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Who will tell the bloody history of the Khilafat, the cover, the massacre of Kerala? Arya Samaj

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BY- Vinay Arya (General Secretary) Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha

It is said that whenever the pen of history moved, it moved not with ink but with blood. About 100 years ago, there was a struggle to create a Caliph of Islam in Turkey. The British government had snatched away the throne of the Caliph of Islam in the Ottoman Empire i.e. Turkey. The Indian Muslims who are saying today that Islam did not come to India from outside, these Muslims at that time wanted the Caliph to be selected in Turkey. Due to this, the Indian Muslims were agitated, but their anger which was supposed to be against the British government, burst out against the Hindus of Kerala. Within no time, the spark of rebellion flared up so much that the massacre of thousands of Hindus started.

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In August 1921, Moplah Muslims attacked local Hindus in Malabar, Kerala. Hundreds of Hindus were brutally murdered in religious frenzy. They were given the option of converting to Islam or choosing death. Thousands were converted, non-Muslim women were kidnapped and raped, property was looted and destroyed. Many had to flee their homes, landlords were murdered, temples were attacked, cows were killed.

Congress party and Gandhi were calling it Khilafat movement and they were looking for Hindu-Muslim unity in it. There were no social media and news channels at that time, there were no newspapers, but most of the newspapers were controlled by the Congress and the British government. In Kerala, the screams of Hindus, the sobs and screams of women who were being raped were being suppressed and the decoction of Hindu-Muslim unity was being made to drink.

This means that for a long time the news of the atrocities being committed on Hindus was not being published in North India. Yes, during that time some news was being published in the newspapers of Bombay. But the so-called secularism of that time was misleading people by saying that this work was being done to dig a gap between Hindus and Muslims. After reading the news of this religious orgy, Diwan Radhakrishna ji, an Arya Samaj worker in Bombay, collected those newspapers and sent the cuttings of the news to Punjab by post.

At that time, today’s Himachal used to be a part of Punjab. When this letter reached Lahore Arya Samaj, on 16 October 1921, a convention of Arya Samaj was held in Shimla and in the convention, a resolution was passed by everyone with moist eyes. The objective of the proposal was to purify the Hindus who were forcibly converted into Muslims by atrocities committed by the Muslims in Malabar region of Kerala and bring them back to their original religion. According to the proposal, an appeal was also published that the appropriate expenses of the victims should be raised as soon as possible. So that no Hindu is forcibly converted from his religion. Its second objective was to help the homeless, destitute and helpless people and keep them alive and to stabilize the Hindu society of Malabar so that such situations do not arise in the future.

On one hand the proposal was passed, on the other hand the then officials of Arya Samaj started working. Pandit Rishiram ji, a worker of Arya Samaj, was immediately sent to Malabar. In October, the people of Arya Samaj collected Rs 371 and on the strength of those rupees and their high spirits, these workers of Arya Samaj set out to fight the religious Moplah ideology.

These people reached Kerala and used that money to set up small tents and tents. Here, Arya Samaj people of Punjab and Delhi started cutting down their family expenses. That is, all the people associated with Arya Samaj reduced their expenses and sent Rs 1731 back to Kerala for the suffering Hindu community of Kerala.

During that time, a newspaper was published from Lahore. The name of the newspaper was Pratap. This newspaper started publishing true news refuting the views of Congress and Gandhi. The news of this newspaper shook the minds of the people and Pratap newspaper spread the light throughout Punjab. The awakening that he created in the province can in itself be called a beautiful example of Indian journalism.

On the other hand, in Kerala, by 29th November, the people of Arya Samaj started connecting people with their full strength. But the Hindus there were so afraid of the Moplah rebels or Muslims that they were hesitant in coming to the relief camps. Seeing all this, Pandit Rishiraj ji got some pamphlets published in the local language. By going to the meetings of many Hindu caste organizations and giving lectures, it was explained to the people that the Hindus who have been converted to Muslims will be purified by the Arya Samaj and brought back to their original Sanatan Dharma.

The result was that people started coming to relief camps. When all this happened in Kerala, here in Lahore there was another newspaper, Aryagazat, its owner or editor was Lala Khushhalchand ji, along with him was Pandit Mastana ji. These people were excited about this work of purification in Kerala, so they wrote in Lahore, Balochistan, which was part of India at that time. Started organizing meetings on the situation in Kerala in many such areas.

The condition of Malabar in Kerala was such that the fields of Hindus who had fled from their homes were lying vacant, some houses were burnt and cremation grounds were built in some of the burnt houses. By October 12, 1922, every child associated with Arya Samaj started contributing financially in this holy work with all his heart, mind and money. Due to which Rs 70 thousand 911 were spent there. As a result, the work of purifying more than three thousand Hindus and bringing them back to their religion was done. Hindus who fled from Malabar to Calicut started being resettled back to their homes.

That is, the people of Arya Samaj were doing the work of purification there at a very fast pace. But the problem was very serious, there was a huge shortage of people who could do the work, that is, the people of Arya Samaj did not have the experience to take care of the Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam and do the necessary work regarding them. Arya Samaj workers working in Kerala were writing their work and problems in letters.

For this reason, once again the Arya Territorial Representative Assembly of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Lahore passed a resolution to provide assistance to the victimized Hindus of Malabar and to convert the forcibly converted Hindus into Hindus, in which Mahatma Hansraj ji, the founder of DAV College, made an appeal. Published-

Some parts of the appeal were as follows. This secret has been revealed that the Moplah people in Malabar have committed heinous acts against Hindus. This has also been accepted by both the government and Congress. So now there is no doubt on this, yes, there is a difference of opinion on how many Hindus have been tortured, some say 3 thousand, some say 500… Whatever may be the number, it cannot be denied that Muslims Has not done anything. Muslim leaders are condemning it as against Islam. But condemnation cannot compensate for this huge loss of people, wealth and religion. Hindu leaders and abbots are presenting convenience by ordering the return of the forcibly converted people to their homes. If at this time they join the Hindus and take the Hindus back into their lap with all their might, then in the future they will not have the courage again because they will understand that the Hindu brothers are ready to help their brothers in every way. I appeal to our Hindu brothers who have faith and love for their holy religion and who have any feeling within themselves to preserve the honor of their religion, to extend your helping hand so that we can help our brothers as soon as possible. Can do. (Hansraj Pradhan Arya Territorial Representative Assembly Anarkali Lahore)

This appeal of Arya Samaj had an impact on the mind of every Hindu due to which they started working with immediate effect. About 4 thousand women and children had come to the camp under Pandit Mustanchand ji. Some of these women were old and young since pregnancy. There were also mothers who had 10 to 15 day old children in their lap. Many children were the apple of the eyes of millionaires till a few months before coming to the camp, but now they had become orphans. There were many women and children whose houses were burnt. If we go now, where should we go? Apart from this, in the second camp which was running in Calicut under the supervision of Rishiram ji. There were more than 2 thousand men, women and children there too. At that time, from Delhi to Lahore, thanks to the donations of charitable Hindu Aryans of the United Province, more than 6 thousand women, men and children were quenching their hunger.

​ Along with this relief work, purification work was going on simultaneously. It had become famous throughout the country that the people of Arya Samaj especially help the Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam. But still there were reports that there are many Hindus in the interior areas of Malabar who are still living in the guise of Muslims due to fear. Fear of life and property is stopping them from becoming Hindu. There was a need for someone to go into the interior areas and find out.

But reaching there meant putting oneself in danger because it was said that the skulls of those who lost their lives due to the Malabar incident were found lying on the roads. There were not many roads, there were mostly forests and hills, this orgy of violence was more intense in the areas surrounded by rivers and them. Therefore, without worrying about all this, the brave Lala Khushal Chand of Arya Samaj took this task on his shoulders and visited the interior areas and inspired such people to reach Calicut. The result of his hard work was that many people reached Calicut to become Hindus. Before May 15, thousands of Muslims became Hindus and then returned to their original Sanatan Dharma. In the months of June and July, 400 more Hindus who were forcibly converted to Islam were converted to their religion. The result was that the morale of the Hindu organizations of Kerala started increasing. This was the army of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati who, without caring for their lives under the saffron flag, was engaged in the service of their Hindu brothers and mothers…

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