June 14, 2024

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How real is the alliance of Left and Islam?

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Today the big question we are going to discuss is whether Marx or Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, what did they all want in the name of socialism. Perhaps the answer must have come in everyone’s mind either power or empire.

Another question is what Afghanistan’s Taliban, Iraq’s ISIS, Nigeria’s Bokoharam, Pakistan’s Haqqani faction, and Tehreek wants. From the Taliban to an Imam of a mosque and the clerics from the countries of the Middle East, after all, what they want? The answer is- they want to establish- Sharia Laws, Islamic power, and their empire in the entire world.

Ironically, today these two groups have become one, the alliance of left and Islamism has been formed. Now it seems that the leftist Lenin has left behind the theory of Stalin Marx, and has started to complete the stream of the radical Islamic ideology. As a result, these two ideologies are only in the coalition where third world people are living in a democracy, constitution, and secularism.

Now the one biggest question in this is also that suppose if these two ideologies successfully eradicate all the other religions and cultures of the world, then who will rule the world… Islam or the Left?

This question can be rephrased in another way that what the successors of both the Prophet and Lenin want? And, in what ways do these people want to get all that? This is a curious issue that has neither been tested yet nor has been thought of to get an answer. Yes, democracy can certainly not be the answer because both the ideologies believe in being in power through violence and dictatorship.

Now moving forward, this coalition is staging around the world by making the world’s media a puppet. The target is all the big leaders of countries who are against religious bigotry. Be it the Modi government in India, Trump government in India, or the French government in French.

Proceeding with some questions, “will there be peace in the world after their joint victory, will all the people get employment rights? Will women become fully independent or will the world become a paradise on the earth for poor laborers?”. Who will be prosperous, what rights will the Dalit and backward classes get, what will be their role in governance?

If we talk about the Left ideology in this matter then China is the best example. The world is aware that Islam cannot function in Communist China as per the rules of the Quran how the believers of Islam are being dealt with is also not a hidden secret.

Apart from this, the Dalit exploited proletariat faction should also know that the insanity of Mao Tse Tung, ie Mao, who laid the foundation of modern China with the ideology of the Left, had shed blood of 4.5 crore poor people of his own. During Stalin’s 31-year rule in Russia, more than 20 million people were killed. The communist leftist dictator of Ethiopia waged a Lal Salaam campaign against his political opponents and between 1977 and 1978 he killed around 500,000,000 people. There was no industrialist and upper class among all those who died, but only the poor downtrodden masses.

Now, if we talk about other ideology i.e. Shariat law, then the history of India has witnessed this for more than one thousand years. In a variety of ways, ranging from Islamic rulers in international politics and history to Stalin or Mao or Maoism to Marxism until now, both ideologies did crimes, robbery, and violence. Both have led to such horrific projects that any common man will feel the shame of mentioning that.

Today, if these two alliances combine and destroy the entire democratic world and modern justice system run by the modern constitutions around the world, then how bad will be the picture of the world.

To understand the whole picture, first of all, understand their unity in show off and also hidden differences in thought, then at the very first step mismatch would be found. Communists are atheists and Islamists punish atheists and enforce their religious law Sharia.

Secondly, the Left sells the dream of heaven to the poor and laborers where everything is there for them. But Islam practices the concept of slavery for both the poor and the laborers i.e. to buy and sell slaves.

Thirdly, the leftist slogans on socialism while in Islam the concept of socialism is finished. Fourthly, the leftists endorse gender equality songs on many occasions, talk about the empowerment of women, while Islamist women are treated like machines to produce children like that of the seventh century.

Fifth, thereafter are homosexual and gay rights, freedom from religion, pornography, and many types of artistic extremist freedom which the Left openly supports while Islamists do not accept these things verbally.

Leftists call themselves atheists, while Islamists call atheists -Kafirs and everyone knows the treatment the give to Kafirs. Also, Leftists enjoy music while music and art are forbidden in Islam. With all these conflicting ideologies and goals, Left and Islamism are still sitting in the same corner and fighting the war with the third world!

If we look at the condition of this alliance in present-day China, we will find that the Leftist completely rejects Islam and imprisons the Muslim believers in the Detention Centers. In response, such Islamists also issue the ‘fatwa’ to behead the leftists in Islamic countries. That is, there is no scope of Islam in the strongholds of the Left and also the leftist is Kafir in the stronghold of Islam. You will not see any leftist in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi, or any Muslim nation because the citizens of these countries with such ideology should behave to leave the country.

Taslima Nasreen had to leave Bangladesh due to her leftist ideology, MQM party leader in Pakistan, Altaf Hussain, had to leave Pakistan and Salman Rushdie in India for speaking out against Islam.

Today the Islamic people want to see all the Muslims of the world under one caliph, their goal is to establish the law of Islam in the whole world likewise the leftists want to see their utopias established all over the world.

Whereas when the utopia of total Marxism came into Soviet Russia, the Soviet Union was torn to pieces, they had to demolish the statues of Lenin. Also, the world saw the condition of Afghanistan due to the complete Islamic group Taliban.

These two ideologies consider each other dangerous in their strongholds, and hence, they crush each other. When Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Pakistan becomes a leftist, he is put behind bars because he challenged the rulers and wrote a Najm. Similarly, the communist people in Pakistan were imprisoned during the time of Jiah ul Haq and oppressed in jails to either die or leave the country.

In Iran, Zafar Panaahi becomes communist and is imprisoned, because he made a film on the ban on Muslim girls watching football matches. Moreover, thousands of Iranian communists are being slaughtered by Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iranian revolution. Millions of communists were killed by the government of Indonesia because they were the atheist. This is the reason why the leftist will not be seen in any Islamic country from Saudi Arabia to any other country. But despite this, in countries like America, Europe, and India, the leftists and Islamists are moving forward together.

Even though the leftists say that where religion starts, the mind ends there, but Islam changes their saying that the mind ends where the religion begins. The way George Orwell has shown in his book Animal Farm, that the sheep are made to rote, then they begin to speak. Sheep never ask questions. Sheep never reads a book. Sheep are told that our group is in danger, and they always feel frightened and even go off on violence.

After all, what is the secret of this mismatched unity? Lenin, Stalin, or Marx has become a thing of the past. Now people are not interested in this, due to this the existence of the leftists is threatened. Meanwhile, maintaining the organization, the party and the ideology would be expensive over time. Regarding Islam’s ideology about 56 countries of the world are established but their mentality is around the seventh century even today. As a result, the Wahhabi ideology has hired the intelligence of the leftists because these people are facing a lack of money. They have to prove the terrorists as innocent outside the world of Islam. Also, to show Islam as – the religion of peace, love jihad- as the love affair and proved the Islamic orthodoxy on divorce, Halala, and Burke as the best culture of the world. And to show the Namaz Ajan as the only best way of prayers. These people will do so until the full Sharia law establishes in the world, after which either the people will adopt Islam or they will be killed. In Contrast, if the Left gets power, Islamism will see the same fate as in China.

Right now, those who call religion opium want to come out alive by sitting on the shoulder of the religious community. But the question remains, those who can blow up their shrines for fundamentalist power and empire, they are just using the Left by paying some money. Otherwise, with them, the ideology of Marx and Lenin hangs only on the crossroads. This is exactly like the red-brown coalition of Stalin and Hitler in 1939, although today it is somewhat less dramatic this alliance poses the same threat as it was seven decades ago. So, it becomes highly important to bring it up, reject it, resist it, and finally defeat it.

Rajeev Choudhary

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