June 14, 2024

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Ayodhya celebration of inheritance after 500 years of struggle

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BY- Vinay arya (General Secretary) Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha

The inauguration day of Ram temple being prepared in Ayodhya is important in many ways. However, many people are also questioning the workers associated with Arya Samaj that when Arya Samaj opposes idol worship then why support the temple? The question is right in its place. But Arya Samaj has been at the forefront in honoring its great men. Maryada Purushottam Ram is not only a worshipable god for the common people but Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati ji had described him as the best among men. Maharishi Dayanand has proudly mentioned Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram, Yogiraj Lord Krishna, the great Yogi in his books. Thus, Maharishi Dayanand and Lord Ram of Arya Samaj were great men who believed in family norms, were devotees of sages and sages, were great believers and did not panic even in the face of adversity. Shri Ram believed that adversities come only to the brave and they overcome them. Brave men attack adversities like adversity and emerge victorious.

That’s why we have definitely been supporting the construction of the very beautiful Ram temple in Ayodhya. In fact, what pained us the most was when we had to beg, even request, to rebuild the temple at one of the greatest sites of Hinduism in a country divided on the basis of religion.

Because this is no ordinary place. According to Hindu belief, it is the birthplace of Maryada Purushottam King Rama, one of the most revered figures in the religion. Due to its connection with him, Diwali is the biggest festival of India.

the Mughal rulers, thousands of mosques were built on the sites of temples across the country. The sacred place of Ram Janmabhoomi was a matter of centuries-long mythological belief as well as respect. It could not be taken anywhere else. When it came to the construction of a temple, many people used to say, ‘Instead of a religious place, build a hospital there.’ Yes, we should build a hospital, but it was not necessary for it to be at the same place. The location of the hospital should be decided according to certain criteria such as where people need it most. Then they can be made anywhere. This is not a place where Sanatan Dharma has been associated for three ages, this is a land worth remembering. This land gave the world a king who did not disobey the orders of his parents. Who, while remaining within limits, did all those things which no king in the world did. Undoubtedly, it is such character that has given Ramchandra ji the title of God. Because Ram is not just a matter of faith, if a son like Ram and a character like Ram develop in the child, then the world itself will be saved.

Secondly, even though according to the Constitution, India is a nation which respects all opinions. To prove this, sometimes we become extra sensitive on religious issues of minorities. But, if there is any issue of such majority, they ignore it. Ram temple was just one of them. The previous government especially had a policy of appeasement of the Muslim community, due to which things went to this extent.

​ That even a reasonable demand was being shown as Hindu bullying. No organization has any intention of reducing the dignity of Islam. All the organizations always kept requesting space for the images of their faith but no religious person would fall on deaf ears and they remained adamant on the demand of saving the mosque from a Turkish robber. This can be called shamelessness.

Whereas the religion-based partition of the country meant that there would not be a single mosque or tomb here, Hindus should get the ancient places where their faith and their mythological or Vedic places had existed. But there was great disappointment from the Muslim community. He neither respected the faith of the majority nor handed over the place. Whereas Shri Ram is a gem of Indian history, who presented such ideals due to which even today his Ram Rajya is wished for. Shri Ram was not only an ideal son, ideal friend, ideal brother, ideal husband but also an ideal ruler and protector of his subjects. He did not keep the kingdoms he won on the strength of his bravery for himself, this act is a clear example of his generosity.

If we look at the consolation given to Vibhishana after Ravana’s death, we will see how much respect he had for his enemy in his heart. When Vibhishana refuses to perform Ravana’s last rites, Ram says to him “O Vibhishana! Ravana was your brother, enmity calms down after his death. My purpose has been accomplished, now it is the same for me as it is for you. It is your duty to perform his last rites.

This is the reason why Ram is remembered as Maryada Purushottam because of his exemplary ideal character. According to Maharishi Valmiki, Lord Ram was religious, truthful, philanthropic, renowned, knowledgeable, one who had sacred Jitendriya and Samadhi, a protector of the people like God, a nurturer of all, a destroyer of enemies and a connoisseur of the Vedas. Similarly, he also had other qualities which became the reason for his ideal. This was the reason why Maharishi Dayanand has given a thoughtful and important description of the virility and qualities of Ram, the eldest son of King Dasharatha. Maharishi Dayanand has described Ram as a great man, a great soul, a great devotee of God, a patient and brave man, humble even after victory, etc. Arya Samaj’s best wishes on the temple being built in his memory at the birthplace of Ram Ji.

Vinay arya (General Secretary) Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha

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