May 29, 2024

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Is it only men who are the reason for divorce after marriage?

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When Sonia (name changed) was studying in class XII, her eyes fell on Rajat. Rajat was handsome, gentle and a helpful boy to look at. From this the affair started between the two. Both did post graduation together. After this the marriage took place with the consent of the families of both. Two years later a son was born. If Sonia had to study further, her husband Rajat was also helping her to teach honestly. But during this time, Sonia got acquainted with another boy studying together. Friendship happened and soon this friendship turned into love.

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Now instead of studying, Sonia would talk on the phone for hours. After a few days her husband realized this. Soon the whole matter became clear to him. The dispute between the two escalated. One day the dispute escalated so much that the matter reached to a fight. After this Sonia came to her maternal home. A divorce application was filed in the court and Rajat and his family went on a case against him that too for dowry.

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Today, Sonia narrates tales of cruelty to her husband Rajat in front of everyone. After hearing these stories, he also got a job. People’s sympathy is with him because of the tears falling under his eyes. A poor woman who wants freedom. But no one wants to know the truth behind this story because in the eyes of most, only Rajat is guilty.

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This is not the story of any one Sonia or Rajat, if the so-called feminism is closely examined and examined honestly, then most of the stories would have looked like this. Because for the last ten to fifteen years, since the wings of the media have come out, we have seen a lot. Many hidden things have come and stuck like dust in our eyes.

As a result, today the media has become a big ruse, a huge weapon and a constant-use taunt – “Women’s Equality, Gender Equality, Women’s Rights, Women’s Safety and so on”!

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Sorry, but it has become a huge hypocrisy that the same women who ask for security by claiming that they are insecure and abusive, who are divorcing even for sexual pleasure, these are the same girls and women who want to “fly” in the free world ! These are the girls whose sexual desire has increased so much that they are getting abortions in illegal relationships. Or becoming an unmarried mother! These are the girls who after drinking alcohol and blowing smoke have started considering themselves as equal to men. Who even after doing all kinds of misdeeds wants to get the title of a poor, elite, sushila, abla, modest, sweet Indian woman and then all the privileges!!

After all, what is the truth of the insecurities of this so called progressive, modern, cool, imaginary poor woman made up of media spoofs? Is the man guilty in every case? Is he responsible for the divorce? Recently, a relative had married his son. The girl was fine for a few days, then suddenly she started sticking on the phone till late at night. There was doubt in the house, the matter reached the husband. It turns out that she has a boyfriend before marriage, with whom she talks.

When the girl was asked not to do this again, she made up her own tortured story that she was kept like a slave in the house. He has no freedom at all. The talk is interrupted. Seeing this drama of the only girl, the family members of the girl became emotional. The matter reached to divorce.

The girl’s family asked for 30 lakh rupees from the boy’s family. If the money is not given, then the husband threatened to file a dowry case against father-in-law and brother-in-law. All three had government, so in the end they gave money and got divorced socially due to fear of job and respect.

Whereas the only fault of the family was that they had asked the girl to stay away from the ex-boyfriend. But the girl did not accept her mistake and made it a story of torture and freedom.

Today, even though some feminist people and people who console women may be in favor of getting them justice, but in the past, the Swedish scientists have done the work of turning away all their hard work. Because they have put into practice the belief that most women are responsible for divorce. Researchers from the Karnolinska Institutet in Sweden have established that the cause of divorce is a female gene. How successful and stable the married life will be, it only determines the genes hidden in the woman’s body. Genes can even tell if someone wants to be in a relationship!

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But still all women are poor, and perhaps, all women are just here, they are women. That’s why fighting for their rights and making a name for themselves is a must!

Whereas the law should also keep in mind that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law but not exactly equal… and in the changed environment, there should be a correct interpretation of the law. These days, even though the drums of women’s discourse and women’s freedom are playing, but nowadays this matter has become a bit one-sided, everywhere there is a competition to tell the daughter good and the son as bad. But it is not like this, the reality is always something different!

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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