June 14, 2024

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What is a secret Christian?

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In medical theory, death of mind is not considered a confirmation of human extinction. Instead, heart failure is viewed as a death confirmation. Because when the heart stops, a person dies but in the condition of coma, if the brain stops working, human is still alive. We offer this example here in the beginning because this example fits our religious and social system perfectly. We are not dead people of the heart, just dead people of the soul; that is, we are in a coma.

Whether this coma is religious or political today, you have to decide, after watching the episode. Your opinion is critical because the chaksrviewh which is being created today must be seen from Sanjay’s point of view, not Abhimanyu’s.

If we say that a mission of 2000 years old is still played by Christian missionaries in India, which has been played in Rome before, then perhaps you can deny for a minute, but if you look at the facts, you will say that it is possible.

Actually, there is a word in the Greek language crypto, this word means hidden or secret. If we add Christians to it, then it will become crypto-christian, which will mean a secret-Christian. The critical thing in this is that crypto-Christians are not abusive or offensive words. Crypto-Christianity is institutionally used, and implemented by Christianity in Rome in the third-fourth century, where the clergy conquered the Pagan community and established themselves. Under the basic principle of crypto-Christianity, crypto-christians worship the God of any country just for the name. They follow their religion which is believed to be their pseudo-cover only. Still, in reality, they are Christians and continue to preach Christianity while talking about Secularism.

The earliest example of this crypto-Christian conspiracy is found in Roman society. When Christianity set its feet in Rome in the first period, the then great Roman Emperor Trajan considered Christianity a threat to Roman culture. He proposed to a number of Romans who were converted as Christians that they either abandon Christianity or face capital punishment. Roman Christians pretended to leave Christianity to avoid capital punishment and then worship Roman goddesses for name only but accepted the Christianity from within. For instance, Muslims believe the law of any country till they are just ten to five percent in number, but when they become 20-30 percent, then the demand for Shariat starts, riots occur. The moral cleansing of non-Muslims starts as the population increases further. Valley of Kashmir, Lahore, Balochistan, Afghanistan, Iran are its example.

However, crypto Christians does not commit violence. When the crypto-Christians are less than 1 percent, they continue to do their work by adopting that country’s God. As they become numerous, they insult the deities of that country. The famous Hollywood film Agora, released in 2009, and must be viewed by every Hindu. It has shown that when crypto Christians outnumbered in Rome, they started insulting the Roman deities, similar to now a days insulting of Hindu deities in many parts of the country, including Himachal in India.

Of course, the story of the movie Agora is of the fourth century but it fits perfectly on the India of 2020 and if not understood today, the end may be like the Roman Empire. When the Christianity began to spread in that areas territory in the fourth century, then the influence on Christianity started rising. Hypasia, a female philosopher from the Pagan community, was declared a witch, made naked and crushed with stones because of her philosophical views. Agora is a moving story around hypesia, but its creator also showed Christianity’s dark truth on how crypto Christians work.

In fact, once upon a time many people practiced Pagan religion in Rome and lived in large numbers in Arabia and other areas. Their expansion was more in Europe itself. The Pagan civilization was a developed one. They used to build temples of natural elements like Agni and Surya and install their idols in it where a formal worship was done, etc. like the people of our country do. The library used to be as big as a village, which had manuscripts written by him.

Suddenly, the influence of Christianity started increasing; means the missionaries reached there; who started holding meeting on hypocrisy, pretence etc, and some poor and lazy people were served with food and drink. The formula of conversion started in the name of service. When their numbers started increasing, these people started making fun of their old gods and goddesses, their idols began to get fragmented. Even the religious leaders were burnt alive, or they were beaten to death. Like the Palghar scandal was perpetrated by crypto-Christian Christians here recently.

Well, the people started fighting with the Christian missionaries, and finally one day, the Pagan community attacked them. But the Roman emperor did not know that how many people had been converted. That time, Crypto Christians started coming out and stood against their own community. Now the Pagan community survivors were forced to take hide in their library to save their lives, but the number of crypto-Christians was so large that the entire library was set on fire. Further, you can understand yourself what would have happened.  After this, the sprawling of Christianity increased and people of that religion had to either became Christians or were forced to flee their own particular area. Their religious texts were burnt. Whatever they said, wrote or suffered that time, is not present in any form..

Presently, in India too, crypto-Christians started to catch hold. Here also, they started abusing Hindu deities and Brahmins. Meaning, the things done in Europe 2000 years ago is happening in India now days.

There are many examples of crypto-Christians. Another exciting instance is from Japan. The so-called saint Xavier of the missionaries who came to India went to Japan in 1550 for conversion, and he converted many Buddhists to Christianity. In 1643, the Japanese nationalist King Shogun saw the promotion of Christianity as a threat to Japan’s social unity. The Shogun used force, and many churches were demolished. Statues of Jesus-Mary were confiscated and broken; many books of Christianity, including their holy book were burned openly. All the Japanese who converted to Christianity were persecuted. They were forced to return to their home religion ie Buddhism, and who so ever refused to do so, their heads were cut off. Many Christians pretended to return to Buddhism and remained crypto-Christian; in Japan, these crypto-Christians were called kakure-Christians.

Kakure-Christian stopped keeping any books related to Christianity due to the fear of the Buddhists. They created prayers to worship Jesus and Mary, which sounded like a Buddhist mantra but contained Bible words.  The Christian prayers of Kakure -Christians began to verbally transfer from one generation to another, i.e. from 1550 to the next 400 years; the Kakure-Christians remained under the pseudonym of Buddhism. Well, until 20th century when Japan moved towards industrialization and Buddhists religious fundamentalism declined, these Kakure-Christians came out of their Buddhism’s mask and revealed their Christian identity. You can see this Buddha-like statue, which is actually of Mother Mary, was worshiped by crypto-Christians of Japan.

Many Kakure-Christians are also in India, living here wearing the mask of Secularism, leftism and Buddhism. In India, the Christian population is officially numbered as 20 million and it would not be surprising if 100 million Christians are found in India in hidden form. The estimated Christian community in Punjab alone has reached above 10 per cent; here too Christians have reached in the pseudo-religion of Sikhism.

Many crypto-Christians have Hindu names for taking reservations. Many of them are named after Gods like Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, which you people cannot even consider as non-Hindu in dreams. Like one of the political leader who when died was then it was understood that he was a crypto-Christian. Many crypto-Christians in the country are only raising the agenda of the Vatican by attacking Hindu religion in Hindu names.

We see crypto-Christians every day in everyday life but do not recognise them because they hide in the camouflage of Hindu names. Hindu-named Naxalites who killed Swami Lakshmanananda was a crypto Christians, Gauri Lankesh, who posted a Brahmins Picture of throwing them out of Kerala on its Facebook profile, that too was crypto christian. Those who shout anti-national slogans in JNU and then call the Indian government’s action against them as Brahminical atrocities are also crypto-christians.

On Facebook they abuse Brahmins, portray the lord Hanuman as monkey, Ganesha as elephant etc;  are crypto-christians.  That is, crypto-christian are as high in number as you can not think. For example, if you see any one insulting Hindu god or Goddesses then do not think of them as atheists or Buddhists, in fact they are crypto-Christians. They are using the picture of Mahatma Buddha on their social media profiles only to run their hidden agendas but actually they are crypto-Christian. No wonder, if the same two-thousand-year-old history of Rome can be repeated in India, where the poor tribal people are getting trapped in the web as new intellectuals. That is, we are going into the phase of mental coma as I told in the beginning.

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