June 14, 2024

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The shop of hypocrisy is being set up on social media also

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When we are watching videos on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, suddenly some videos appear in front of us, in which someone is taking the form of a mother and is smoking a pipe or cigarette, or someone is claiming to be a mother by spreading her hair. Is happening. Someone is sweeping with a broom or peacock feather. Or someone wearing yellow or saffron clothes is torturing a sick woman. This is happening every day in the name of faith. This business of appearance of mother’s head, ghosts and jinn has become so entrenched that today more than a hospital, more than a shrine and more than a treatment, a healing meeting is going on.

Jinns that have come into people’s heads are being chased away from tombs, while ghosts are being chased away in the name of many temples. While the church gang is driving away the evil spirits, the Mata ki Chowki is being used to drive away many so-called evil spirits. Looking at all this, it seems as if there are two billion ghosts and evil spirits, jinn and pichas, living among the 1.4 billion population of India. It’s just that they don’t have Aadhaar card or Voter ID card, otherwise those ghosts would have been contesting elections and forming and bringing down governments.

In a country where there used to be evening havans and praises of God. Now in that country, such a big business has been created by creating fear and terror in the name of faith that no one knows when the common people are becoming its victims. A woman who runs away from home after leaving her husband becomes Radhe Maa overnight on the basis of pretense and hypocrisy. So a Muslim named Asif becomes Aasu Maharaj and starts playing in crores. Not only does he play but also robs the honor of Hindu women.

You might be traveling in a bus, sometimes while roaming in the city or sometimes while surfing online. You too might have seen many advertisements of such babas in which it is written that “Get back your lost love in 24 hours”. Remedy… If you want 100% guaranteed solution to any such problem then call, this is the call which once made then keeps getting stuck.

Those who once believed in God are now believing in Bengali Babas, from tombs to Babas, to imaginary and fake mothers. Think how superstition takes hold in a civilized society, one should learn from India. Sanskrit, Ayurveda and Yoga have certainly been great sciences. But by the medieval period, Sanskrit was made only the language of reciting mantras. Ayurveda became the treatment only for constipation and venereal diseases. It was from here that Baba Jo who created his mantras began to flourish. Under the guise of faith, he started the business of diagnosing diseases through Tantra Mantra. Since the society had traditional faith in them, these people gave that suppressed faith to their sorrow, class disease etc. as superstition when now the lives of innocent people are being taken away.

Some time ago, a person by the name of Masani Baba used to establish Mata Masani Chowki in Delhi. He claimed to cure women by putting his tongue in their mouths. He used to extort money from unhappy women on the pretext of fixing everything and then, taking the opportunity, used to rape them. Not only this, he also used to blackmail the victimized women later. Later, when several complaints reached the police station, Delhi Police arrested him from Dwarka.

Actually, Mata’s Jagrata is going on and all the people are dancing. , then a noise is heard, a crowd of alleged believers suddenly forms a circle around a woman. The woman who seemed normal a moment ago starts speaking in a broken voice. She also starts swinging fast. Some women go ahead and release his hair. A large dot of vermilion is applied on his forehead. The woman who always used to take care of her clothes no longer even cares about them. Mother’s chunri is covered over her head and people sit down and start touching her feet. It is said that a goddess has come upon that woman. The Goddess remains in his body for a few minutes or about half an hour, then becomes invisible.

While this is a temporary matter of coming to be a mother, many people start claiming themselves as goddesses or gods on a permanent basis. Many men have also done this. 1971 batch IPS officer DK Panda had started calling himself Radha when God himself appeared in his dream and revealed to him that he was Radha. He started wearing clothes and makeup like Radha, started wearing vermilion on his forehead and bangles in his hands.

Now you can call it faith but in the language of medical science it is possession syndrome. The victim of this syndrome starts feeling that he is possessed by some deity. Many times people talk like ghosts, this is also an example of possession syndrome. In this condition, the patient starts acting different from his normal behavior. Many times he also commits crimes and later claims that a soul or a deity made him do all this. Since it happens in the name of religion and faith, people also accept it.

The National Institute of Mental Health had claimed in the year 1969 that this syndrome has a direct connection with mental illnesses. One possible mental disorder i.e. sometimes normal, sometimes abnormal personality, the other multiple personality disorder – claim of the arrival of a soul or goddess. Third, psychiatric illness like delusional disorder. According to psychiatrists, most of the people who claim to be visited by gods or goddesses are those who are suffering from some mental problem or the other. When they go into an atmosphere of devotion, music affects their mind. Due to which they reach trance state. This is a type of hypnotism, in which the patient gets hypnotized by himself. He starts dancing in a trance or starts saying anything.

But as soon as the music is stopped, the woman or girl automatically stops dancing. Although many people are indeed victims of possession syndrome, there are also many vicious people who play with faith. They claim to be gods or goddesses. They even say that the goddess visits them from week till this day. In this way they decorate the shop and start pretending to be Baba or Mother. Now you can understand yourself that there is a difference between faith and blindness. These so called babas, hypocrites, exploit in the name of ghosts, in the name of troubles, in the name of faith, in the name of miracles. If there is faith in God then why superstition and if there is faith in superstition then why blame God?

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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