June 14, 2024

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Why do you have violence in the country on Jumma Mubarak?

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In Nupur Sharma’s case, after the Friday prayers, stones were being pelted in the country, somewhere vehicles were being set on fire. Somewhere the policeman was crying that sir should send force. Apart from this, provocative arguments were made in mosques in those mosques which the law considers to be religious places. Then from there, singing the songs of rape and separation from the body, the worshipers came out on the streets and set many cities of the country on fire. Now if people will speak or question on this, then they will say that we are a victim of Islamophobia.

After doing all this, these people call it religion, if this is a religion then what is Dadagiri? There must have been some difference between religion and Dadagiri, but if the country tolerated this Dadagiri, then these people took it as a religion.

People who created panic after Namaz in Prayagraj will not be able to forget it easily, looted by arson in many places including police vehicles. The police force was attacked in Ranchi, after which the video of Ranchi Police controlling the rioters surfaced. This type of picture was available till now of Uttar Pradesh Police, now Jharkhand Police is also getting to see it! However, many police personnel have been injured in this stone pelting and in self-defense, the police acted in the news of the death of two rioters.


Not only Ranchi, Uttar Pradesh Deoband, Saharanpur, from Prayagraj to Karnataka, the fire kept burning because it was a day of worship and perhaps they are worshiped by burning shops in the homes of others?

If such a demonstration was against the threat of terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, then it would be understood that it is a patriot, but here the rehearsals for supporting Al Qaeda and hanging Nupur were going on. Then say, do not question our patriotism, the government

This picture is from Karnataka, this picture is of Nupur Sharma’s effigy, this picture is after Friday prayers or say this picture is of India’s future.

However, the mistake is of 1947 because all the Raja Maharaja leaders of that time, the Hindu leaders had proved to be religiously weak, hollow. As a result, the Islamic separatist language of seven decades before Partition is being heard again. But even today Hindu leaders do not know what to do! They still seem as helpless today as they were in 1947, when a handful of Islamic leaders and their pro-communists had partitioned the country. Today, Hindu leaders do not have the courage to say that no leader has the courage to say clearly that the partition of the country was done in 1947 only for a one-time solution to all the grievances of the Muslims. Some one leader should stand up and answer why the partition took place, what was its basis. When this disease was to be kept here, then why two sides of India were cut off.

While this truth was well understood by Dr. Ambedkar ji and warned the Hindus that Muslim politics is the politics of Mullahs and it recognizes only one difference between Hindus and Muslims.. Muslim of any secular element of life. No place in politics, and they bow down to only one guiding principle of the Muslim political community, which is called religion.

Looks the same once again. Pakistan was made for all the Muslims here, for which they voted for the Muslim League. For accepting partition, Nehru himself had given the same logic and consolation to the Hindu people that by this the ‘Muslim problem’ would end forever. In talk talk, Hindus will get freedom from direct attacks and riots of Muslims, we will live in a country of one constitution.

jawaharlal Nehru, the newly elected President of the All India Congress, talking with Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political strong man, at a meeting of the Congress, Bombay, India, July 15, 1946. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

Partition took place, more than 10 lakh people died. After voting for the Muslim League, most of the Muslims remained frozen. In independent India, Congress and other parties continued to give more facilities and rights to the Muslims. Forgetting the constitution, respect for Islamic isolation in education, politics, law, etc., support for international Islamic demands, foreign policy inclined towards Islamic countries, etc. were great examples of this. Along with this, the Shariat, which was half-hearted, was also given to the Waqf Board, for their welfare, the Ministry of Minority Welfare was also made, in one hand computer and in the other the songs of Quran were sung. But what can anyone give to those who have stones in their hands and garbage in their minds.

Not only this, the Aligarh Muslim University, which was the center of the movement to create Pakistan, was made a privileged university instead of abolishing it! Today again Muslim grievances have increased so much that now again the demand for a separate country, the demand for Shariat law is arising from this. And look amazing, instead of reprimanding these Muslim leaders, Congress leaders are abusing Hindus, as Gandhiji used to say to Arya Samaj, Shudhi Sabha Hindu Mahasabha or Veer Savarkar and Swami Shraddhanand ji.

Even today, it is being seen the same way, Muslims have now come to know that they have created a ruckus to gain authority and power, that’s why they want more, and more, this demand will not stop, sometimes they will set fire to the country by making excuses for the alleged insult of the Prophet. Will ever set fire to Basirhat and Ranchi. Will arson from Kanpur to Prayagraj and will do it till everything becomes Islamic! This is the political skill which, due to forgetting, Hindu leaders will not be able to solve the problem even after making many sacrifices and partitioning again and again.


Because after the creation of Pakistan, there was no basis for complaint for the Muslims who remained in India. But today again the same problem, the same religion, the same grandfather, the same violence, the same riots. After all, why should anyone give an answer and explain how the favor is being shown to us by the Muslims who were left here after voting for the Muslim League. Hindu leaders and intellectuals of all secular parties do not want to see the straight truth by getting entangled in their goodwill and word-web. The meaning of this fugitiveness is better understood by Islamic leaders. They know how to use their strengths and the weaknesses of others. That is why from Qatar to Delhi, they are successful in bowing down the rulers and getting their arbitrariness accepted.

They will keep playing the game, insult our deities, if you speak or answer in return, they will sing the song of Tan Sir Juda, suddenly there will be Islamophobia and till this happens, the mosque from which stone pelters come out after Friday prayers Mosques will not be sealed by arresting the Imams of that mosque..till then this game will continue and the country will continue to burn on one pretext or the other…

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