May 29, 2024

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True Indology Breaks Silence As Twitter Suspends Its Account, Alleges D Roopa Ultimatum

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As the popular Twitter account, True Indology was suspended hours after indulging in an argument with IPS Officer D Roopa over ban on firecrackers, the anonymous owner in its first response on Instagram said it was “unfair” and called it “saddening and exasperating”. The True Indology account posted screenshots from the feud with Roopa on Twitter and narrated the incident as “magic that happened” on the micro-blogging website. 

While the IPS Officer issued the directives for Diwali claiming that there is no mention of crackers in ancient texts, True Indology disagreed and presented with references from Ananda Ramayana and Skanda Purana. Even though the exact reason for the account suspension has not yet been revealed by the platform, True Indology said on Instagram that it happened just five minutes after Roopa said “Your time is up” as the anonymous user refused to reveal personal details. 

While elaborating on the incident, True Indology said, “She asked me for my personal details. I refused to divulge those details. She then said “Your time is up”. And boom. My account was suspended within 5 minutes. What a sweet coincidence! Twitter sent no mail. Gave no reason. Simply suspended my account.”

“I did not divulge personal details. Hence, I was only digitally eliminated. What would have happened if I had? I shudder to think.”

Twitter’s controversial move triggered outrage on the platform with hashtags trending including #BringBackTrueIndology. Several Twitter users have claimed that the True Indology account “just stated facts” and “gave evidence” to prove his point during the argument without “offending or hurting” anyone.

True Indology thanks supporters, lauds Kangana Ranaut

True Indology utilised first response after suspension of Twitter to also thank the supporters that emerged in huge numbers on the microblogging website, so much so that the hashtags started trending. It also specifically mentioned Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel for the support and called the actor inspiring kind and down to earth. After mentioning how the time and effort out into built the popular Twitter account “went down the drain because somebody took it upon her ego” and that it had good reach, True Indology expressed gratitude towards the people raising voice in support.

The anonymous user wrote, “Yes, it is indeed very saddening and exasperating to see that all the time and efforts put in to cultivate the account went down the drain because somebody took it upon her ego. The account had good reach and it was quite handy in making a lot of people aware of the issues we face as a civilization.”

“While I am very sad about what happened to my account, I am thankful for and humbled by your support. The support that I have been receiving is completely voluntary and a testament to the fact that we as a society do not yet tolerate suppression of our voice,” it added.

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