May 22, 2024

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Integration and Oneness – The Fabric Of India

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by Ankita sood

Today’s world is dynamic in each sense where nation has to meet all sort of economic, political and territorial challenges. For any nation to progress while facing these challenges is essential to be strong internally. That’s why national integration is must to focus.

When we say integration it should not be taken as suppression of diversity as claimed by some politically motivated individuals. Going about giving everyone equal rights, opportunities and binding whole nation under one constitution. Unfortunately because of being a complex nation and due to lack of political will for a long time we see any efforts for national integration.

We had two separate constitutions in the same nation. This was quite bizarre that how we did anything towards it for decades. But finally in 2019 by abrogation of article 370 & 35 (a) we ended this situation. Now the whole country is governed by single constitution which is a first and most important step towards national integration. It gave equal opportunities of growth to all the kashmiris as well as it opened up doors for investments. This is definitely going to lead to a prosperous nation.

We also had different taxes in different states which was also corrected by GST. This gave all the states equal opportunities and made business less complex. This was essential for economic growth.

Connectivity is also one of the important peer for national integration this should remain a focus area & will be achieved by building more highways, railway lines & air connectivity. In recent years we have seen new highways being built, several rail tracks introduced & airports opened up even in the smaller towns. Increasing connectivity means faster economic growth as well as easier access to medical & educational facilities.

As per my view we have still a long way to go. Still due to different personal law boards there is inequality between people. An example was triple talaq which was banned in 2019 but still there are lot of things which need to be corrected. We should sincerely look for uniform civil court.

Solving differences & disputes are also important to achieve national integration.We just observed where centuries old dispute between the communities was resolved legally & whole nation welcomed this peacefully. Yes! We are talking about Ram janm bhumi. In which everyone accepted court’s verdict, its an example how despite of some individuals spreading so much of fear, nation stood like one.

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