May 22, 2024

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The one who has madrassa and weapons in his hand is the king of Afghanistan.

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After a long struggle of twenty years, the Taliban once again appeared at the center of power in Afghanistan. Some mystery still remains regarding the Panjshir Valley and both are making their own claims. But the latest information is telling that the Resistance Front has suffered a major setback in the fight against the Taliban. Resistance Front spokesman Faheem Dashti and General Abdul Woodood Zara also died in the attack. It is also being told that the house of Amrulla Saleh, who was the Vice President in the Ghani government, has been attacked by a helicopter. After this, Amrulla Saleh had to hide in some unknown place in Panjshir itself.

There is no doubt that the Ahmed Masood group in the landlocked Panjshir valley inside Afghanistan cannot fight a long battle this time. Two things are clear in this, one, this time neither it has support from America and perhaps these Tajik fighters are not getting much help from Tajikistan. Second, the Taliban is now equipped with modern equipment and modern weapons, so if not today or tomorrow, the Northern Alliance will have to compromise.

Now in such a situation, many questions are coming to the fore that how do the groups of talibs who came out of madrasas distribute power? Because the Taliban did not win this war alone. Dozens of small and big organizations like Lashkar, Jaish-e-Mohammed, including Taliban, Hizb-e-Islami, Tehreek-e-Taliban, Haqqani faction were involved in this fight with Taliban. Now a lot depends on how the power will be divided, how much share of power they will get.

Suppose for a moment that even if the top leadership of dozens of organizations are given various ministerial posts or the posts of governors of the states of Afghanistan, where will the rest of Talib go? They will be retired by giving them a pension that the rule of religion has come, now go back to their respective homes? Everyone knows that these organizations have gathered a large crowd of Taliban from madrassas, showing the dream of Sharia Hakumat, 72 Hur, the princely state of Medina in the seventh century. Today they all have weapons and they have gained the experience of fighting in the name of religion and reaching the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul.

Even if the Taliban says that they will be taken into the army or given other jobs, but the question is whether they were fighting for jobs? Maybe not! He was fighting for the Nizam according to the Quran and Hadith. He was fighting for Sharia rule. He was fighting that after victory he would get many more wives. He was fighting against music, he was fighting against modernity. That is, an 18-year-old Talib, who came out of the madrasa, has turned 38 while fighting, if according to him, the Taliban could not rule, then what would he do?

Because of this, the coming problem of the Taliban is clearly visible. The reason is that the Taliban does not have any professional army right now. He has about 70 thousand Talib with the dream of Islamic Emirate Afghan. The second group is also named Haqqani group, it was also advancing the Taliban with about sixty thousand madrasi Taliban. It is said that the Haqqani group has the support of (ISI) i.e. Pakistan. If the Taliban does not give them their desired share, then it will not take long to revolt.

The third group is Hizb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, which was once raised by ISI. It was with the Taliban but in the 90s the Taliban had distanced themselves from it. Although it signed a peace deal with the Ghani administration in 2016, it is now seeking a share in power after the Taliban won. If Taliban shunned it, then it would not back down in giving new pain to Taliban by accumulating Taliban in the name of religion.

Fourth Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan It is with Taliban in Afghanistan but it is anti-Pakistan. They believe that the Pakistani government is not following the path shown by Allah. So it now wants Sharia rule in its own way in Pakistan. This is the same group that killed 150 children in Peshawar, Pakistan. Now what Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan needs in Kabul’s power is not clear! But Pakistan definitely needs Taliban rule. For which he will seek the help of Taliban in Kabul. If help does not come, this too will not take time to meet with anti-Taliban groups in Kabul.

Now left Lashkar and Jaish. It is said that about one thousand of them were also with the Taliban. This is also supported by Pakistan. Their role was, by the way, till the victory of the Taliban. Because if the Taliban wins, India will have to leave Afghanistan and Pakistan will be friends with the new Taliban government. Now if the Taliban government shows a tough stand on the disputed border with Pakistan on the Durand Line, then in that case they can also join hands with the opposition organizations. Or again with the help of Taliban, do the work of serving this disease in Kashmir. Apart from these, there are many other 500,000 fighters’ organizations, who were with the Taliban. Now if the Taliban will not give them grass, then they have known how to gain power with weapons, then they will also take the same path as the Taliban in opposing the Taliban.

That is, it is clear that the band of robbers just looted. But there is yet to be a mutual war in the distribution of goods. There are many Taliban within one Taliban. Say this, each madrasa has its own Taliban. Every Taliban has 7th century thinking and 21st century modern weapons. If they do not get a place here, they will fight for Sharia rule along with Khorasan faction. There is also a saying about Afghanistan that the one who has madrassa and weapons in his hand is the king of Afghanistan.


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