June 14, 2024

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Is Pakistan going to become an economic slave of China due to increasing debt?

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Now Pakistan has achieved the position for which Pakistan was made. Even though the developed country releases the list of top ten countries which are developed, rich in which education and health are good, but Pakistan has made a slap on the face of all these countries in such a world-class top ten list, around which They can never even get close. That is, Pakistan has secured its place in the list of 10 largest debtors of the world, beating Angola, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mongolia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, and Zambia in the list of ten largest debt-ridden countries of the world.

It is being told that Imran Khan has clearly said that the government does not have money to run the country in order to bring out Pakistan buried under heavy debt. Actually Imran Khan used to hold rallies in Pakistan before coming to power and used to tell people that if our party comes to power, we will not spread our hands in front of any other country for loans or borrowings. Will make a new Pakistan, will make the princely state of Medina, he will make it, he will make it.

The people of Pakistan also believed, voted for him and Imran kept his promise from the heart, that is, Imran Khan’s government did not spread his hand in front of any country, but took the bowl and said, put it in this bowl, it is our election promise. .

Earlier, according to the election promise, the masons who built the new Pakistan would come and start masonry. Before that, the State Bank of Pakistan released the figures that since the Imran Khan government came to power, Pakistan’s total debt and public debt is deteriorating and Pakistan has reached the verge of being sold. That is, clearly said that Imran Khan is moving on the path of making the country an economic slave.

Although this is not a new thing, earlier this year the debt-ridden Pakistan was in front of the world when Pakistan’s friend Malaysia confiscated a Pakistan International Airlines plane full of Pakistani nationals due to non-payment. Pay off the loan first and then take your plane. The address of the plane was not found back or not, but it happened so much that Pakistan had washed its tears and brought its passenger sitting in it. Then this voice was raised in the Parliament of Pakistan, you should also listen.

Bahral now Pakistan is forced to take loan from any country on any condition. A few days ago, he had taken a loan of $ 442 million from the World Bank, Maulana got it that Hazur we will bring you to Kashmir. Only boys’ training should be completed. Happy with this, Imran also sat down printing a big map of Pakistan with the left over money. In which Junagadh also showed its share along with Kashmir of India.

Then went to the International Monetary Fund to ask for a loan, he also rejected the request to give the loan, give the account of the past debt, we give money to run the country and not to run Islam. Now in a day or two, say the head of the International Monetary Fund IMF or if the head of an Indian economist, Gita Gopinath, becomes an Indian economist, then the bowl will not be taken there further.

So this time Saudi Arabia has given him a loan with very strict conditions. The conditions are such that hardly any country takes a loan on them. That is why it is being said that PM Imran Khan probably did not read the conditions while taking the loan. According to Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, Saudi Arabia has agreed to pay a one-year cash deposit of $3 billion to Pakistan, adding that it will be obliged to return it at any time upon 72 hours notice. . Yes, the interesting thing is that this money is only for showing this cash reserve, not for spending. The Imran government cannot spend it even if it wants to. This money will be only for showing respect in the bank.

It is being said in Pakistani media reports that Saudi Arabia has put these conditions on the default, it can withdraw the cash deposit immediately. Delay in timely interest payment will be considered a default of the agreement.’ That means, within 72 hours of the day Saudi Arabia turned its head, Pakistan would have to pay this amount in cash. Now from where will this amount come so soon, then the common Pakistani is saying that Pakistan will be forced to sell because already the domestic and foreign debt on Pakistan has exceeded 50 thousand billion rupees i.e. 1 lakh 75 thousand on every Pakistani citizen. There is a debt of Rs.. If this happens, then this will be the first time that the news of the sale of a country will be received, because till now the people of debt-ridden people’s shops, houses, land and property were sold, here, the whole country is standing on the verge of being sold.

BY Rajeev Choudhary Author  Blogger Youtubers

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