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What was the famous guest house incident of Lucknow which made Mayawati a national leader.

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The election noise is increasing rapidly in five states, as the date is progressing, the political atmosphere is also changing rapidly, elections are a political process, but some stories are associated with them. If there is a beautiful story or a bad anecdote, when today we talk about elections, then why not remember that anecdote of the politics of Uttar Pradesh, which was sooted on the face of democracy.

The talk was on the day of Basant Panchami on February 10, 1997. The people of Farrukhabad city of Uttar Pradesh were making their respective manjha’s charkhas to fly kites. Suddenly a news came, there was news of the murder of a BJP MLA and a leader of the Sangh. People started talking about killing of this leader Brahmdutt Dwivedi, except kites and majhe. Seeing this, the convoys of veteran leaders like Atal ji, Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi Vinay Katiyar started measuring the streets of Farrukhabad in the streets of the city. But apart from the BJP leaders, a strong leader of the opposition was also saddened by this murder, that was Mayawati.

Because the leader whose sudden murder caused an earthquake in the political world was also Mayawati’s mouth-broken brother. So someone said that this murder was done by the Samajwadi Party, then someone said that Brahmadutt has paid the price for supporting Mayawati. That is, as many words as you can. No one had any concrete clues, yes there were questions, it was a political murder. Because before this murder, there was a big scandal in the politics of the state in which the name of Brahmadutt Dwivedi was at the top.

Actually, this year in the politics of Uttar Pradesh was 1992, this year Mulayam Singh Yadav had formed a party called Samajwadi Party. Ram Mandir wave was going on across the state, so Mulayam was also worried about his entry in politics. The reason was elections in the state in its year. The Congress had lagged, yes in those days Kashi Ram and Mayawati had also made their entry on the political table. This was the period when Uttarakhand was also a part of Uttar Pradesh. Then Mulayam and Mayawati ji formed an alliance to stop the BJP. The total seats were 422. Mulayam fought on 256 seats and gave 164 seats to Mayawati’s BSP. The alliance of bicycle and elephant won the election. Mulayam got 109 seats and Mayawati got 67 seats, after reducing the sum of support, Mulayam Singh Yadav became the Chief Minister of the state with Mayawati’s support. But this relationship of both could not last long. It was the hot summer season of June, the politics of Lucknow had also heated up with the heat of the heat. Finally, on June 2, 1995, Mayawati kicked the cycle and withdrew support from her elephant.

As a result, Mulayam Singh’s government was reduced to a minority. To save the government, additions and subtractions were made. Or say, tricks were being tried like a South movie. After the withdrawal of support, Mayawati was holding a meeting with her MLAs at the State Guest House room number one located on Mirabai Marg in Lucknow. The blueprint for the future plan was being prepared. But the people of SP somehow got information that there is a nexus between BSP and BJP and Mayawati is about to leave the SP.

Suddenly, the people of the Samajwadi Party surrounded the guest house and within a short time started beating the BSP people present in the room inside the guest house where the meeting was going on. Not only this, it is said that the people of SP even tore the clothes of Mayawati. Somehow Mayawati locked herself in a room from inside. There were two other people with him. One of them was Sikandar Rizvi. That used to be the era of pagers. It was informed on the pager that do not open the door from inside under any circumstances. The rioting continued outside, Samajwadi Party MLAs and supporters were busy breaking open the door. On the other hand, many BSP people had been beaten up a lot. Some of them bled and some managed to escape. BSP leaders were repeatedly trying to call the senior police officers of the state but none of the officers was ready to pick up the phone.

The atmosphere of fear was such that the people inside had set up sofas and tables along the door so that the door could not open even if the door was broken. Being a woman and a Dalit woman, the abuses that can be given, whatever can be talked about doing, everything was happening outside and inside the room scared Mayawati was calling BJP leaders.

However mysteriously soon after the invasion began, the guest house’s electricity and water supplies were cut off. At least five BSP MLAs are said to have been dragged, forcibly taken outside the guesthouse and put into vehicles, which took them to the chief minister’s residence. These MLAs were asked to join the BSP rebel group led by Raj Bahadur and sign a paper swearing to support the Mulayam Singh government. Some of them were so scared that they had signed on blank paper.

That is, the MLAs were kept captive there for a long time in the night, at which time the BSP MLAs were being held in the guesthouse in such a way that the chickens were being taken to the butcher’s eatery. Meanwhile, it is said that playing on his life, BJP MLA Bramhadutt Dwivedi reached the spot and pushed back the SP MLAs and supporters. He took a stick and clashed with armed goons, Mayawati’s life was saved. Bramhadutt Dwivedi had stood in front of him as a shield. The entire game of SP was spoiled. The matter had become the headlines of the news.

With the order of the Governor, after 11 o’clock in the night, a transfer order was issued for the District Magistrate with immediate effect. With the intervention of the Governor’s office, the Central Government and senior BJP leaders, more and more defense teams started reaching there, the situation inside the guesthouse got under control. As the guards occupied the inside and outside of the building, the crowd, shouting abuses, threats and slogans, gradually subsided.

But Mayawati was still not ready to open the door from inside, she had to make repeated requests to the District Magistrate and other officials to assure her that now the danger was over, and they could open the door. By the time he opened the door, it was quite night.

This matter was settled, after which the coalition government of BSP and BJP was also formed. This is known in the history of politics as the guesthouse scandal. But the special thing in this is that after this incident, Mayawati always considered Brahmadutt as her elder brother and never put up her candidate against him. Mayawati continued to oppose BJP throughout the state, but always campaigned for Bramhadutt Dwivedi in Farrukhabad. It was a unique relationship. The most touching aspect of this relationship was that when the goons shot and killed Brahmdutt Dwivedi, Mayawati went to his house and wept bitterly. When his widow contested the election, Mayawati did not field any candidate against her, but appealed to the people to vote for the widow of my brother who was martyred by taking enmity to save my life. However, today this incident has become buried in political history. But on the stage of politics, this relationship has always been high, which was neither family nor political, this relationship was a relationship of emotion and that relationship is still intact.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary Author, blogger

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