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If the Nizam of Hyderabad was secular then who was communal?

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By- Rajeev Choudhary

Do not tear your feet, what do you know, that is, until you do not feel pain in yourself, one cannot feel the intensity of the pain of others. At present, this line of Tulsidas fits on senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar. Recently, senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar read songs in the glory of Nizam Hyderabad, praising his vision and also describing Nizam Hyderabad as a very visionary person and said that modern education in Hyderabad is his gift. His signs are scattered all around. He was a great secular person.

We do not know what would have been the meaning of Dr Indresh Kumar’s statement. But four years ago today, on January 15, 2018, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had gone mad in praising the Nizam of Hyderabad in such a way that he praised the Nizam first in the assembly and then in the processions in Telangana. Keep doing it over and over again.

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During that time BJP leader V Sudhakar came forward and said that while praising the Nizam, KCR forgets that hundreds of people were killed at the hands of Razakar. Nizam Mir Osman Ali did not want to meet India and the then Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel was forced into police action and then Hyderabad was merged with India.

After this, articles were written in the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya and in front of all the Hindus of the country, the RSS opened the black bag of the Nizam. Told that thousands of Hindus were killed during the Nizam’s rule. His women were raped and the Chief Minister of Telangana today calls him a ‘good man’.

That is, the matter reached here whether the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali was secular or communal? And who can know this issue better than Arya Samaj. Because all this is about the time when there was no caretaker of the Hindu society of Hyderabad state. On the contrary, the Khaksar Party, the Nizam Army, the Ittehadul Sangathan, the devout followers of Dindar Siddiq, all created a ruckus to eliminate the Hindus. The Nizam government was behind the Khaksar Party, Deendar Siddiq Party, Ittehadul Sangathan and Razakar. That’s why they were doing violence against all Hindus unabated. Hindu women were taken away. Hindus were living a life of hell in their own country. Neither any political party listens to him nor any Hindu organization of his.

The situation was such that Deendar Siddiq used to call himself an incarnation of Channa Basaveshwara, and used to say that Islam is the religion only for the propagation of the thoughts of Lord Basaveshwara. Thus misguided, Deendar Siddiq and his followers started converting Hindus to Islam. In his propaganda, he would insult the great men of Hindus like Ram and Krishna ji and call Islam the best religion in the world.

When all this happened, it was not tolerated by the organization named Arya Samaj. At that time both Bansilal and other Shyamlal brothers started working by joining Arya Samaj. Retaliation started and the protest started in 1929. Within a year till 1930, the organization of Arya Samaj started coming up in every district of Hyderabad state.

First of all, Arya Samaj by destroying the weakness and inferiority prevalent in the Hindu society, taught him to live with full self-respect and pride. People started joining Arya Samaj. Soon the Arya Samaj became a big movement in Hyderabad. But this thing went awry to the religious Nizam. Seeing the growing influence of Arya Samaj in his state, Nizam’s eyes fell on Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj temples started being attacked, havankunds started being demolished. Even Nizami police would arrest him on seeing Satyarth Prakash book in someone’s hand.

Then breaking it, the then Arya Samaj leaders Bhai Bansilal ji, Shyam Lal ji, Sheshrao ji, Dattatreya Prasad, Gopal Dev Shastri etc. Many Arya Samaj workers roamed from village to village and deposited the Hindus with weapons under the flag of Vedic religion. Arya Samaj temples were established in countless villages. If there was any apprehension of an attack from the Ittehadul Party or the Razakar, the bells of the Arya Samaj temple would start ringing. Hearing the sound of bells, men and 18-20 year old boys ran from house to house carrying sticks, axes, spears, spears, swords, guns etc. towards the Arya Samaj temple. Within 5-10 minutes, all in a disciplined manner, the Hindu army would have been ready for combat.

But this fight was not limited to this. Nizam’s army and Razakars and hired clerics were converting poor and backward caste Hindus into Muslims to increase their numbers very rapidly. They began to eat away from this movement of Arya Samaj, as a result Arya Samaj workers started being arrested. He was subjected to severe torture inside the prison. He took every possible route to crush the movement. But in response to this, the branches of Arya Samaj began to appear in doubling.

It has been written in the Marathi text “Hyderabad Swatantra Sangram” that the people of Arya Samaj became more organized due to the incidents of atrocities on Hindus. At the same time, Ittehadul Party and Muslim goons flared up even more. In 1938, Vedprakash died in Gunjoti. Brother Bansilal and Virbhadra ji Arya immediately reached Gunjoti on receiving the news of Vedprakash’s murder. The police arrested him. The blood of Vedprakash was the first sacrifice of the Hyderabad Liberation War. After that Bhai Shyamlal ji was harassed by giving bad food and water. Even after being ill, he was not taken to the dispensary. Eventually he was poisoned and killed in jail. In Hyderabad State, 1938-39, in these two years, thousands of Arya Samaj people conducted Satyagraha in the city. A council was organized in Solapur under the chairmanship of Madhavrao Ane so that this Satyagraha could get the support of the people of India as well.

Finally a resolution was passed to celebrate Hyderabad Protest Day. An atmosphere of “Hyderabad Protest Day” started being created all over India. Many Arya Samajis from all over India started reaching Hyderabad State to participate in the Satyagraha. Thousands of workers entered Hyderabad from Solapur, Rajasthan, Delhi, Nagpur, Uttar Pradesh, Rawalpindi. Countless satyagrahis were put in jails. Many were beaten up. Many satyagrahis fell ill due to poor food and water. In that too, the limit was reached when the goons of Ittehadul organization entered the jails and started brutally beating the Satyagrahis in front of the police. In this atrocity, an activist Sadashiv Vishwanath Pathak died in Hyderabad Jail. Swami Brahmanand ji of Rajasthan also died in Chanchalguda Jail. Shanti Prakash ji of Delhi also died in Hyderabad jail. Purushottam Prabhakar of Nagpur Makhan Singh of Uttar Pradesh, Pandit Parmanand ji of Rawalpindi in Hyderabad Jail and Swami Kalyanand ji in Gulbarga Jail of Uttar Pradesh, Swami Satyananda ji Keiko in Chanchalguda Jail of Bangalore, Vishnu Bhagwant Andurkar in Chanchalguda Jail, Venkatrao Kandharkar He died in Nizamabad Jail. A total of 23 big workers sacrificed their lives in jail during this movement. Apart from this, in Umri, district Nanded, these three Arya Samaji preachers, Ganpatrao, Gangaram and Dattatreya, were beaten to death by the Pathans with stones. Simultaneously, police opened fire on a procession in Humnabad, killing 5 people.

Not only this, even if a government employee was seen talking to an Arya Samaji, orders were issued to fire him. In this way the Nizam committed atrocities on the Arya Samaj workers in every way. The Nizam was very angry with the Arya Samaj. He took every possible route to crush the movement of Arya Samaj, which organized the Hindus. But his reaction was seen in the doubling of the branches of Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj not only organized the Hindus, but also started the work of purifying the born Muslims by giving them initiation in the Vedic system. By giving place to many untouchables in the Arya Samaj, instilled love and self-respect in their minds for Hinduism and Hindu Rashtra.

The country became independent in 1947 but the Nizam refused to merge with India. When the matter escalated, Sardar Patel ji met Nehru and said that freedom is incomplete without Hyderabad. Nehru replied in reply that there is no other option. Patel ji said no, at present Arya Samaj has shaken the roots of Nizam, only order to send army is needed. This action of the Indian Army was given the name of Operation Polo, in this action which lasted for 108 hours, 1,373 Razakars were killed. 807 soldiers of Hyderabad State also died. The Indian Army lost 66 of its soldiers while 97 were injured and Hyderabad became a part of India. Or say that Hyderabad was freed from a religious ruler, the Hindus there became citizens of India. In spite of all this, if anyone still says that Nizam was secular and visionary, then he is insulting the sacrifice of thousands of Hindus and tarnishing the great efforts of Patel ji along with Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabha.

BY- Rajeev Choudhary – Author Blogger, Youtubers

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