May 29, 2024

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Do you feel lost? Lonely? Powerless in the face of forces beyond your control?

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It is said that sometimes life is so quiet that even the ticking of the clock feels like an event. We feel this phenomenon only when we are alone and calm. Personally, I myself have felt this tick-tickling phenomenon many times. Why me! You all must have felt alone at some point in your life! Sometimes on such occasions we want to share this loneliness. We think, there should be someone who understands us, feels our loneliness or spends some time with us.

Nowadays, on such occasions of loneliness, we take the help of social media. Many times, on many occasions, we see the profiles of people. Checks about them. After that it’s fine, no! That’s fine. Then we go to the past. Think who were the people in our past, who understood me well. He used to help in bad times. How well they used to tolerate our anger and share our happiness and sorrows so well.

Thinking like this, when our eyes get caught or we get lost in a video posted on social media. When a day passes in this process, it is not known. I myself have spent years in this loneliness like this. Eight hours in the office and then 18 hours a day alone.

The problem is that many myths have been fabricated about loneliness. On which many people believe. Whereas feeling lonely does not mean being lonely. This means that you do not feel connected to others. Or others want to use you, which you do not want to let happen. Because of this also he cuts himself off from other people. This makes them feel more alone. Gradually, they may become victims of depression.

That is, due to this the person goes into a terrible depression. Many psychologists believe that loneliness is so dangerous that today loneliness is being given the status of a disease in many countries. Psychological help is being provided to people to deal with loneliness.

So, is loneliness really that dangerous and should be avoided at all costs?

It is true that man is a social animal. That is, he cannot live his life alone. Loneliness is seen as a punishment in the society. Often you must have also heard that man, his life is ruined, he remains alone in the house. This is the reason why loneliness has been used as a punishment. People are kept alone in prisons. Mentally ill people are kept alone in chains. That is, loneliness is a punishment, but if it is so that this punishment should be converted into fun!

Years ago my elders used to tell me that from Hinduism to Buddhism, there are many religions that recommend meditation and meditation alone. Call it sannyas or meditation or tapasya or prayer or loneliness in the language of common people.

But I believe that people used to choose solitude for mental peace and to think differently. Maybe because when we are alone, our mind comes to rest. In this period of solitude, he begins to strengthen the memory and understand the emotion better. Where you are with someone, then your attention gets divided. Your mind cannot find peace.

American writer Annelly Rufus wrote a book called ‘Party of One: The Loaner’s Manifesto’. She writes that there are many joys in being alone. You can focus on yourself. You can increase your creativity. Better to spend time alone than to talk nonsense with people or indulge in false pranks.

Spending time with yourself gives a great boost to your creativity. This increases your confidence. Free thinking is born and you are open to new ideas.

Also, when you spend some time alone, your mind makes good use of the moments of relaxation. Your brain strengthens your thinking power while sitting alone away from the noise. You strengthen your memory by thinking about old things.

It is said that people who like to be alone with themselves, their creativity gets better. When he is alone, he is able to concentrate more on his work. You can focus on your betterment. As a result, their creativity increases.

If so and loneliness is so beneficial then why is it considered a disease depression?

Actually say this depression or disease becomes for those people who are used to gatherings, parties and celebrations. Spend long time with family. Such people quickly become victims of loneliness. Secondly, it becomes a disease even for those people who are not self-sufficient. That is, those people who get clean clothes, food and essential items on time or who have done little to no hard work in personal life.

The condition of such people can be bad. They start having trouble getting good sleep. They feel very sad. feel alone. Gradually, they may become victims of depression.

Whereas on the contrary if you are alone then think! You have got the opportunity to spend time with yourself. You are a monk. Some kind of meditation. Do not let such time go to waste, spend hours with someone on social media, make new friends. Expecting people to understand them or become their support is a futile dream. Just focus on yourself. Meditate. Creating this synergy will prove to be the best for us. I use my 18 hours every day for the betterment of myself. Considering this, this time is not a waste but an opportunity for me. To write something new, to try something new and to think something new.

BY Rajeev Choudhary Author  Blogger Youtubers

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