June 14, 2024

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Were the Mughals great or the Taliban?

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Recently, there has been a report by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore regarding Afghanistan. In which many families in Afghanistan are also dealing with their 20-day-old baby girl in the greed of dowry money. Child marriages have increased so much more than before. Child marriage increased, purdah system increased and even small and innocent girls are being wrapped in brooches, hijabs. After the Taliban left a couple of provinces, girls were banned from going to school.

Even now many people in India consider purdah system or child marriage as the culture here. Perhaps this report of Henrietta Fore is sufficient to suggest that it was not our culture but an imposed Arabic mentality. According to Sharia law, even today women in Saudi Arabia cannot go out alone. Girls are being lashed out in Afghanistan. In Nigeria, girls are being picked up from schools that believe in Quran and there is a discussion going on here on the evil practices prevalent in the Hindus.

That is why this question starts asking for study that when did this evil practice arise in India, where did it come from! Why child marriages started here and why women had to veil. From Satyug, Treta and Dwapar period to Kaliyug also in the stories of Emperor Samudragupta, Ashok Vikramaditya, Chandragupta Maurya and Prithviraj Chauhan and Alha-Udal, the description of marriage of educated and young girls and youths is also found. There was no purdah system. Women were free to marry and remarry. Even widow-marriage was allowed between them. There was no purdah system, nor was it considered a sin to educate girls. Then what happened in this India that everything stopped. Women imprisoned in the house began to guard the veil. Where young girls had the right to choose their husbands, suddenly small girls started getting married. Those girls who did not even know the meaning of marriage.

What the Taliban is doing in Afghanistan today, it has happened here about 500 hundred years ago. And the question becomes which Taliban was here then. Was Mullah Akhund Wala Taliban of Taliban or Akbar’s Taliban? History tells that there was a tribal culture in the Arab countries. The people of one tribe used to loot the women of other tribes. Because of which wars also took place. When they used to pick up women and no one recognizes them, for this reason they used to cover them in veils, put on burqa. She was not even allowed to leave the house alone because she should not go back to her first home or husband. That is, this practice became the need of that period and region, which also got the patronage of religious clerics, their reading and writing were banned and they came to be called men’s farming.

When all this was happening in Arabia, women were living freely in India, unaware of these. There was no purdah. She studied in Gurukuls. When she was young, she used to choose her husband herself. Or there was competition which was also called Swayamvar. Men had to prove themselves in any weapon competition or competition like Jallikattu of South India, then girls used to choose him as their husband. Everyone had a different category. Studying young scholarly girl used to choose scholarly men of her own free will.

At the same time, the Arab Taliban started coming to India. At that time in India the promotion of non-violence was at its peak and had reached the limit of pomp. The principles of non-violence of some sects, weapons and weapons were also fabricated in the ground. This made the task of the invaders easy. The Mughal Taliban took full advantage of this. Looted and captured wealth, royalty, women, industry, trade and started destroying religious and educational institutions. The Talibani Mughals settled in India due to the unarmed people and abundance of natural resources.

Four marriages were customary in his religion. Because of this, on the strength of power, the Talibani Mughal robbers started robbing the newly-weds. Kidnapping of young girls and mistreatment of women became common. It also became difficult for girls to go to school. Due to this fear, many Hindu kings made treaties with the Mughals and became their allies. The terror of the Mughal Taliban was at its peak, their allies also increased through conversion. For example, understand it in such a way that there was neither military power nor unity among the native kings for women’s safety, women’s honor and the common people i.e. the subjects were also not capable. Due to which it was not possible to stop the looting and mistreatment of women by the Mughals.

The able people could protect themselves but the poor and the weak were subjected to more atrocities. As a result, Indians followed the Mughals and started keeping women in purdah. And girls stopped going to school, due to which the schools were closed. Girls started getting married at the age of five to ten years. The wives of the soldiers and the kings killed in the war started killing themselves by jumping into the pyre of the Mughal Taliban for fear of being trampled in the hands of the Taliban. Seeing the child marriage and purdah system of Sati started in India. Not only this, the fear was that when the bride started being robbed on the day of marriage, then secretly marriages started taking place in this India at night, which are happening even today.

The ancient images say that during the Maurya and Shunga dynasties, three centuries before Christ, men and women wore a rectangular piece of cloth in the lower part of the body and one in the upper part. After this, the study of various books tells that Vasanthasena of Mrichhakattikam is seen opposing the curtain. It is known from the Lalitavistara that the Buddha’s wife Gopa objected to wearing a veil over her face, saying that an outer covering is not needed for those with pure thoughts. In Kathasaritsagara, a woman named Ratnaprabha is clearly found opposing this practice. Even in Kalhana’s Rajatarangini, there is no information about the practice of purdah. The tenth century Arabic writer Abuzaid has said that Indian queens used to attend the royal assembly without any curtains. That is, these are the statues here when women in Arabia were completely wrapped in burqa.

After this, the Mughal Taliban started here what the Afghan Taliban is doing today in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISIS in Iraq Syria. And when all this happens there, then even the Maulana of India’s Talibani thinking is seen advocating the marriage of small girls under the burqa screen. And see the irony, when all this happened, then instead of questioning their fatwas and this autocratic Sharia, the so-called intellectuals of the country were crying on the evils of Hindu society. Whereas in our texts, there is no description and sign of child marriage and purdah practice anywhere. Whether it is Ramayana or Mahabharata, whether it is a scholar like Gargi or Vishwaara, Apala, Ghosha, Lopamudra, Maitreyi, Sikata, Ratnavali, all were great learned women without veils. Then it is natural to ask that when and why did these practices start in India? And how did women’s education end? There is only one answer to this question that the Mughals were not great but the Taliban. Anyone who wants to do research on this can visit modern Afghanistan. Where even today girls are being picked up from homes without whipping and burqa, girls’ schools are closed and innocent girls are being sold.

BY Rajeev Choudhary Author  Blogger Youtubers

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