June 14, 2024

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If Nawaz Sharif comes to Pakistan now, where will Imran Khan go? Satire

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In Pakistan, the Prime Minister has changed, the army chief has changed, the ISI chief, the bank’s president, the Supreme Court judge has changed everything. But Pakistan did not change. However, now the new news is that the Prime Minister is going to be changed again in Pakistan. The Pakistani army held secret talks with Nawaz in London and it is being claimed that Nawaz will return to Pakistan in January. After this, he can be in jail for a few days and then become the prime minister. In such a situation, questions are being raised that what will happen to Imran Khan? So the answer is, that the same incident that happened to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Ziaul Haq, Ayub Khan and Musharraf all of them will happen with Imran!


The news of Pakistan is telling that once again a script has been prepared for a big change in the politics there. The work for which the Pakistani army had put Imran Khan in power failed. That is, Pakistan’s army needs such a Prime Minister for Pakistan who is completely skilled in asking for loans from foreign countries, in which country he goes to borrow 10 twenty fifty thousand dollars in a jiffy. While returning after bringing the loan, give such a bullet to the surefire bullet, that is, to know that he had come to take money, but the Prime Minister of Pakistan cried in such a way that one lakh dollars more was lent.

Just before the 2018 elections, Imran Khan is giving similar bullets to the people of Pakistan, the army thought that he is the right leader, used to throw the ball fast in cricket, so maybe he will bring a quick loan by throwing a long talk abroad? On these hopes, Imran got the support of the army. Say Pakistani or according to Islamic customs, the ruler who comes down from the throne gets either a graveyard or a jail. So Nawaz was sent to jail. Nawaz turned out to be a little wiser and fled to Britain on the pretext of treatment for illness and was so clinging to the hospital bed in Britain that even the Pakistani army failed to take him off.

The army felt that it did not matter, they now have Imran, made Imran wear a new salwar kameez coat and made some foreign trips, Imran also brought some money from Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia. I swore to Allah that I would return it soon.

The army of Pakistan started getting Biryani. But by when the next year the Takadewalas started coming to Pakistan. The army forwarded Imran and said demands from whomever he gave. Imran started making excuses. Said to someone, Allah will give the oath as soon as the princely state of Medina is formed. When Kashmir comes, we will give it. Some next month and some next month. If someone agreed, then Malaysia stopped the ship that first give money and then take your ship.

Now the army sent Imran to bring loans to other countries, someone refused, now the army started feeling that the fare for coming and going is also going to waste, it is not even taking it out, so suddenly the army was awarded I remembered that no matter how many scams the man was, he was an expert in asking for loans. Remove it, call him and the discussion started that Nawaz Sharif is going to come.

According to the second State Bank of Pakistan, in June 2018, the foreign debt was $ 95 billion, now it is $ 127 billion, Imran took a loan of $ 35 billion in 39 months, no one has taken such a loan before, Pakistani rupees against the dollar in 2018. The price was 123, now it has become 179, Imran Khan says that the inflation rate is no percent, experts claim it is more than twenty one percent, apart from this, Pakistan was isolated on the diplomatic front, now China is also angry with the Imran government . IMF and Saudi Arabia are also not ready to give loan.

This was a simple analysis, second, if we go to the bottom of it, Pakistan is a country of idiots and the army is their ruler. This is the first army in the world which is tearing clothes of Pakistanis from milk dairy to bakery and from bakery to clothing business. In the name of business, the hungry people are being robbed with both hands by becoming the President of the Army, Bajwa & Company as a British company? If you see the balance sheet of Bajwa Army’s business, you will be surprised.

Look amazing, on one side Pakistan is a pauper country, but on the other hand, Pakistani army prints notes. Bajwa & Company manufactures everything from bread to gunpowder. Imran Khan is running the country on debt, but the general of Pakistan earns crores in a year. It is said that every year 100 billion rupees come in Bajwa’s terror account. Where do they come from, how do they come? What is the Pakistani army doing like this? Due to which the Pakistani Army became the largest private limited in a pauperized country.

That is, the Pakistani army also makes films. The food items that are there are also made by the Pakistani Army. CPAC has brought an investment of $ 42 billion to China, in which Bajwa has sold to Pakistan. A US Senate had also said in the past that the Pakistani army can also sell its mother for money.

Who decides the future of Pakistan? How is every business deal in Pakistan decided? Who’s in control of each deal? It is said that on foreign tours of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the army chief accompanies him for the reason that he keeps reminding him to ask for loan money from time to time. This is the reason that every blueprint of which business to be set up in Pakistan is decided by the Pakistani Army. Because the dark story of the business empire of the Pakistani Army is very surprising. The business empire of Pakistan Army is so big in this poor country that if even a fourth part of the earnings is invested on the starving people, then the fate of the country will change, but the Pakistani army does not want such a thing. The assets of every top army officer are worth Rs 271 crore. 56 percent of the entire property of Pakistan is in the possession of the Army.

Pakistanis are not just starving. Pakistan’s defense expert says that, ‘If Modi buys a Rafale in India, then people can ask questions. But leaving the common man in Pakistan, the PM cannot ask for how much did the Army General buy F16s. Tell the child of a general of India who studies abroad. Leave their general, children up to the Brigadier study in Europe and America. Where do you complete?

Apart from this, the hunger of the Pakistani army and its robber officers does not end here, many former Pakistani army officers and chiefs of ISI officers are the owners of crores of rupees by being posted abroad on big posts. This issue had cropped up in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the year 2018.

That is, in the name of army, Bajwa is sitting by opening a business center in Pakistan. Bajwa’s hunger is not only this much, apart from the heavy industry, Bajwa and Company is also sitting in the construction sector with a horoscope. The officer of Bajwa, who likes the land of Pakistan, becomes a builder and erects buildings on it.

The Pakistan Army has more than 50 businesses in Pakistan, ranging from petrol pumps to heavy industrial plants. Apart from this, Pak Army also does business of Bank, Bakery, School University, Clothing Factory, Dairy, Industry, Stud Form, Cement Plant, Mining, Oil, Gas. But for the poor people of Pakistan, Imran sees a false dream to build a house from debt, but the army is eating biryani with that money, because in most countries of the world, the army works under the elected government, in Pakistan the Ganges flows in the opposite direction. . Here the army and ISI play the most important role in forming and toppling the government, Nawaz had to lose the chair due to the opposition of the army, Imran was brought in as a change, but Imran did not live up to the hopes of the army. After giving up, the army has to look towards Nawaz again. Because Pakistan’s army doesn’t need a prime minister but an international beggar begging from foreign countries… The one who begs well will become the prime minister of Pakistan. But it is certain that Pakistan will not change until its religion changes.

BY Rajeev Chaudhary, Author, Blogger, Youtubers

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