June 14, 2024

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Global Hunger Index: India should be proud or ashamed?

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Over the years, the media and politicians have taught us that we should be proud, there should be no place for shame. Barring just a few issues – we should be ashamed of the statements of the opposition, we should be ashamed if the farmers and laborers protest against the government. We should be ashamed when any media channel, newspaper or magazine criticizes the government. But when there is a raid by the government investigating agencies on the person or institution criticizing us, then we should be proud that Modi hai to mumkin hai.

Apart from this, it is not the job of intellectuals, poets, writers or opposition leaders to worry about any national problem. That is the job of the government and the media. Therefore, this book should be in every household like the slogan “Ghar Ghar Modi”, “Chinta choho, sukh se jio”, which is being sold for many years. Rather, every page of it should be included in the courses from primary school to university. Because governments are unhappy with those who care about the nation and those who are proud of them are always happy. Therefore, youth with a proud spirit should come out of the schools not for the nation.

Now as the annual report reviewing the Global Hunger Index has come, it is not understood whether to be proud or worried? Because India is just a short distance away from becoming a world leader in terms of starvation. But we should be proud that the way the honorable Prime Minister of the country is engaged day and night, we hope that soon we will become a world guru in starvation. Today, we may be ranked 101st in the Global Hunger Index, but it is a matter of pride that we have achieved this feat, beating Afghanistan and Nigeria.

That is, we have to live in pride in any situation, the people of United Kisan Front are saying that more than 600 farmers have died in the last one year. This may be a matter of concern, but it is no longer a cause for concern when the government proudly says that we have vaccinated 100 crore people and it is celebrated by lighting up 100 big buildings of the country. People die of hunger a thousand times, they are not allowed to die from “Corona”!

Poverty, hunger and unemployment all these concerns are no longer national concerns. These have become the tactics of the opposition. In the midst of these gimmicks, many things to be proud of are questioned by anxious people, which spoils the fun of being proud. But people are not deterred from worrying that some are worried about the rising prices of petrol, some are worried about LPG, some are being consumed by the price of diesel and some are getting dried up because of democracy. That’s why the government should issue an advisory that if you want to worry, then do it on these topics, like why Sardar Patel did not become the first Prime Minister, corruption of opposition, Pakistan, terrorism, wrong history taught in schools, alleged Khalistanis of peasant movement, Talibani. Apart from this, farmer leaders sleep by putting AC in the tent. Pizza being eaten by farmers. How can a farmer speak English, how can he wear jeans pants etc., all this should be a national concern. This unemployment, poverty, inflation is all a pretense of the opposition, they should be avoided.

It should be a matter of concern how a car crushes devotees in Chhattisgarh and Lakhimpur Kheri should be proud. However, some people are so shameless that they are told to be ashamed, but they start worrying, sometimes of the Constitution, sometimes of democracy, sometimes of Parliament, sometimes of government institutions, sometimes of Dalits, Adivasis, sometimes of farmers and workers. Such people should be thrown out of the country society and social media.

For this reason, the latest reports of poverty, unemployment, hunger should be conveyed to those who are concerned about the plight of the farmers through nationwide publicity that they should be proud of the billionaires of India. He is so hardworking and patriotic that the institutions which were running in loss with the government are buying them and taking them towards profit. Now whoever is concerned about whether towards his own benefit or the benefit of the country. We have no cure for them, they should take three doses of bhakti from the proud government. These people spread negativity, they should be stopped from doing so that the whole country can be proud without any hindrance.

By the way, the priority of the government is clear that it is not worried about those who worry, but when the proud ones worry, the government would have been deeply worried about them and then the government would take tears in their eyes and convert their worries into pride. gives. Because of this, the government, which has been crying on many occasions, is constantly saying that the people should be proud of the country. Be proud of the grand statues, the people should be proud that even after falling in the global hunger index, the Prime Minister’s stature has increased in the world. When the Prime Minister had gone to deliver a speech in the United Nations Assembly in the past, he did not see how the drums were being played in happiness outside. Now you tell us that there are 193 recognized countries in the United Nations, the heads of all the nations had come. When someone other than Modi ji came, the drum was played there? This is something to be proud of. If the drummers were saying that they are playing with money, then what is wrong, if we went to America and gave employment to someone, then what bad did we do? Because of this, children dying of hunger or youth committing suicide due to unemployment, poor farmers or helpless poor should not worry about these things. Two GB data is available on mobile daily for free, follow the nationalist page and sleep comfortably after blowing that data.

BY-Rajeev Choudhary Author Blogger

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