May 22, 2024

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How are people winning crores of rupees by forming a dream app team?

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The people of England, who ruled India for 190 years in the first decade of the seventeenth century, were very poor. And wanted to improve myself. Therefore, when they turned to rich countries like India, at the same time, a market for selling dreams of becoming rich was developing in America.

Dreams are such that Americans started investing completely in fake schemes of companies that promised to make your dreams come true. An advertisement stuck on a wall even said, “Give us your money now and we’ll tell you why later.” In the year 1720, a company called South Sea promised huge returns on even the smallest investments. Thousands of people invested and when the company went bankrupt in 1720, people lost their money and realized that the company was, after all, just selling dreams.

Then came the middle of the 19th century, during which time snake oil started being sold in America as well as Japanese oil. It was said that you should believe in it, it will change your physical and mental condition. People believed the claims which were completely fake. In the 1980s, an Indian started selling bottles saying that they contained pure mountain air. Look, people bought empty bottles.

Till a few years ago, companies selling dreams were out of the reach of most people. But today it is not so… The advent of the Internet and the subsequent social media explosion has made it accessible to every young child or woman.

One thing that emerged as common was the plan to become a millionaire while sitting on the bed at home. Now who does not want to become a millionaire, it requires hard work, business ideas and concepts, but if someone becomes a millionaire overnight then you would also like to know how this is happening? This is the reason why the popularity of online gaming has increased rapidly in the last few years. From celebrities to players to YouTubers, they popularize or promote these gaming apps. They are heavily promoted and the same thing is said again and again, you will become a millionaire sitting at home. That is, when you are thinking of earning a lot of money, suddenly such an advertisement comes in front of you, you will think that he is a celebrity, why would he lie, let’s try our luck.

This is what online gaming apps are doing today. Millionaires are being made in a couple of hours, while crores are also being wasted. You might be wondering why some are millionaires and some are getting ruined? Talking about some apps, there is such an app on which people create their cricket team before any match, that is, they choose the players of both the teams as per their choice and then they get money on the basis of points.

But the only purpose of all these fantasy games is to rob you. Or making one addicted to the game which these people are already talking about. That is, consider it like a liquor company says in its advertisement that you should drink liquor in the morning and evening, it has many benefits, it will make you young from old. Having said this, in the next two seconds tell me that drinking alcohol is injurious to health, do not become addicted to it. Like Gutka is written on tobacco and cigarettes.

Just like these games, where cigarettes, gutka, tobacco and alcohol harm the body, these games hack the mind. You must be wondering how our brain has actually prepared many shortcuts for itself while working for thousands of years. So that the brain can save its energy and take decisions quickly. These shortcuts are nothing but the trigger of a gun. Just like the trigger of a gun, when pressed, we take decisions quickly. Without thinking anything, without knowing anything, without examining anything, today the minds of a large population of the world are relying on these tragers. Because either we do not have time or we do not want to think, all this happens at the consciousness level of the brain, that is, people are not able to think right and wrong even while seeing, being awake, even while thinking. Just like this, today the mind wants to earn money through shortcuts.

Today, small and big companies are taking advantage of this or rather, many games are being run in India today to make the youth useless. In which a small amount is invested because in a country of Rs 140 crore, if even one crore users are found, then the company will be successful. Let’s assume that a dream selling company has 21 crore users. One user has also invested Rs 50 to Rs 200. Given. Billions of rupees will reach the company. Out of these billions of rupees, the company gave 1 crore rupees to the first winner, 50 lakhs to the second and 10 lakhs to the third. One crore 60 lakhs were lost from the company, the rest is lured by the company by giving Rs 49 to some and even Rs 50. The first time you get full return, users think it is honest, even if you lose money next time, people do not have that trust. The thought that I won money last time and maybe I will win next time makes you addicted to that game. That means people become victims of an imaginary game.

Some people will say that there is nothing wrong in this, the company is just trying to earn, but the question is that a user who has invested 2 years in this and in the name of earning, let’s assume he earned Rs 500,200, but how much of his time was wasted. Who will compensate for what happened? In these two years, he could have got a permanent job or could have prepared for studies in a better way. Could have prepared for civil services, could have started a small startup. Secondly, earlier he used to play outside in the park or field for an average of one or two hours a day, his health was good, today he is playing on the mobile screen…

Now you must be wondering why the government does not stop online games. Actually, there are two things behind it, one is betting and the other is game, that too fantasy game. Its pure Hindi pronunciation is mere imagination, guess, illusion or dream, that is, where betting is considered based on luck, this fantasy game is considered based on mind.

That is, according to the government, anything in which mind is used is called game and where luck is used, it is called betting, hence it is not easy to ban it.

Secondly, the government also benefits in this because the government also takes 30 percent tax in this, that is, the person who wins one crore has to pay 30 percent to the government. If we talk about the earnings of Dream XI, then according to the figures, its earnings were Rs 2554 crore in the year 2021, which increased to Rs 3841 crore in the year 2022. He got about Rs 224 crore only from the interest on the money lying in his bank account. Think, where did the gaming app get so much money from? If the product does not sell, then it is a simple matter, it is the money that has come out of the pockets of common unemployed youth, which people have given in the greed of becoming millionaires.

Because around 16 crore people play with them every day. According to the rules, all types of betting are illegal in the country, but when it comes to fantasy gaming, there is no law in the country regarding it, because these companies have shown themselves as a game of skill and not a game of chance. According to. Companies say that people have to see on which pitch the match is taking place? Which player is in front? What is his performance? Which bowler is in front? When this game is played with so much skill then how did this betting happen? How did the gambling happen? How did the Game of Chance come about? On the ban of Rajasthan state, the Supreme Court changed the decision of the state considering fantasy gaming as legal and left it up to the states to implement it, however, states like Telangana, Assam, Orissa, Sikkim, Nagaland have banned fantasy games. Is. In such a situation, companies have found a solution to this. The companies formed an organization named FIFS i.e. Federation of Indian Fantasy Support and made Dream XI its president. This organization says that we follow all the rules, regulations and laws of the Government of India, we do not allow people below 18 years to play and when their app was checked, with just a single tick, children below 18 years were banned. Gets access to play.

That is, one rich, millions ruined. Actually, according to the report, the concept of this game is that it makes one person rich by ruining millions of people.

The matter does not stop here, after this there is also a scam in this, some people create a team on an app like Telegram, the creators will pretend as if they are from the company and after that they will send you a screen shot of winning one or two lakhs and then they will ask you to do so. Send Rs 10 thousand, there is a tax on it, you will not get anything, on the contrary, you will be charged Rs 10 to 20 thousand separately.

That is, it is a kind of gambling app. Now no matter how much someone calls it fantasy sport in English or uses any other word, it will remain only betting, and if you are a sensible person then you would know that the one who always imposes power is millionaire, billionaire. He becomes a player, doesn’t he? You can ask your relative or any friend how much he has earned till date and you will know the truth yourself. Or ask the brand ambassadors of these apps whether their children, their family members, their siblings or they themselves are users of these online imaginary games or whether a serious drama is going on to make common citizens millionaires.

BY Rajeev Choudhary

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