June 14, 2024

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What will happen next for the Taliban in Kabul?

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Rajeev Choudhary

The dice rolled or was it already rolled over? Now there was a little opacariation from the tip of the gun, that too was completed. That is, the Taliban sat on the power of Kabul. Afghan President Ghani fled Afghanistan. The whole world is now engaged in analyzing how soon only a few thousand Talibanis are taking their selfies on President Ghani’s chair after defeating the army of lakhs of Kabul.

Today, political analysts around the world are telling the world that Taliban fighters have entered Kabul. Questions are being answered all over the world. Stories are being written, what will version 2 of Taliban be like? Where will the Afghan refugees go? What will be the condition of women there now? Although America is giving asylum to some, India to some. But there is no analysis on why Muslim countries are not giving asylum! And it will not. It may be further that the dead bodies of some children will be thrown on the pages of the newspaper and there will be crying anchors with sad music, this will sensitive the non-Islamic world. And refugees will find refuge.

It is being said that Afghanistan is a friend of India. But how to explain that there is no friendship between two countries. There was no kinship. Their relationship is based on mutual business and profit. Till now Russia was a friend of India, because all the weapons used to come from there. Now as soon as India got closer to America and European countries. Then Russia-Pakistan friendship progressed. In the same way, now Gani became furious. From here onwards Afghanistan will be a friend of Pakistan as Taliban will take arms from Pakistan.

Many such analyzes are coming out, but the real question remains buried in these analyzes that the Taliban captured the whole of Afghanistan in a few days! All the leftist newspapers, portals, TV anchors of the world are busy blaming America for this. So that clean chit can be given to Pakistan, China and Russia. Did America attack Afghanistan 20 years ago just to rule there? Maybe not! Because Afghanistan was attacked only because the Taliban refused to give Osama bin Laden to them. If he had given it to Osama, America would not have attacked.

Even after killing Osama, America helped Afghanistan a lot with military and money. Gave high quality training to the Afghan army, gave money for weapons. Now it was the responsibility of the Afghan army and the people to fight the Taliban. in which they failed. And maybe they don’t even want to fight! Because perhaps their mentality itself is also Talibani. Not only the Afghan people, but the mentality of the majority of the Muslim community is Talibani.

The living example of this is that the authorized strength of the security forces of Afghanistan is three lakh 52 thousand. As of July, 2020, their number in the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan was one lakh 85 thousand 478. Under this, the Army, Air Force and Special Operation Forces (SOF) come. In the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan, this number is one lakh three thousand 224. Various police forces come under it. Combining these, the total number of officers of the security forces comes to two lakh 88 thousand 702. According to the figures of the Afghan National Army (ANA) released in the year 2019, there are about one lakh 80 thousand soldiers in the Afghan army. Whose number has increased a lot now. There are also 167 fighter aircraft, while the Taliban does not have any fighter aircraft and their number is said to be around 70 thousand. The defense budget of the Afghan Army is about five and a half billion dollars and the Taliban’s 1.5 billion is again a big surprise why the Taliban are winning.

But is it really surprising, maybe not because the story is clear that in 1962, the Chinese army occupied more than half of Arunachal Pradesh. But there was a rebellion against the Chinese army by the local people and it was the common people of Arunachal who forced the Chinese army to return. But nothing like this was seen in Afghanistan. After the Taliban, they went on capturing a province and the Afghan citizens went on accepting it. For example, what should we do when the Afghan people only like the Taliban? Somewhere he himself is also suffering from Talibani mentality! Only a few thousand American soldiers sat suppressing the Taliban for twenty years and today, as soon as they leave, the Afghan army of millions has been defeated, then imagine with whom were the Afghan soldiers?

Second, what is the reason that none of the 56 Muslim countries opposed the Taliban. No secular, Muslim liberal opposed the Taliban. There were no tweets from Rihanna Greta. Has any Muslim intellectual opposed the Taliban in his own country? There was no protest march in Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia? No mullah cleric has made a fatwa against the Taliban? Why they are happy on the victory of Taliban and they are happy because they themselves are Talibani in mentality and this is the basic problem that even today is Talibani with common Muslim mentality.

For example, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has issued a statement saying that it is concerned about the crisis in Afghanistan. But did not say a word on Taliban. Iran, a Shia country that once considered the Taliban as its enemy, today stands with the Taliban. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are both Muslim countries. But Afghan refugees are not allowed to enter their country. Turkmenistan already has strong ties with the Taliban, which is also kicking Afghan refugees. Pakistan and Taliban have always had a close relationship.

The third concern is the conspiratorial silence of the Communists and so-called Progressive Liberals of the whole world on this subject. Where did these liberals who wept tears of blood for the Gaza Strip and Rohingya Muslims die today? No one is talking about Taliban, the Taliban is being praised in a muted tone. The clear reason for this is that what the Taliban did today, the Communists have been doing it for 100 years. The Left attacked Cuba with the same technique. Whether it is the removal of the Tsar in Russia or the Chinese Revolution, this was the version that the Taliban implemented today. Communist is itself a terrorist fascist ideology, Muslim is with terrorism. These communists are disguised as Liberals all over the world. These communists have an alliance with Islamic terrorism. There is a Talibani mentality in both of them because the Afghan army that America had prepared for 20 years fell apart like a pack of cards. Many states surrendered to the Taliban without fighting.

The responsibility is neither of India nor of America. The responsibility is of the Afghan people, of the Afghan people. of Afghan society. Question: From where did the Taliban bring 70,000 terrorists? Where is he getting the weapons and money? Why today 70 thousand Taliban are showing eyes to the world’s superpowers? Because it is getting the support of 56 countries and the full support of the Islamic Talibani mentality.

If you are saddened by the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, then it is not a matter of sorrow. Because it is a mirror of the mentality of their society. Stand in front of this mirror and see how many people join you by forming a Hindu Sikh Buddhist organization. But when a Baghdadi stands up, he gets millions of fighters. When one Osama stands, he also gets thousands of Osamas. When a Bokoharam stands up, he also finds people fighting for Islam. Not only from their own countries, but in Syria and Iraq, they get together to advance the Talibani mentality to stand with ISIS. Muslims from countries like India also join, Muslims from Europe come to Arabs. Because this is true Islam in their eyes. Those who consider ISIS and Talibanis to be the true face of Islam.

This is just the first chapter of this story. The second chapter will be Taliban violence. He will be condemned in the third chapter. In the fourth, Afghan refugees will take refuge in non-Muslim countries. If this happens every time, now we just have to see from when we will get to read each chapter.

BY- Rajeev Choudhary

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