May 26, 2024

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Has Punjab become the new hub of conversion?

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Recently, the sudden change of Chief Minister in the Congress-ruled state of Punjab has raised many questions. In which questions are being raised in social media mainly regarding the cult of newly appointed Chief Minister Charanjit Singh. The question is whether the Chief Minister of Punjab is a Sikh or a Dalit Sikh or a Christian? By the way, Charanjit ji has a great attachment to Chamkor Church. Recently, photo videos with many of his pastor priests went viral on social media. On this basis, many people are telling them even Christians. He claims that for this reason the political family of the country has given him this post.

Be that as it may, it is certain that in the Punjab where the Bhakti movement gained momentum through the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji centuries ago, Christianity is gaining momentum in that Punjab today. Or say that the Punjab which was once converted into heaven by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, today the same Punjab is being converted into Christianity. If we look at the 2011 census, there were a total of 3,48,230 Christians in Punjab. If these numbers are correct, the Christian population has grown at least 10 times over the years. Even their clergy are saying that even though the government figures are showing less, but now our number has increased by 11 percent. And this claim is not even today, but this claim was also made by Christian missionaries in a newspaper in the year 2016.

Now the question is, where did these Christians who have grown up in Punjab come from? Are refugees from Vatican City or Christians who fled European countries or was it that there were Christians in Punjab for centuries and these are people born here? But figures and facts do not say anything like that. Because neither Christians came here from outside nor there was a number of Christians here thirty years ago, so where did these people come from?

If you look carefully, it is said that in the year 2008, only 3 people were associated with Pastor Ankur Narula. But for the next ten years i.e. till 2018, now he has one lakh twenty thousand followers. According to which today these people are using social media etc., then by the year 2022, Ankur will have about three and a half lakh members. And in Punjab it is not just a single priest. In Punjab, now the pastors have spread from house to house, some Kanchan Mittal, some Bajinder Singh Raman Hans, there are many priests with Hindu-Sikh names who convert thousands of people every week.

Now the second question is why all this is happening in such a large number and should the entire blame be put on the missionaries? Maybe not! In fact, this business has become theirs. Because in India it has become a common saying that one can sell 10 and twenty poor people to the church by wearing white clothes, and today the church has become a place to buy religion of people in a variety of ways, not a prayer house. How Huffington Post and Tribune covered and explained how people from Sikh and Hindu religions are being converted to Punjab. That is, we have to depend on foreign media to know our condition. Whereas in India, the channels that describe themselves as nationalist media are absent from such coverage which is worse than conversion. Frankly speaking, these people are running away from the responsibility of their media.

But if a Hindu Baba commits a crime by mistake, then he runs that news many times throughout the day. Apart from this, big shows are done on any evil or superstition prevalent in Hinduism. But in broad daylight thousands of people are brought to such meetings on the false promise of treatment in healing meetings. The broom is hallelujahed. But look great! No media group would question or program these hypocrisy. Whereas these people are the first to have the fastest news channels that claim to reach the epicenter of the earthquake. This is the journalist who shows on the issue of India Pakistan sitting on tanks and missiles. But every day in the healing meetings, all kinds of diseases, from cancer, tuberculosis, liver infertility to corona, treatment and conversion are being done in the name of Jesus, superstition is being spread in the name of faith in the country but their cameras do not know where the pan masala is. Went to eat!

As a result, today in Punjab the smugglers of faith or the dealers of Christianity are opening their franchises from place to place. Or say more and more smugglers of faith are being fielded every month. For this many Christian missionaries wear saffron robes, live in ashrams and make the temple look like a cathedral. That is, if the fish is not like this, then it will get trapped like this. They are spreading the illusion among the public that in the 19th Purana, Ved Vyas ji has written that a god named Jesus will come in white clothes etc.

In fact, their lies go on, people also get trapped. The reason is two poverty in India. One is economic poverty, that is, the people who still had to reach all the facilities have not reached. The second greatest poverty is spiritual poverty or religious poverty. That is, religion has not reached a large section of the society, they have neither the knowledge of their book nor the knowledge of religion, these people are taking advantage of this by making fake mantras. Tells them that Jesus is coming and all suffering will end. If you follow any other religion you will go to hell. For example, pretentiousness and fake miracles are enough to convince the uneducated poor people. Promises the second class to give visas to European countries or Canada. Missionaries are said to have claimed that becoming a Christian would make their way to a successful visa easier.

Because today big churches are being built inside Punjab. People’s faith is being bought at the price of rice and pulses. The healing meeting is going on till now, on the lines of Shiromani Gurdwara Management Committee, these people are even forming the Shiromani Church Management Committee. In such a situation, making a Charanjeet chief minister is not an easy politics, but a big game to break into the Christian vote bank. Because religion remains as long as it is limited to personal experience. But when empires started being created in the name of religion, by force or coercion, swarms were created. Then it becomes an institutional form rather than a religion. Or say it assumes a political form. Then the politicians who are in the business of politics easily accept it and the so-called religious places become places of conversion.

By- Rajeev Choudhary

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