June 14, 2024

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Debate on “Jihad” again after Karachi attack !!

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The name was Shari Baloch, the age was also the same 30 years. She was not illiterate, but did her B.Ed from Pakistan’s Allama Iqbal Open University in 2014 and MSc in Zoology from Balochistan University in 2015. But recently he blew himself up in a suicide attack near the Chinese Language Center on the campus of Karachi University. Many Chinese teachers were killed in this suicide attack, some were also injured.

Two decades later, this suicide attack by “Shari Baloch” has revived a question that who is a terrorist? How does a common man become a terrorist? After all, what are the reasons for those who blew themselves up with bombs?

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In fact, a lot of research has been done on these questions. Even many great psychiatrists lived among terrorists. Before the year 2001, it was believed all over the world that illiteracy, poverty make a common Muslim a terrorist. In addition, female suicide bombers were used against Russian soldiers by Islamic extremist organizations for two thousand years in Chechnya. Most of the women involved in these suicide bombings were those whose husbands, brothers or fathers were killed by Russian soldiers. That’s why the word Black Widow means black widows who are attacking was used for them.

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But when the World Trade Center was attacked in America, this topic was reversed and research started on it. Because all the terrorists who attacked were doctors, engineers and students with higher education degrees. All the analysts around the world got involved in the investigation of this question, they wanted to know what is there in a Muslim that he becomes a jihadist.

In Britain, the professor of criminology “Andrew Silk”, who came to the fore in this research, started his studies. But the psychiatrists doing research on this matter also had little information and they were working from the biographies of terrorists and their interviews in the media. In the end, Andrew wrote, “There is no authentic information to become a terrorist, all it can be said is that you must have madness to kill an unknown person” i.e. the end of the research was that all terrorists are insane . This is not a political problem but only a problem related to the mind.

Questions arose about this research. Also some experts came up with evidence that not all jihadists are psychopaths. After this, the world-renowned psychiatrist “Mark Sageman” for expertise in terrorism-related matters was the psychiatrist who spent time with the “jihadists” who were involved in the violence in Afghanistan in 1980.

Mark Sejman wrote – After this attack the whole country was getting ready for a new situation. During this, the government wanted to engage the experts in the task of understanding this enemy in a better way. It was hard for everyone to understand! After all, why some people gave their lives and made three thousand people sleep.

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“Sejman” also said that America had spent a lot of money in this work, but the results did not get concrete. After this, in the year 2003, the US government decided to create an internal team of experts related to terrorism. Freshers for research were recruited directly from the university level.

It also happened that the scholars who were involved in this work had the way and ability to understand everything, but unfortunately they did not have any facts. That is, the years went by. Terrorist attacks continued, but concrete results were not visible.

Meanwhile, an expert who changed his name to a Muslim and identified himself as Nafees spoke to Al Nusra and Islamic State militants fighting the war in Syria through Skype and other messaging apps. When interviewed, he said, “He wants to implement Sharia all over the world”.

The matter was pretty much settled. But there was still one question left. That is, how do people come together on such a large scale? Where do they get their weapons from? Should it be assumed that people in Islamic State and Al Qaeda are joining only for jobs? If so, why would a suicide bomber blow himself up, slit the person’s neck because he is an infidel? Or the search for reasons like raping innocent girls in the name of religion intensified.

Suddenly Terrorist Psychology found some such evidence, which solved the matter. He said that all Muslims are part of the same “Ummah” so there should be a caliphate, in which all international borders are abolished and one Shariat should be implemented.

After this, the research events were added and the conclusion was made in the document titled “Radicalization of Muslims” prepared in Britain, it was said that today about 62 percent of terrorists are those who have a significant qualification. Whose family background is also very good. When the children of these houses hear about or listen to the speech of educated terrorists like Baghdadi Osama, they automatically get inclined.

Many things came out of this too. One is that these educated youth have technical proficiency. Second, they are offered jobs. Third, their mind is washed by saying that what are you doing for religion by reading and writing. For this reason, at the age of 21, these people start getting attracted towards terrorist thinking.

Poor Muslim left now? But this method of preparing fidayeen is not new. In this, the first juvenile or young men are found to prepare the fidayeen. Then they are asked, what have you done for the deen, or what are you doing? What answer will you give to Allah after the Hereafter, when you will have your account?

After this, any incident happens to these youth anywhere in the world, their pictures are shown saying “atrocities” on the Majlums by saying that look! “How many atrocities are being committed on Muslims, will you bear it?”

Then their excited answer is NO! Now Maulana keeps on intensifying his voice. After the raw brain is completely in trance, they are sorted and separated. Now a special voice in the minds of the shortlisted youth is filled with the feeling of doing something. In these, the fidayeen is sorted out after seeing the light in the eyes.

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Now from here they are shown the dream of paradise. do you want to go to heaven Will you have to wait in the grave till the end? But the doors of heaven are always open for the martyrs who sacrifice in the name of Deen.

If someone is not fully prepared here too, then Maulana explains that you see ordinary women, there are wonderfully beautiful women in heaven. She changes seventy kinds of clothes. Their body full of obscenity is being exhibited and it is said, you will get seventy-two hoorays, do jihad, become fidayeen, the path of heaven is open for martyrs. The raw mind thinks, there is such an auspicious opportunity, why should we wait for a long time to get heaven? Martyrdom in the name of Deen and the short cut of Paradise, all questions are suppressed and any common Muslim becomes a Jihadi.

Now, once they are mentally prepared, tapes are played continuously to make them stand out and make them completely oblivious. On the other hand, after getting a chance, the fidayeen is brought out with the color of sacrifice. He is so excited to die. He finds this world, all relatives meaningless. Often, most of the dangerous people fill RDX in the car and leave it by putting a time bomb on the body. Go! Kill the innocent, waiting for you in paradise! In this greed, a Muslim becomes a Jihadi. But he never asks Maulana before dying that if there is so much then why do not that Maulana or his children ever become Jihadis?

BY-Rajeev Choudhary

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