June 14, 2024

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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Says ‘All Indians Share Same DNA”; Propagates Hindu-Muslim Unity

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Proclaiming that Hindus and Muslims share same DNA, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat propagated for Hindu-Muslim unity on Saturday, while addressing a Ghaziabad event

Proclaiming that Hindus and Muslims share the same DNA, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat propagated for Hindu-Muslim unity on Sunday, while addressing a book launch at Ghaziabad. Bhagwat claimed that it has been ‘scientifically proven’ that we are all one. Refuting claims that ‘Hindus want Muslims to be wiped off Earth’, the RSS chief warned ‘Hindus who say such things are not Hindus at all’. Bhagwat was speaking at the launch event of a book titled ‘The Meeting of Minds’ by Khwaja Ifteqar Ahmed – organised by RSS’ Muslim wing ‘Muslim Rashtriya Manch’. 

RSS: ‘All Indians share same DNA’

“We all are one so there is no need to fight. The DNA of all Indians is the same for the last 40,000 years. We all come from the same ancestors and it is scientifically proven and that it what unites us, and not politics.  Some “intellectuals from minority” are under fear that Hindus will overpower them. Those who have come here have survived – this is a proven fact,” said Bhagwat.

He added, “I can be popular among Hindus but cannot get support from Hindus. If Hindus say that Muslims should be wiped off, then they are not Hindus at all. That is the hierarchical ideology of the Sangh. We may have different interests but society is the same. You can have differences over opinions. Islam came to India by attackers and since then attempts have been made to unite Hindus and Muslims”.

Moreover, Bhagwat also asserted that the Sangh (RSS) works in the interest of the nation and does not indulge in politics. “Sangh has never cared for its image because we only want to work and connect all people. We don’t work to react or oppose people. This is also not an exercise to get votes for the next elections, ” said Bhagwat adding, “We have the power but since the beginning, but we have decided not to get into the party and vote bank politics. Politics will not serve the purpose of connecting people”. Bhagwat ended his speech with a shayari.

The RSS chief also condemned mob lynching, terming those indulging in it were not Hindutva believers. Incidentally, Ghaziabad gained infamy recently when an elderly Muslim man,  Abdul Samad Saifi, was assaulted and his beard being forcibly cut by unknown persons. While several began to add a religious angle to the incident, it was later clarified by the Ghaziabad police that Saifi was targetted as he supplied amulets to people and some dissatisfied customers had attacked him. While 5 have been arrested for the incident, 11 have been arrested for adding a communal angle to it. Uttar Pradesh goes to polls on February 2022.

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