture, which is related to the outside world while the other is spirituality, which is related to our soul. The essence of religion’s element is inside the soul. One more meaning of religion is embedded in nature- like nature the same will be the religion. Therefore, when there is a combination of both culture and nature ie the inner element and the outer, both are the same then the new religion is introduced.

But in the world, the way all the newly mentioned Sects have acted in the name of religion that has changed the entire character of religion, its entire structure, and interpretation. Because of all such modifications in the religious beliefs of the world, man has forgotten the meaning of the word- ‘religion’. They are stripped of religion and that is replaced by traditions. Their ways of dressing have been changed, they are told to follow the self-made ways of worship and said that it is the real religion, spread it!

Even the methods of spreading religion were taught, by forced violence, by bloodshed, by lie, or deceit, and it was spoken as the way of running a religion. Can anyone tell that religion is created or made run? Religion cannot be formed; religion is not a cart which could be created and run. Religion is the science of the soul where it is illuminated in the realm of humanity, where there is concern about nature from all creatures, which manifested the attitude of all creatures towards all creatures, that all belong to their family, religion will be there, same religion and also there will be the philosophy of religion.

Now back to the original question, what type of religion, we require and why?

So, its easiest answer is that among other greatest needs of the human being one is the need for self-actualization, self-realization for others, self-investigation, feeling of responsibilities and moral behavior towards each other. That’ why it is said in the Yajurveda that man should never keep hostile intentions for any creature but he must remain in love with each other, a man should consider all beings as his friends and the pleasures in each Work for prosperity – Such type of messages save human beings from disintegration. Rigveda says that the explanation of your truth and untruth should be impartial, don’t confine for any single community rather you organize and help everyone in enhancing health, education, and prosperity. Your mind remains unbiased and without negative thoughts and also in your happiness and prosperity, you must assume your own happiness and progress. For the sake of true happiness, you should do noble works. Together you must strive to find the truth and erase the falsehood.

Religion is beyond individualism; human beings can build organizations but not religion. Because religion is the subject of the operation of the soul. People can be instructed to move by the organization, but religion moves forward with it. That is why I can say without prejudice that the only one which talks about the welfare of mankind, the same can be the religion. And the message of humanity was never given by other religions rather it is only Vedic religion who did so. Because all except the Vedic communities were run by some or the other person. While enforcing their religion, they called themselves -God’s messenger and the shadow of God, so that people could follow them.

Religion provides for the freedom of expression; religion suggests the path to fight with the problems of mind; religion gives freedom; religion is not bondage, and if any bond is there then it cannot be religion. But on the contrary, while driving their own religion, all these people have given their ideas to their society, so that these people could be stuck in different fantasies, such facilities and structures of horror and violence were presented in front of the people that they could remain bounded with the sect. People were made converted into cattle. As soon as a child was born it was bounded chained, the freedom of speech was stripped, and it was said the whatever we are saying is the truth, if there is any argument or question then only the sword will answer it. Can you think of yourself that whether the religion will prevail in such an environment or do we need such religion? …

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