May 29, 2024

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We have lots to learn from the towering personality of Veer Hanuman, a key figure of the Ramayana. He articulated a rare mix ofstrength, devotion, and perseverance.

Hanuman Jayanti is the birthday anniversary of Veer Hanuman, an eminent scholar of the Vedas and grammarian, a celibate who demonstrated immense self-control, the mighty, clever and wise, devotee and helpmate of Shri Rama.

veer hanuman

The Ramayana, one of the greatest epics of humanity written by Sage Valmiki, is not just a story. It is a prominent educational medium to demonstrate the importance of values and ethics in life. A key personality of the Ramayana, Veer Hanuman was an ideal combination ofstrength, heroic initiative and assertive excellence. He exemplified unlimited selfless love and emotional devotion to Shri Ram. The characters depict what we usually aspire to be like.

The values that we would want our children to imbibe would be best taught when we lead-by-example and walk-the-talk …and there shall remain little or no need to command as in the Ramayana. We have lots to learn from the towering personality of Veer Hanuman who articulated a rare mix of valor, dedication, and perseverance.

Strength (Shakti)Devotion (Bhakti); Perseverance (Dridhataa)

Hanuman, a human being & an accomplished Yogi

Surrender (Samarpan); Right First Impression; Self-control; Compassion; Blessed with long-life (Chiranjeevee)

Devotion: …a devoted child follows the guidance of his parents …a devoted student completes his works as instructed by the teacher; AND that yardstick tells us that …a devotee (bhakta) of Hanuman or Rama has to filter down the character, deeds, sense of self-discipline, temperament, etc. into his day-to-day life as it has been rightly said: Charitra ki puja karo, chitra ki nahin.

Beauty; Creative and ingenuous personality; Remover of obstacles (Sankat Mochan)

Self-introspection (aatmanirikshan), Self-realisation

Justice to these characters would be done and seen to be done only when each and every one of us gear his life to lead-by-example and walk-the-talk. Truly, there shall remain little or no need to command as in the Ramayana.

Veer Hanuman was, is and will always be a role model for all …children, youth, and adults, across generations, cultures, and Ramayanacivilizations.

Acharya Bramdeo

Atlanta, GA, USA, 

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