June 14, 2024

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Home Minister of the country is using casteist words: Jayant Chaudhary

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Rashtriya Lok Dal President Jayant Chaudhary accused the BJP of politics of casteism and said that the Home Minister himself is repeatedly using caste words by calling him Jat. Baba Chief Minister is calling me a rioter. I was the MP from Mathura next to you. Find out that I did not allow any quarrel in any house. But I want to say that the BJP government is synonymous with promiscuity. Let’s talk about crime Our grandfather Chau Charan Singh made an anti-goonda law in 1970. Today Baba tell which law he has made.

RLD President Jayant Chaudhary said these things on Monday while addressing the workers in Gonda, Malav, Khair and Gaurai, Barauli in support of RLD candidates of Khair, Iglas, Barauli assembly constituencies. Describing his emotional connection with Iglas and Khair assembly constituency, he said that both these areas have been the work place of late Chaudhary Charan Singh. Which is also known as Mini Chhaprauli. The people of this region had always maintained the supremacy of Late Ajit Singh. This is the first time that we are going to contest elections without Ajit Singh. In which your cooperation is needed.

He said that today, BJP’s Union Home Minister Amit Shah is using caste-indicative words, while talking about cultivating Jats, on one hand, he is promoting casteism, while we talk about farmers and farmers’ youth society. They are doing the work of fighting the battle of every class. He said that the central government of BJP, being forced to bow before the farmers’ movement, withdrew all the three agricultural laws. But all the talks of the farmers were not accepted and none of the promises made by the government have been fulfilled. Neither the cases written against the farmers during the peasant movement have been withdrawn. Nor has any committee been formed on MSP yet. The central government had promised to bring and pass a law on MSP. But till date no law has been made on MSP. Today the farmers of the state including Aligarh are badly affected. Today the sugarcane farmer is upset due to the plight of the sugar mill in Aligarh. Along with sugarcane farmers not getting the price of their crops, mustard potato farmers are also not getting the price of their crops. Today the government is focusing on palm oil instead of paying attention to the mustard crop of the farmers.

Targeting the Chief Minister, he said that Baba is accusing me today that I am a rioter and working to instigate the public to cause riots. I want to remind them that the Goonda Act was made in Uttar Pradesh in 1970 during the Chief Minister of my Late Baba Chaudhary Charan Singh. Baba ji, you have made any law till date, so tell me. You are the neighbor of Mathura. I have been an MP there. Find out if I have got a fight in some house too. He accused Baba of threatening, saying that he was threatening to create a cold wave in May-June. I say get united, press so many buttons on the handpump-cycle and make them feel your warmth.

In the end, he said that I appeal to you that you have given me a great responsibility by handing over the legacy of Late Chaudhary Charan Singh and Late Ajit Singh. You guys give me your full blessings and give me a chance to carry forward the legacy of Chaudhary Charan Singh. You will get to see your supremacy in Lucknow. I appeal to you. That you guys bring the RLD candidates of Khair, Iglas, Barauli assembly to the assembly by making them victorious with a huge majority.

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